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Halil Chik: A Tribute To Singapore's Tom Jones

Abdul Halil Chik (1949 – June 30, 2019) 

A singer from both Singapore and Malaysia, he passed away on the last day of June 2019.  In Singapore, he was known for his rendition of songs by living legend Tom Jones; the nickname stayed.  

A. Halil sang Malay songs and as an artiste his evergreens included Renungan Matamu and Lenggang Mak Limah. He launched his first album in 1977 with the EMI record label. He issued five other albums and became one of the most popular male Malay singers by the end of the 1970s and early 1980s. 

Halil was born in Perak and moved to Singapore at the age of six years with his family where they decided to settle on the lovely island state. He made his name with his naturally powerful baritone voice and good looks. Besides Tom Jones, his voice was even compared to the 50s US jazz singer and trumpeter Mr. Louis Armstrong.

Like many singers in that era, he started his career by singing at Malay weddings in the early 1970s and then went on to perform in more fashionable places before appearing on a regular basis at The Lost Horizon, Shangri-La Hotel. He was popular on both sides of the causeway but had been residing in Kuala Lumpur since 1985. 

On 7th November 2015, he walked down memory lane when he held a solo concert at the Esplanade Recital Studio and sang Kemesraan, Tinggalan Kenangan, Joget Bunga Melati among other Malay hits he recorded. Halil always had sold out tickets for his performances over the past three decades. With a voice and personality to match, he was a star indeed.

Halil Chik with TINGGAL KENANGAN, a song so beautiful, a voice so powerful.
His last performance was in Singapore at the Wisma Geylang Serai on 25 May. On 19 June 2019, he was admitted to Ampang Hospital after falling from a bed at his residence that evening. He passed away on June 30, 2019. 

Rest in Peace Halil Chik. This blog and its readers send condolences to his family. 

Kenangan yang indah 
Di-dalam hidup-ku
Sungguh mesra dan bahagia
Ketika bersama...


If there is any misinformation I apologise, but write to me through the FB post or on this blog's content page and I shall amend the mistake. This posting is done with good intention.  Andy.

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Andy Young
Honestly, I love Halil's voice. Pure bliss. He was good.

Stephen Han
Halil used to sing on Ch 5

Rodney Tan
Very rich and clean voice.

Andy Young
Hey guys. Thanks for the immediate response. Yes, Halil. Good looking, nice guy and with a great voice.

"One of the most down to earth celebrities I've met: HALIL CHIK may he rest in peace. Alfatihah."

Terence Lee;


He was a good friend of mine, trusted him to collect my pay for me, to give to my latte mm when I was overseas. Anyway, we all have to die of something.

Don't understand why they label him Tom Jones; I've never heard him singing any Tom Jones songs though.
He was born in Perak but grew up at Pearls Hill Police barracts in the 50s. I think his father was a police officer.


The club at the Hotel Shangri-la where he was playing with his backing band DOWNTOWN was at the Lost Horizon. Famous bands from that era that performed there were THE OCTOBER CHERRIES, EX-QUISITES, X-PERIMENT with Joe Chandran (now called Joseph Aaron), Tony Castillo and His Castellians and other bands.

I got to know and had the pleasure to play and meet with two of Halil Chik's ex-drummers: ISHAK (working at Shangri-la and HANAFI (drumming with Revival Band) at our Kallang Theatre Show in December 2017. The Katz Konnection Band or NewNotes had the pleasure of backing him once, more than 15 years ago.

A Malaysian businesswoman held her daughter and son-in-law's wedding at the GOODWOOD PARK HOTEL Grand Ballroom and Halil was one of her treasured guests. After some prompting from the other guests, he came on stage and did a couple of Tom Jones's song accompanied by our band.

Halil sang DELILAH and I'M COMING HOME if my memory serves me right. I think the wedding party might have the video of this recording from the event. As it was impromptu, we never got a chance to record or take photos of him singing with us.

What a great memory to treasure.

RIP Mr HALIL CHIK. It gave us great pleasure, you singing with us.


Arjun Top Gunter
He performed at the Cockpit Hotel for several years !

Freda Hanum
So sad to hear of his passing away. Never forget his always cheery smile and happy chattering, very humble and kind entertainer. May his beautiful soul rest in peace 😔

Andy Young
Thank you my FB friends for the information about Halil.


Thanking all who sent condolences and messages to the late HALIL CHIK's Family
Stephen Han
Freda Hanum
Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Hiroshi Deguchi
Jennie Law
Jalani Mohd
Dick Yip
Rodney Tan
Peter Cheong
Ajarn Top Gunter
Tan Ser Kiong
Ho Victor
Salim Mohamed
Kali Dass S
Kok Koon Boey Jim
Roland Shepherdson

FL said...

Mr Halil Chik'name sounds quite familiar to me as I am in his generation. I think I heard of him mainly in TV (Malay entertainment programs in 70s/80s. I think it was during those years of SBC station. Halil name lives on, esp with our Malay communities.


HALIL CHIK and his band DOWNTOWN was managed by my previous company, 10th Story Musical Agency.
He was performing at the Stadium Restaurant club called TILTED TANKARD in the 70s.
We sent him and his band to Okazaki in Japan to perform and he was so good-looking and such a powerful singer that he was a huge attraction at the place he was singing in.
RIP Halil.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...


Yes, HALIL CHIK is more of a 70s singer and had appeared on TV time and again.
Thank you for the response, sir.
You have been one of the greatest supporters of this blog.
Truly appreciate.
Please write in anytime.

Asaad Bagharib said...

The late Halil Chik was truly a humble and down-to-earth guy who mixes freely with anyone. He was part of my circle of friends who played squash on Saturdays at the old SIA Sports Club in Changi Village in the 80's and early 90's. He was a good squash player and will always come with a hot flask of home-made lemon tea. We continued to catch up with him from time to time when we travel to KL or when he comes down to Singapore. He remained his humble self and I will always remember his trademark smile. We miss you Halil and may Allah bless your soul!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you Mr Asaad for your glowing tribute to the late Halil Chik. Although I don't know Halil personally I can feel how warm and strong a person he was. I'm sure he will remember you and your group of friends.

May you be at peace too Mr Asaad.
RIP Halil.
You have wonderful friends who love you.