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80s Stellar TV Show With Much Cash Give-Away


Janet Basco: Carnegie Hall, New York City.
Money To Be Made:

Whenever the opportunity arises and if it's worthwhile news I would include local pop music items from the 80s and feature television shows that were well received. One possibly successful series that attracted Singapore sitting room audiences had cash vouchers given away to lucky winners which included a top prize of $150,000.  That was a lot of money, and still is today! In one year alone the production gave away about $1.8 million.  This newspiece was reported in a local magazine in 1981. 
Yeah, the 1970s ABBA song, Money, Money, Money on TV Show.
Both Local and International Artistes:

The shows were telecast 'live' and included an array of stars that were household names those years. They included Singapore's Kartina Dahari, Ali Ahmad, Paul Cheong, Tony Castillo, Jacintha and The SBC Dancers. There were guest artistes from overseas and it included Jennifer Yen from Malaysia, Janet Basco and the WEA Dancers from the Philippines, Linda Lou Allen from London and The Wright Brothers from the US.

Jennifer Yen RTM Talentime Winner 80s.
Yes, and these stars were at the peak of their career during the 70s and 80s. The host for this particular show was, Mr Versatile himself, Tan Swee Leong who has been featured on this blog a couple of times. (Check Labels below).

Paul Cheong: when he was at his best. With SBC Dancers.
Tan Swee Leong Show Compere
Carnegie Hall, Malaysian Talentime:

Janet Basco is a Filipino singer. She is known for her hits, You Made Me Live Again, Minsan Pa, and My Girl, My Woman, My Friend  where she sang with heartthrob and countryman Jose Marie Chan, two of the few Filipino entertainers to have ever performed in Carnegie Hall in New York.

She represented Philippines in the 10th Tokyo Music Festival in 1980 and in the Asean Song Festival in Indonesia. She has appeared in numerous concert halls internationally. (Listen to her on Right Bar of this blog).

Jennifer Yen, who was known as Malaysia's singing sweetheart and a winner of the RTM or Radio Talivishen Malaysia Talentime Competition sang selected songs from her two English albums. She was poised and captivating with a pleasantly charming voice that is still recognised today.

Kartina Dahari was honoured in a show @ Esplanade in 2013.
They had been together for many years and appeared on Filipino television regularly in the 80s, sometimes accompanying singers as background dancers but usually highlighted as group performers on stage.  Like Singapore's Sunny Low Dancers during the 60s, The WEA Dancers were just as well-known in the 80s. They proved their talent when they appeared on this show with the SBC Dancers.
Tony Castillo helped to build the music scene in Singapore.
Honoured By Esplanade, Boy Wonder, London, Broadway Jazz,

Our own recording artistes Tina Dahari and Ali Ahmad need no introduction since both were regulars on the small screen (19 inches only remember?) over both the English and Malay radio stations. Kartina was featured recently at the Esplanade in 2013 where artistes of yore sang her hits from the 70s.
Broadway Hits from Linda Lou Allen
Tony Castillo was of course the jazz musician and singer whom Louis Armstrong called Boy Satchmo and arranged to have him perform at the Ed Sullivan in the US.  He had a big-band group, The Castillians that played in Europe and the United States.  Boy Wonder Castillo died at 64 in 2010. 

Paul Cheong was a home-grown talent and according to the magazine, "proves that he is capable of much more than cutting albums and spinning discs."  Another artiste in the series, Jacintha is a Singaporean singer and actress, well-known in parts of Asia-Pacific since the '80s.

Linda Lou Allen, based in London in the 80s, sang romantic ballads and Broadway jazz hits during the show. She was known for her versatility, energy and hot numbers.

80s WEA Dancers. They are on You Tube.
So what's the name of this show? Anybody still remember? Let me know. No prizes for the correct answer but it's so easy with clues everywhere. Which show can ever give away so much money?

Information and Images: Radio and TV Times 1981 and Google.
Thanks to Mun Chor Seng.



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Jazzistics Singapore said...

About You Tube Video POSB Show.
Uploaded on Feb 19, 2012

Recorded in 1985 at the Singapore POSB Show ... Tony Castillo (Trumpet), Louis Castillo (Trombone), Roland Sandoshan (Drums), Eric Tan (Bass), Sunny Bala (Guitar), Iskandar Ismail (Keyboard).


oh so good to see a video of my father.. May he rest in peace.. the late great: "Tony Castillo!" and my uncle Louis castillo playing trombone! i am so blessed and very thankful to my Aunt Rosita Castillo who herself is still an awesome singer/performer too! she found this thank you so much Aunty! and all the "Jazzistic's Singapore!" family!

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You Tube Video mentioned is temporary. If you wish to watch it copy this address and paste under You Tube blank space:

Jazzistics - Tony Castillo - POSB Show 1985.avi

Happy viewing.

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Readers would have noted by now the organisation that sponsored the show:

POSBank had one million depositors by 1976 with deposits crossing the S$1 billion mark. In 1980, the Passcard came about. In 1981, it had its first Cash-On-Line ATM at the Newton Branch and by 1983 its headquarters was at the new 8-storey complex, the POSBank Centre at Bras Basah Road. In 1984, current account was introduced with deposits crossing the S$10 billion mark two years later.

ANDY said...

I have included a You Tube video by Jennifer Yen singing Cantonese songs for a special group of people who love them.


Tribute said...

Kassim Masdor:

"A great composer, second only to P. Ramlee..." Tribute by Yusnor Ef.

Tribute said...

Composed, arranged and produced more than 60 albums for EMI. Kassim Masdor started as a clerk in Shaw Brothers' Malay Film Production.

Unsung Hero said...

Hi Andy
Not sure if anyone has seen this but a friend forwarded this to me. Some of the people listening to the older Malay sons may be interested -

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Thank you UNSUNG HERO. I am sure many readers would be interested in reading about pianist Ooi. I shall put up a posting about him soon and connect it to the blog. I appreciate your contribution.

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