Thursday, August 22, 2019

Straydogs 'Freedom' Played @ Lecture: Student Likes Blog

Some words from a tertiary student who likes this creative blog. Thank you Anon.

"Hi Andy,

I am an undergraduate student majoring in music teaching, and in the course of my studies, I was introduced to and became interested in Singapore's popular music scene in the 60's.

Incidentally, "Freedom", was one of the songs played to us during our lesson. I feel really lucky that I am able to read the stories of the people who wrote this song, and no less from the lead singer himself. I must thank both Byrt Mallanyk for writing about his experience and yourself for creating this blog.
Photo is an illustration depicting a student studying. The enclosed letter is genuine.

Sadly, as a Singaporean youth, I too share the sentiments that the valuable experiences and personal histories of the past are under-appreciated today. In fact, it had never occurred to me that Singapore actually had a popular music scene in the 60's before I learned about them in school. I really appreciate your blog as I enjoy the stories of Singapore's music scene that would have been otherwise left undocumented. 

To me, the lack of awareness of Singapore's popular culture in the past is a very pertinent issue today. I have so many questions that I would like to ask you, and I'd appreciate it if I could discuss them with you via e-mail.

Thank You! 

The Straydogs - 'Freedom' (covered by Reverie ft. Jimmy Appudurai)

Jimmy Appudurai with Andy Young on the train 
in Singapore 2019, after lunch at Marina Bay Sands.
"Your blog is fair and unbiased," says Jimmy when he wrote on his Facebook post in 2020. Thank you Jimmy. You are always mighty kind.



Straydogs 'Freedom' song and a tertiary student's reaction to undocumented local music. It's not only the music; it's the stories that should be remembered too. :-)

Andy Young
Thanks Fabian. You're faster than that speeding bullet.

Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Thank you Andy for posting. Song put The Straydogs on the ban list in society in Singapore.... But alsi, created a massive following of fans...

Andy Young
SG music history is nothing without STRAYDOGS, one of the rockingest band those years.
Cheers Jimmy. And I don't spare my words and feelings. You're the musician, I'm just a messenger boy. Thanks.

goodness Andy, you are a true pioneer in the musuc business, you started eay before me, and we will not be there if not fir you guys,, also the people like the Quests, Silver Strings, Checkmates , Tornadoes, Muskrats, Stylers, Jets, the Boys,. So many, and you are smack in the middle of it... You are not just a messenger, you ate tye message ad well .. Thank you. Respect my friend

Andy Young
No Jimmy, I was never in the music scene. Love the music and the unsung heroes, whom I appreciate. But was a witness and now try to discuss them positively. I left very early. Thanks

Freda Hanum
No Andy, you're a pioneer indeed for your 60s70s blog, without your passion and the amount of effort for your bringing back all these wonderful 60s70s music band groups in S'pore in your blog, most of the present time music lovers would not have much knowledge about it.

Straydogs were indeed one of the well known rock blues group those days. Their practice venue was just across the road where I live in Katong late 1969. I am wondering where is Ernie now. Used to see him with the late Reggie Verghese after their EMI sessions during late 70s, that's a long time ago.

Ernie is still fronting his pest Infested Freda.. and just last year did a concert wuth the Dogs

Freda Hanum
Jimmy Appudurai-chua Wow thanks so much Jimmy for the info, I'm grateful, hope I get the chance to meet him during one of my trip to S'pore, thanks again, have a nice day.!

Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Freda Hanum i am sure you wil. They now hava a killer lady drummer with Chris Ong on guitar and they are simply brilliant

Freda Hanum
Jimmy Appudurai-chua Amazing, so glad to hear of this news, thanks again Jimmy, will look into it! 😊

Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Freda Hanum good luck i am far away in the UK, but ask any Singapore friends. I hear they do play regularly

And Andy is ultra modest

Freda Hanum
It is because of your blog Andy, Anon stated...... " In fact, it had never occurred to me that Singapore actually had a popular music scene in the 60s before I learned about them in school. I really appreciate your blog as I enjoy the stories of Singapore's music scene that would have been otherwise left undocumented."

Andy Young
Jimmy and Freda. Wow. It's truly an honour for you both to chat on this FB post. Really wonderful to read your experiences and about music friends.

If ultra modest I wouldn't have put up the letter. But the writer wanted it up I guess. It's nice to know there are people out there who appreciates the blog and like you both, other musicians can always tell their stories.
Thanks very much.

mattjsltan (Canada) said...

i think Kiang the bass guitarist of dogs is in singapore. he has a band a pink floyd tribute band welcome to machine, and he writes me once in a blue moon. but i know he is still based in singapore though he plays elsewhere australia,etc.

Kiang is also still writing his own music, so if you go to fb to find welcome to machine you might get in touch with him.
and lately he has been out of touch with me .

and perharps you could get him to discuss the local scene with the one and only horace wee. if anyone is the scene in singapore in the 60s it would be horace i was working with him before i left for london and then to canada.

i am told horace is on fb and he chats to those who write him there. at least from my correspondents who wrote me .
but like you andy, we don't talk much . too busy with my own music... which is going great guns on fandalism.

i like also to point out that Kiang was the one who gave fried ice (me ray and the original drummer ) the first show, during dogs break. for that, Kiang is my main man from singapore, and horace too.

Bird Dog said...

I just received a WhatsApp message at 6.45am today from a local bosom buddy of Jimmy reg his passing in UK. It just stated he passed away at 8.30pm UK time today. More should come out later. I'll keep you posted.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks BIRD DOG.
Yes, sorry to take so long to reply.
Inundated with mail.
Poor Jimmy has passed away.