Thursday, November 21, 2019

Singapore 60's Music: Silver Strings New Line-Up 2019

These pix were taken by Andy at a private 
music studio during practice sessions.
Silver Strings from left: Audie Ng, Nick Stravens, Andy Young (blogger), Michael Cheng.  Seated: Johnny Yeow, Peter Han. Pix was taken by Percy DeSilva.
'Silver Strings' Change Guards:

We were all in casuals during a practice jam session (above picture). It's the changing of the guards for the Silver Strings and to keep band names going, 60's guitar groups have new members when previous ones leave. 

Similarly with the Silver Strings: new members with guitarists cum singers and an elite drummer boy. All at ease and relaxed, check the new A Team out before their International Hotel appearance soon.

This write-up consists of only Silver Strings members who were together during a jam session at a friend's studio in October, 2019 Singapore.
Above is veteran old guard and band leader Audie Ng, who has led the band for 55 years and plays the same Fender original bass. He's changed its colour though. Always the boss, he handles any observations without qualms. "It's a tough business, music," he stressed. "But as a hobby, it's more relaxing."
Then, new guard Peter Han, from the internationally well-known group Tokyo Square,  plays lead, rhythm and sings. Quiet and unassuming he plays his guitar without flinching an eye-lid. Watch him, he watches you. "Play the game, keep the flame, burning brightly ever..."
Second new guard Johnny Yeow, who was from The Flying Phantoms, doubles with Peter, playing lead, rhythm and sings. Always smiling, Johnny is amicable and pleasant, proud of the fact he was from elite school R.I. (Raffles Institution). And his Bahasa Indonesia is impeccable.
New drummer, Michael Cheng, percussion sounds ring high as he uses every cymbal, cowbell, tom-tom, bongo and drum-type without any fear or fall. Very good with his chopsticks indeed. Watch out for his elegant pony-tail, a true band-boy with black leather jacket to match and a superb solo to match.
Nicholas Stravens, from The Shangs, is still with the band.  He is as unique as his European name and heritage. With a wide repertoire, he covers Queen (70's) as well as Bobby Darin (50's) Baby Face from Andy. His keyboard wizardry secretes New Orleans jazz, rock, exotic kronchong ones, whatever.
Percy DeSilva provides better Tom Jones renditions in Singapore than those I know. His power vocals and superb harmonica control attract audiences to his performances. Percy has been in music for years and was a leader and drummer of the band Blackgold; performing at the defunct Ladyhill Hotel opposite today's Shangri-la.

The changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, London, England. The phrase just means "replacements" within a group.

This posting is about personal friends of mine who accompany me for a gig.
Images from Andy Young Collection.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Silver Strings new line-up. Thanks guys for photos taken.


Excellent. Have a good show.

YEN CHOW said...

Interesting facts to learn the challenge faced in order to keep silver strings for 55 years.


Indeed very interesting on the new Silver Strings line up, and wishing Audie & Silver Strings a great 55th Anniversary coming show time, and you too Andy 👏👏👏


Wow new lineup for the show next Friday. Keep the music going and rocking and wish SS the very best in local music

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you guys for the congratulatory comments for the boys.
They are a fantastic group, with new ideas and interpreting pop classics.


New guards look impressive with lots of singers.

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Superb brother.
Very well written.
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Best wishes to the Silver Strings with the new line-up. Keep the music going. I have grown up with your band since the 60s, and also not forgetting Shirley Nair with a wonderful singing voice ! Thank you for the music.

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Thank you all.

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Cogratulations Silver Strings for keeping the 60s Music Rockin' n Rollin' !!!