Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Blackpink [블랙핑크] K-Pop Girls In Your Area - A Singapore Perspective [Part 1]

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Watching K-pop girls on YouTube can be fascinating. To me it's visual art in motion and with their good looks, colourful, eye-catching apparel, referencing these ladies could be a problem.

Why... Because I cannot understand the lyrics. I don't need to, I know, especially with their delightful choreography, youthful music and exceptionally beautiful and imaginative video clips.

''Oh, wait til' I do what I (do)

Hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du (ah yeah, ay yeah!)

Hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du (ah yeah, ay yeah!)...''

But more than a BILLION viewers can't be wrong.  So I spoke to a special fan, a teenaged lady who is a blink [a Blackpink fan]. She's my grand daughter. And she tries to answer my questions. 

I told her, ''They are just eye-candy.'' She stared at me and promised to explain why Blackpink is so popular. 

Now, that would be nice...👍. After all Elvis was more than a pelvis...

Part 2 soon...

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Image/Video from Blackpink sites. 
Blackpink is 5 years young. 
Happy Birthday On 8th August, 2021.



Sorry Andy,

I don't watch K-Pop so I wouldn't be able to give any opinion.
But, but, but... having just viewed the video in your article,
I may have second thoughts.

Indeed they're pure eye-candy but the songs/tunes are catchy too.
They sound pleasant and the 'bouncy' beat is quite infectious.


Rap, vocals ,dance and visuals everything is perfect!
Blackpink is the revolution.

theheartbreakkid said...

I'll have to admit it! I watch K-Pop girl groups because of the girls! They are a sight to behold! Young, beautiful, sexy costumes, dance moves etc; they're so... psychadelic! It's a male kinda thing, lah. But I have to say that some of their songs are catchy. Their K-dramas are equally popular. Thank you, Andy.

Eccw said...

Love this article Andy! I'm not a fan of kpop myself (unlike most of my generation, oops) but I do know this song gives very uplifting and empowering vibes - like a feel good, mood booster song to listen to at the start of the day. Also, "Elvis was more than a pelvis" - what a great pun! I actually chuckled aloud. Love your writing as always. Can't wait for part 2!


Teeny boppers.
Same style and presentation.
For the younger kids only.
But very colourful and eye-catching.
Suitable, not sure.


simple blog post. let me know when part 2 is up ;]
not really, im more into mando pop

YC said...

Haha... my parents have no idea on Korean girl group


This is one of the most popular Korean bands currently.
The group made their debut in 2016 and this means that their contract will expire in 2023.
24 Jan 2021

YEN CHOW said...

For me, at first I don't know why they are so famous for they sing rather well, which I also told a friend. The interesting part is I eventually watched the making of the BLACKPINK girl group, formed by different characters [personalities] and their career paths, to become popular singers with proper teamwork, etc.

And so... I got to know them better, their specialty and talent.


This is my grand daughter's favourite group.
They adore them.

changbin's grr [YouTube] said...

I hope they won't hire me as a DJ anywhere at this moment because the only thing I'll be playing is DDU-DU DDU-DU.


Hi Andy,
I am not a fan of K- Pop as I find the focus and trend is more on the pretty boy, pretty girl look.
It is so unlike my era, from the late 60’s to the 70’s where good deliverance of music took centrestage. Lyrics were more meaningful and most listeners were able to relate to the songs.

K-Pop is for the young, and for us “Young Once”, we’ll just stick to listening to songs of yesteryear.
Maybe we should call ourselves S-Pop ( Senior Pop) haha.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Anna,
That’s the best comment I’ve read, strong and sincere!
Thanks. I’ll put it up on the comment page.🙏👍🏼

Thanks to all others who gave their worth of hearty and lovable comments
about the group.

Whatever personal choices we made, we love BLACKPINK as great entertainers, dancers and singers.
Their training was tough. Singaporean musicians should be aware of this.


Music is the ultimate escape, whether you are wide-eyed starstruck youngster or a maestro who’d seen and heard it all. Music is a language that transcends language and culture. We can ignore a style or composition only for so long, before we instinctively gravitate towards the magically melodic strain or its rhythm. It makes us feel human and alive.

KC ANNE LOUISE [re: Michael Bangar] said...

I see a lot of SPICE GIRLS in their style and music
I used to love K-Pop but have outgrown it.
Now I prefer the classic vintage music of the 60s and beyond.

EVA-JOI [re- Michael Bangar] said...

Me too.
I used to love it, K-Pop but now, like Ah Tair [elder sister in Pinoy] KC, I prefer the old stuff. My favourites are THE BEATLES.

LEXIE ALEXANDRIA [re- Michael Bangar] said...

For me, Uncle Andy, anything can.
As long as it's got a beat, I can "gay-lek" to it.
I like music that I can dance to.

[only in Primary 1 but has a voice of her own. CHEERS.]

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

THANKS SO MUCH MICHAEL for getting their opinion and allowing these young children to have their own thoughts and ideas about our music world. They would definitely grow up with an independent mind.

THANKS ALSO TO THE OTHER SENIORS who listened to BLACKPINK, and if they did, hopefully they have learnt some of the music of today?

Whatever, we should not be stuck in our own time capsule...

Anonymous said...

A sensation they are, in Singapore.
Without much of a youthful pop music culture here,
many young ones turn to other countries to seek and listen.
Common knowledge.


Getting good feedback from all ages!!!


Your blog is getting ever popular!


A Primary 1 reader!
That's awesome.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Again many thanks to those who responded to this BLACKPINK post.
Just goes to show their popularity and spread.
Even seniors got interested.
Or is it because I opened up this interest in the topic?
Could be both.