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Part I: "Treasure Hunt" - Backstage With Andy: Channel News Asia's Latest Documentary


1. The Television Series
Treasure Hunt is a six-part series that will unravel Singapore’s history through the things we keep in our homes. Our two Treasure Hunters (hosts Anita Kapoor and archaeologist Lim Chen Sian) are on a search to uncover treasures. 
Hosts Anita Kapoor and Lim Chen Sian.

Chen and Anita will travel the length and breadth of the island – visiting ordinary people at home, antique shops, junk yards, archives, shops, and offices – all in the hopes of unearthing things of national heritage. Their challenge is to put together The People’s Collection, an assembly of objects to fill the concourse at the National Museum of Singapore and tell a very personal history of our island.

TV Chat where Andy talks about vinyl and
Trailers: 'Phoenix Theme' with Hosts.
YouTube Video from fhlew888

2. The Museum Exhibition
Following the telecast of the documentary series, a special exhibition (a collaboration between the National Museum and Media Corp Private Ltd/Channel News Asia) centers on the idea that here is a little bit of history in all our homes, and involves a call to Singaporeans to bring out the objects that they hold dear. 
Vika Arliany experienced producer for Treasure Hunt.
The items showcased in the documentary, ranging from intricate memorabilia to the cherished heirlooms of individuals, families, collectors, and institutions across the country, will be presented at the National Museum of Singapore as part of a special exhibition highlighting our collective heritage. 

Featuring the personal stories behind each of these objects and their collectors, this exhibition is a testament to how everyday items, which may otherwise be left unappreciated, could be significant to understanding one’s heritage. 
3. Behind The Scene
My contribution of local Extended Play vinyl records for the People's Collection is negligible but I thought it would help to make others, especially youth,  appreciate our golden age of music in the 1960s. Local bands like The Silver Strings, Trailers and the songs they recorded on vinyl have been discussed.

Vika Arliany:
The people behind the scene that I met before and during the filming included Vika Arliany, the producer who came to my home to meet me and select the records. She's a joy to chat with, an experienced lady with some years of producing documentaries.

Lim Chen Sian and Anita Kapoor
 Chen Sian is fun-lovingly serious.  He's got a tightly filled roomful of books piled up from floor to ceiling.  Even fanned me during a warm afternoon shoot. Sweet, enthusiastic Anita is always asking questions. And boy, does she know her stuff.  Great hosts!

Rebecca Wai and Ooi Kim Keat
Youthful and cool Rebecca Wai (above left), armed with a large camera, made sure we were comfortable during the shoots, helpful and cheerful throughout.  Then there's cinematographer, Mr. Ooi Kim Keat (hidden behind the video-cam, left) with his angles, focused shots and close-ups. 

Tan Teng Teng
Only met historian, Ms. Tan Teng Teng (with fountain, above right) a few days ago to provide her the vinyl records for the exhibition of which she is in charge.  A very informative lady she is. She had to tabulate, insure, pick, deliver, sort out, arrange and display these very expensive personal treasures.  

@ The National Museum Stamford Road.

Debra Chong
Last but not least (she's the first actually), there's quietly pleasant Debra Chong (left), research writer, who contacted me through this blog earlier, introducing and inviting me to participate in this project.  I got to talking. She's an intelligent listener and that started the record spinning...

Article in Part 1 from
CNA Website.

Images from Media Corp/Channel News Asia and private collection of Rebecca Wai, Tan Teng Teng, and blogger.



Debra Chong graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a Bachelor of Communication Studies. She majored in electronic broadcast media and also has a minor in English Literature.

From the year 2007 to the present, Debra’s research and writing credits include a wide variety of genres; ranging from lifestyle and info-tainment to documentaries and children’s programmes.

Currently working as a freelance writer, some of her recent projects include Art Reborn and Artographer, aired on okto channel.


Born in Mumbai, India, nearly 40 years ago, Anita has made Singapore her home since 1978, developing her interests in many things, from food to travel and history.

She admitted that she was not fully aware where her passion would lead her, but was grateful for her decision to take the path that she is now on.

“I always wanted to do something that was creative and I knew that I would always love doing something with people.” she says.

Today, Anita has her own TV shows, is an editor and writer for prestigious magazines and newspapers and has also taken her chance as voice-over artist – all in between hosting high-end events.

Anita used to work as an editor at Elle magazine when one day, she decided to join the Discovery Travel and Adventure channel’s search for a Singapore host in 2003...


Extract from Institute of South East Asian Studies Website:

Mr. Lim Chen Sian
Boston University (B.A.), National University of Singapore (M.A. by Research)

Visiting Fellow, Archaeology Unit, Nalanda-Sriwijaya Center, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

Lim Chen Sian majored in Archaeology and Finance at Boston University and obtained his MA in Southeast Asian Studies from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is a familiar face in the local heritage scene and is involved in archaeological and heritage related work in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Egypt. Previously, he was head of the Research & Education Section at the Preservation of Monuments Board, and a Visiting Research Affiliate with Asia Research Institute NUS. He is currently also a Visiting Affiliate with the Southeast Asian Studies Programme NUS.

His interests include the archaeology of colonial period (post-European contact) in Southeast Asia; material culture trends over the past millennium; settlement development; archaeological legislation; and public archaeology.

Some of his recent projects include the excavations at the National Art Gallery Singapore; Banten Lama West Java; Kota Rentang Sumatra; Cot Me Aceh; Fort Serapong Singapore; and the Sentosa Integrated Resort Singapore.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

The above profiles have either been taken from sources published on the Internet or elsewhere. I am trying to get profiles of the other members featured but it may take some time.


According to her Facebook, true blue Singaporean Tan Teng Teng is a consultant in a company called, Art Logica. She has a Bachelor's degree in Arts from the National University of Singapore and studied at Victoria Junior College and Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School previously. She also has an MA in Southeast Asian Studies since she had always loved History since secondary school days.

She is now an Art and History consultant with a "two pronged approach". 1) She conducts primary research for historical topics and, 2) is adviser on art and heritage collections.



Hey Andy, I jus saw u on Tv. Good show,u did a great service to d music scene of d generation 60s. U r d right person to discourse on that golden era.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Pat for the kind words. We all try to introduce the 60s, especially to the young 'uns.

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The Phoenix Theme was well played by the Trailers.I heard Andy Young's interviewer mentioned that Cliff Richard sang at the SBH.I like to refute that statement.The venue that Cliff and The Shadows with the new drummer, Brian Benett who replaced Tony Meehan, was at the Happy World Stadium.The concert was hosted by Harry Martinez in the early 60'sI enjoyed the show very much and The Shadows had Jet Harris playing bass.

SCS said...

You are the expert in the music world.
[I wasn't born yet]

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I'm no expert; just doing it for fun and games.
Thanks for responding.


Nice on Andy.
Also a good interview.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Winston.


Thanks so much.


I enjoyed listening to it and had flashbacks of my youth.
I will be 75 years in a few weeks time and woder how we lived such wonderful but hard times. Memories of life in the not so fast lane.

Ah, Yes, Andy, a Siglap boy who lived the life you were speaking about...


Nothing like the 60s.
Anita is lovely.


Lucky chap you are.

RONALD HO said...

Wow great memories, Andy.




Love the PHOENIX THEME and your interview.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks to all well-wishers who saw the interview and liked it.
Thanks also to the friend who sent me this old video and circulated it on WA.

johnny yeow said...

like always well done Andy. God bless U

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