Saturday, August 18, 2018

Hot Pants, Tight Pants: Rare Singapore Records Banned

 Look around today. Most ladies, young, old, fat, thin, tall or short, pretty or otherwise, of any colour and creed, are wearing tight pants or shorts today, two of the most popular fashion highlights on the streets.

Similarly, in the 60's and 70's, ladies were wearing sexy shorts and tight pants too. Below are two vinyl records to prove.

Rare Singapore Vinyl Records: True Or False?

Tight Pants:

This record is called Tight Pants, a vinyl produced by Johnson Seah with studio engineer Vincent Lim and arranged by our own Singapore band called, Family Robinson. The label is Libra Records.

Tight Pants was a restricted record by RTS (Radio Television Singapore) in the 1970's, which means it has never been played over the airwaves.

The flip number of this Singles record is Same Old Feeling. It's another 45 RPM and it looks like both songs are Singapore originals. 

Anyone can help me? Just with the band and song information?


One of the most popular pop bands in Singapore 60's and 70's was The X'periment (spelt exactly: without the E, an apostrophe after the X and without the plural S). 

The group recorded an Extended Play with three songs: Time To Get It Together - S. Roberds, Hot Pants and Satisfaction Guaranteed. It's produced by Reggie Verghese and distributed by
EMI Orange label.

I have never seen anything like this vinyl anywhere on the internet, let alone on eBay or Hardware Zone. What made me put this vinyl up is because it costs $90.00 and labelled: Promotional Sample: Not For Sale and being told by the salesperson that it's rare. 

Can anyone verify this vinyl? Thanks. 

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Images: Andy Young Collection.

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