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'The Immortal Elvis' by Joseph Adair 1992 - Even Russia Sent A Wreath

Joseph Adair writes with precision. Brought up in Liverpool two streets away from George Harrison, he gave up the guitar and a recording career when he broke his hand. He took to writing books and has contributed to prestigious rock magazines worldwide.

The Immortal Elvis Presley - 1935-1977 (image) is no exception. It is a 1992 coffee-table book with delicious chunks of Elvis Presley information that will keep fans happy. None of those gossipy tales about the King but true stories about his journey from 'Memphis and Music' to 'Graceland, Graceland', 5 hot chapters that fill 96 pages. And there are photographs on every page.

From the time Presley stood on a little chair in the 40s and sang, Old Shep, his first public performance at a Mississippi-Alabama Fair, up to Jimmy Carter's announcement that: "Elvis Presley's death deprives our country of a part of itself," Adair tells it all.

Quotes from the book:

1. "His emotionally charged rendition of Cold, Cold Icy Fingers at the school's 1952 Christmas concert stopped the show..."

2. "it wasn't unusual for artists like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins to get together for an afternoon singalong..." (with a large photograph of the 4).

3. "Jailhouse Rock was rock film's first classic production number."

4. Army life: "The officers expect discipline and respect, and that's what I'll give them." 5. "Francoise Hardy paid fulsome tribute: 'I can't think of anybody but Elvis I'd put myself in trouble for...'"

6. On his death: "even the Soviet Union sent a wreath."

A comprehensive book that tells you much about the King in a few pages and with lots of photographs you might not have seen before.

Cover from Viscount Books (imprint of Reed International Books Limited, Fulham Road, London, England). 

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