Thursday, December 02, 2010

Medical Doctor Lee YS, Pop Singer From Penang


Dr Lee Yan San commented about his friend Russ Hamilton - 60s UK pop singer who made it big with, We Will Make Love - when he visited this blog and saw the postings. I replied to thank him and we kept in touch via email. When I requested for Yan San's home recordings, he was kind enough to send me two CDs: (1) Russ Hamilton songs and (2), his own (above image) entitled, For Baby. Below are extracts of his note, sent on March 22nd, 2010. Dr. Lee explains why and how he made the compilation:

A Serious President?
"I also include the 'commercially' made CD for you since your interest in songs seems to be rather similar to mine. I made the CD (after my term as President of our Malaysian Medical Association) to give to friends since those who do not know me well thought me to be a very serious person (which I need to be when carrying out my duties), so I thought I would give them a taste of my lighter and fun side.

Roland Workstation Mixer:
My daughter is very musical and helps me with the backing vocals and the strings which I have to record over 3-4 tracks with my Roland workstation mixer to make it sound like an orchestral backing. My lead guitarist and good friend, Frank Rozells, who is presently working in New Delhi came to visit me recently and we had a jam session in my house. I enclose our latest effort for you.

Violin and Guitar Sounds:
As usual my daughter puts in her violin music to enrich the sound. I also enclose a duet I did with my friend, so that you can hear him perform too. He is very good and also an excellent guitarist. He is doing very well in India but used to play in hotels in Penang, Malaysia."

The Vocalists and Instrumentalists:
The instrumental group that helped Dr. Lee (vocals/harmonica) with his home jam sessions are: Francis Anthony Rozells (lead guitar/harmony), Dr. Lee Hai Leong (bass guitar), Suedy Suwendy (harmony), Lee Hai Lin (violin/vocals), Clifford Cheam (rhythm guitar), John Lim (steel guitar), Michael Kay (keyboard), Lee Hai Choo (keyboard), Wayne, Noel and Rachel (music mixers).

CD Statistics and Songs Recorded:
The CD was recorded between 1985 - 1997 and re-compiled in May 1999. Songs are: Lonely Christmas, Leavin's Not The Only Way To Go, Sadie, The Cleaning Lady, I'll Never Find Another You, Nowhere Man, It's Alright, Filks On The Road, I Did What I Did For Maria, Rhythm Of The Rain, Exclusively Yours, Paloma Blanca, Mr Tambourine Man, Lodi, No Secrets, Standing At The End Of The Line, Mission Bell, Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone, For Baby And I'm Sorry.

Any Singapore medical doctors who are 60's pop singers too?
I know one Member of Parliament who has an active guitar group. Do you know who this person is?

You can read more about Lee Yan San if you click the connections below:

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YK07 said...

Fantastic inspiration to everybody!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you, whoever you are. Please visit us again.



I am not surprised, Frank! You truly deserve it. Your singing and guitar playing is so good and natural and so part of you that you can easily imitate any well known singer!

Francis Anthony Rozells
Y San Lee thanks Doc... cheers.

Andy Young
Hi Yan San.
Andy here, from the 60s music blog.
Francis, I know this good gentleman.
He's a buddy of Russ Hamilton.
Do write to me when free.

Francis Anthony Rozells
Andy Young this is Yan San's music room.
Thru the years we have done many recordings here.
Doc Lee is a good buddy of mine...cheers.

[An image of 5 people, including Francis Anthony Rozells, Dr Lee, people playing musical instruments, people standing, people sitting, guitar and indoor.]

Andy Young
Oh Francis, what a delight.
Really great you know Doc Lee.
He's been so supportive of the blog for a long time after he communicated.
I visited him when my family was in Penang.

Y San Lee
Hi Andy,
glad to hear from you.
Will always remember your very popular and well known blog.
I am now no longer as active and do not spend so much time on computer.
Yes I have good memory of my favourite pop singer Russ Hamilton whom I became close to and met him personally.

I am so touched that he even gave me a cd of his unpublished songs he sang only with his acoustic guitar. My wife and have good memory of your visit to Penang.

Y San Lee
Francis Anthony Rozells My good buddy. Really miss our good times together. So lucky to have such talented musicians to associate with and regular visits to my house music room and also make recordings as you mentioned. Cheer! Really miss the good old days!

Andy Young
Must find time to meet one day after covid both you, YAN SAN and FRANCIS.
Thanks for the chat.
Do write anytime you feel like.

Andy Young
Y San Lee hello how are you.
Hope all's well up there in Penang, the friendliest people are out there.
Regards to your wife, daughter and family.
Do keep in touch.

Dr. Lee said...

Always hope to meet up you (Andy) and Frankie. Miss the good old days when I am so active in music!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Keep well Doc,
With a positive mind.
The rest will take care of itself.
[Hey, who am I giving advice to.]