Sunday, September 13, 2020

Come Lovely September Morn In The Rain

It’s always been an important month for me during my younger days because of the constant reminder of incessant rain that pours from above. This weather persists in Singapore. 

In Canada, England or in Scotland, that’s when students either enjoy returning to their universities for another new year or dread the coming months after sunshine Summer sets. It’s like sensational sun in sizzling Summer and sobering school sessions in showery September. Lectures and term papers get wet in the Northern Hemisphere.

“The leaves of brown 

Came tumbling down 

Remember, in September, 

In the rain...”

(September In The Rain)

That's a Sinatra number, with another by him, called, September Song. Then came Earth Wind Fire with September. Earlier we saw Gina Lollobrigida in a movie and a song too, entitled, Come September, an instrumental by Billy Vaughn and his Orchestra. Popular Bobby Darin made it with a cover too. Kool and The Gang came later with September Love. Mostly had covers by other artistes like Andy Williams, Sarah Vaughn and of course Willie Nelson. Gruff with his bass baritone, Neil Diamond came on with the unforgettable, September Morn and it became one of the biggest hits in the 70's.

In all its beauty September was always auspicious; the people call the period FALL. Ironically the word to describe Autumn, when Nat Cole sang about the falling autumn leaves drifting by his window, some wicked people attacked New York's busy Twin Towers and numbers nine and eleven became symbols of disaster, heartache and hate. FALL had another meaning that September morn at 8.46.

"Nine eleven", we call it even today, remembered every year since September 11 in 2001 when four coordinated attacks took place in the US. September mourns! A season so lovely has a scar on its face but now about 20 years later, September still reigns supreme. 

Do you have a story about September? Or a song about this month that you love and why?  Pray tell.

Fire In The Sky by Rhonda Lee: The 9/11 Terrorist Attract Interpretation.

So  as it showers outside, here's Julie London, singing her experience with September in the Rain, a refreshing rendition.

(I'm just brushing around with oil paintings and popular songs. They go well if you get the right mix of music and colour.)

  Julie London September in the Rain.

Images and YouTube video from Google. 

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Well, Wake Me Up When September Ends.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Wayne.
Lovely song.
This generation's contribution about the September season.


Happy wet Sunday.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Yes Ted,
Another September too.
Thank you.


Wow those were the joyful days.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you Raymond.
Glad you enjoy the song and read.


True, true. Is a very wet September so far. Rained yesterday and even heavier today. The Heavens crying its eyes out at the state of the world.

911 - a number known to all Americans, and the world. The Emergency services number. 911 will be seared in the memory of the world.
Every season has its beauty. Autumn, or Fall, is resplendent in fiery colours. It is also harvest season, when Mother Earth offers puny Man her rich larder to tide over the lean Winter. In the New World, it is Time for Thanksgiving, an occasion many considered as important, if not more, as Christmas. At American and Canadian universities, Fall is when term begins afresh, time for Orientation and Homecoming, when the blaze of academic life and enquiring minds are stoked anew.

In the Old World, we can't help but remember Keats' "Ode to Autumn".

In Singapore, we get the brown branches and green leaves bowing under the weight of the thunderstorm.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Anon.
You know your 4 Seasons well.
To me they serve the purpose of a more varied
and richer experience.
The colours of nature too expose themselves most
vividly in Autumn.

EDDIE ENG said...

I believe September is a transitional month between summer and autumn, like day transitioning into night.
For me, anything in transition is unsettling.
But poets, singers and painters continue to wax lyrical about September.