Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kampong Boy Meets Kenny Rogers Sheena Easton

Kenny Rogers has passed away on March 20th, 2020 in Los Angeles at the age of 81 years. RIP KENNY ROGERS and condolences to his family.



"This  bonnie lassie breezed on the international scene with her success of Morning Train (Nine To Five) in 1981 and became one of the most popular female stars in music. 

Sheena Easton then joined up with Kenny Rogers in 1983 for a cover of Bob Seger’s We’ve Got Tonight. It became a Top Ten Hit in the US and earned her a number one single on the Country Chart. It also reached the Top Thirty Chart in the UK.

She was so hot at the time, and so gracious. She sang it so beautifully."

Watching Them LIVE in Canada:

Good friend Joey Koh, who was studying in Canada at that time, attended this particular performance with Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton while the couple were touring the country. He could not remember whether it was in Winnipeg or Toronto but vaguely recalled the year as 1983.

"It was so long ago but I need to find the pictures I took of him with my Yashica camera. I was lucky to be in the front row and took a few close-up shots of him, especially one when he bent towards the camera lens to pick a bouquet of flowers from a member of the audience who was sitting next to me."

Joey is a good friend and we studied at the same university in Manitoba, Canada. He mentioned that he wanted to buy tickets to see the recent Singapore show so he could get Rogers to autograph the photo he took and developed, "On Kodak paper in 1983." 

His favourite Kenny Rogers songs are: Lady, Island in the Stream, She Believes In Me, We've Got Tonight, The Gambler and Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer.
                       In Greensboro North Carolina by Videoenhancer

"The song, She Believes In Me speaks to my soul. It is like a journey searching to find my lady love who would really believe in me," said Joey. 

"I  thought I went with my friend whom I am still in touch with but it wasn't so. Now I can't recollect if the show was in Winnipeg or Toronto," he added.

Kampung Boy:

"I enjoyed the show very much and it was an unforgettable experience! His image of picking up the flowers in front of me, as I was looking through the camera lens, still stays vividly in my mind."

"You see Andy, it was my first LIVE concert and I don't know many popular singers then. I was a kampung boy living in a traditional family; we only tuned to the Chinese pop songs at home or on the road while listening to the car radio."

When asked what he thought of the show, he replied, "Rogers and Easton delivered as all top stars would. It was a long time ago when Kenny Rogers was 44 years old and I was still young at 18 years living in kampung Tampines. 1981 was the year I travelled out of Singapore to go to Canada to do my studies."

But today Joey deals with international land purchases :-). And that's something.

Thank you Joey for keeping in touch, 30 years to be exact.

Images: A private collection.
Video:    From You Tube
       The Kenny Rogers Kodak film negative Joey found but couldn't develop.



Noted your friend's post on Sheena Easton. We went to her concert here at the Gold Coast in 2015. Still remember those salad days in 1981 in London when BBC radio was strongly promoting her seminal songs like Morning Train and Nine to Five 😅

YEN CHOW said...

Fabulous duet song video clip to share. Admired Kenny with his unique vocal in recent years...always zone into his song performance.