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Summertime Blues, A Hard Day's Night In Hiroshima Japan With Freda Hanum On Labour Day

A 2018 blog post about Labour Day/May Day led to a comment by Freda Hanum on 2.5.2019, as she reminisces about her time in Japan playing and singing with her band.

Thanks Freda. Your stories are definitely entertaining! Do read on... 

One of the songs played by Freda Hanum 
when she was based in Hiroshima.

Wow, Andy,

I cannot believe my ears hearing that song 'Summertime Blues' (Eddie Cochran), I thought nobody even notices that song. My band had been playing and I sang that song almost every other night when we were in Hiroshima for the 6 months contract in Japan.

Our Japanese friends like it. I did not hear of it again any more or anywhere or of any band playing the song in Singapore or Malaysia since 1985 when I came back (cannot remember exactly which year). It had been totally out of my mind since then until I heard it from your blog today. All songs bring a specific memory of when, where and the happenings surrounding it, who you were with, or a special occasion. 

A song memory for Ms Hanum who 
writes the lyrics in her special book.

'A Hard Day's Night' obviously an international Beatles hit, was so very popular among all age group, and that brought my memories back to my secondary school days at Katong; I used to write down all their songs lyrics in my songbook.

The song 'Car Wash' (Rose Royce) brings back my memories with the Falcons years back in the 80s I think, a very popular Malaysian band. I was supposed to replace their singer who had to go back to the States, me practising the 'Car Wash' refrain almost every day just to get that essence; it was not easy but their vocalist sang that number superbly. As I am more of a lounge singer I did not join the band.

What memories you brought back...

'Car Wash': Rose Royce
YouTube Video from: bartsch90

Thanks for the oldies and they do click with me. I want to thank you, Andy, for bringing back the good old times in your blog. Cheers to you.

Wouldn't know much about songs to protest about, as long as they're good to hear or sing... just go along happily.

Author: Ms. Freda Hanum, who contributed many articles for this blog.

Freda at work at nightspots and venues during the 70s 
and beyond. An accomplished pianist, she spends her
time today making beautiful, creative posters for her friends.

Read the original post that resulted in this memory:

A nightclub in Hiroshima, Japan with a guitar group.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks to Freda for her music memories these past years... Here's another one she wrote some years ago, so on this Labour Day it's actually work, work, work for many musicians at the clubs all over the world...


Andy Young You are most welcome Andy, I must say thanks to you Andy, for all your nostalgic blog articles that jolts back our memories and I'm sure for many others too.

Thanks again Andy for sharing the post.
Happy Labour Day and God Bless You.


Why don't we meet in Hiroshima some time. My brother, my daughter and cousin are there.


Hiroshi Deguchi Oh how I wish to Hiroshi and thanks so much... I really loved Hiroshima... If God's willing would indeed very much like to go there again... I guess must have a lot of changes from that 80s times and now ...
Domo arigato Hiroshi


Music can touch the ears, song fill the mouth,
But only the words can touch the hearts.

Music can move the heart, Song too
But only the words can move the mind, the heart and the soul!


Summer time blues and A hard days night are popular because many people can relate the songs with their lives.

CHIT CHAT said...

Freda Hanum
Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Michael Lee
Hiroshi Deguchi
Alphonso Soosay
Koh Daisy
Shabbir Ahmed Bulledi
Lata Latifah



Hello Brother Andy,, Sure l remember those good old days when l bought tickets to see Melody Fair back stall n also bought D 33/rpm LP of D Bee Gee at D Capital theatre's lobby,, Oh those were D Golden Days,,,,

I Luv Listening to Sam Cook's CHAIN GANG very much,, That's D Sound of D Men Working On D Chain Gang,, All Day Long U Can Hear Them Saying Ughh Arghh Ughh Arghh Mama mama please give me water l' m soO thirsty,,,,

this song is so very haunting n filled with sadness n painful blues,, l never forget n luv dis sorrowful song till dis very day n beyond truly my favorite unforgettable Oldies,,,,

CHIT CHAT said...

Michael Lee
Summer time blues and A hard days night are popular because many people can relate the songs with their lives.

Andy Young
Michael Lee yes, for sure; lyrics are carbon copies of the composer's experience in life, most times.

Jeff Lawrence
Wow! That's awesome!

Andy Young
Jeff Lawrence hello. I find your latest article on your fb post awesome too! Thanks for sharing.

Jeff Lawrence
My pleasure Andy! God bless 🙏