Wednesday, July 03, 2019

4 July 2019 USA Happy Independence Day

Patriotism? Really? 

Lots left in the USA? Of course. Despite the in-fighting and what have you, the Americans are still a dedicated nation of Uncle Sam's people. And they have songs to prove their love for the country. 

Here's a list that I am familiar with, which is not in any order:

1. America: Neil Diamond (YouTube Video)
2. Born in the USA: Bruce Springsteen
3. American Pie: Don McClean
4. America: Simon and Garfunkel

5. Take Me Home Country Road: John Denver
6. The Star-Spangled Banner: Jimi Hendrix
7. Living in America: James Brown
8. God Bless the USA: Lee Greenwood
9.   Independence Day: Martina McBride
10. Rock in the USA: John Mellencamp 
11. 4th of July: Mariah Carey
12. America the Beautiful: Ray Charles

13. Surfin' USA: Beach Boys
14. We're An American Band: Grand Funk Railroad
15. Ring of Fire: Johnny Cash
16. Our Country: John Mellencamp

17. Saturday in the Park: Chicago
18. American Woman: Lenny Kravitz
19. Independence Day: Martina McBride
20. Back in the USA: Chuck Berry (YouTube video)
You can send comments and best wishes to friends and family in the USA on this post. This blog has a lot of American viewers on Twitter. Cheers.

Happy Independence Day to my American friends and readers, especially Blogger Henri Gann and family, and concert pianist Ms. Tan Lay Tuan and her family.
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Andy Young
Have fun checking out the pop songs about the USA and its patriotic singers. If you have a few to add on the list, please do so.

Freda Hanum
Andy, nice & colour poster, I loved that song "Surfin' USA" by beach boys, and also there's this song by Chicago "Saturday In The Park" mentioning the 4th of July too. D'Starlights band used to play that song, sound so good with their brass instruments.

Andy Young
Hi Freda, trust you to know the details of songs. I've heard 'Saturday in the Park' but never knew the lines you mentioned till now. Appreciate. D'Starlights too. A lovely group of boys, adorable, talented and very entertaining on stage. The song is below. THANK YOU SO MUCH FREDA.


Thanks, Andy!
We just celebrated Canada day on the 1st, so you are right, where I am concerned!

(TLT celebrates Canada Day which falls on the 1st of July.)

Andy Young:
Thanks, LT for the reminder.