Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Story of Rock n Roll - Consultant Paul Du Noyer. My Bookshelf Recommends...

Here's my suggestion for this rainy month's read, a 1995 big book published in Australia.


It's a totally absorbing read because the colourful layout is simply inviting and the stories and articles are written by pop music journalists for the different decades - from the 50's to the 90's, i.e. Bill Haley to The Beatles, from Bruce Springsteen to Beastie Boys right up to Billy Ray Cyrus. And scattered in between, all the gossips, personal details and music ideals about the hundreds of pop singers and musicians during those 50 years or so. About 400 photographs to browse and key biographies to absorb.

A great book for students keen on pop music culture and for seniors wanting to go into nostalgia mode [but definitely with more details than what they thought they already knew].

On page 12 of the book [image - book cover] 
the chapter reads, ELVIS BEGINS. But did it really start with Elvis. You got to read the 11 pages before to find out.

The book ends with U2, R.E.M. and Nirvana with a great Artistes Index beyond these chapters. There is also a top 10 hit list for all the 50 years. Name the musicians and singers and they are in the book.


Only one of hundreds of stories to read from the book...

The Paul Anka picture is for illustration only and does not appear in the book but there are others.

Did you know that Paul Anka's composition DIANA had been recorded in 320 versions, totalling more than 10 million sales. He was still a minor then. He could only take his vast wealth when he turned 21 in July 1962 - page 55/column 3.

A glance at one of the pages and 
how the write-ups are formatted.

[This post is not an advertisement. I read the book and find it useful for any introductory course to rock n roll or pop music.]

Library Reference:

The Story of Rock n Roll - the year-by-year illustrated chronicle - Consultant Editor - Paul Du Noyer. [1995 - Carlton Books Ltd - UK/Australia.]

ISBN 1 86309 099 1 

Images - google.

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