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Andy 60s Music Influence: French Flavoured Songs Are So Sexy

(Francoise Hardy: She sings both in French and English. One of her most famous songs is 'If We Are Only Friends'.


Below is another French-English called, 'Bon Soir Dame' by The Sandpipers. It was a big hit in the 60's with Rediffusion playing it day and night and Larry Lai announcing the title with his best French accent.

There's a similar version but by a lady and called 'Bon Soir Cher'.)
French Flavoured Pop Songs
France, England and the United States of America are not far from each other. A plane across and you reach your destination in no time. The song connections too are close as the influence of their culture, language and race are similar. 

I remember as a teen learning many French flavoured pop songs that are hardly sung or heard of today. Here's a list right off my head the lovely ones that still spin within me. 

Most of these songs have French phrases and words but you don't need to understand them. I shall not detail the names of the composers. Perhaps, as a quiz, you can name the singer for each one?
This song was heard all over the radio during the 50's when Eartha Kitt was a sensation. She visited Singapore with much publicity and media frenzy.

C'est Si Bon
Bon Soir Dame
I Love Paris

Under the Bridges of Paris
Petite Fleur
La Vie en Rose

My Cherie Amour
Can Can
Le Bicyclettes De Belize

Some of the songs ooze sensuality and female charm so do be careful when
you are listening to them. Je'Taime (I Love You) below was banned all over Europe when it was first released. Even France' radio stations could not play it until after eleven in the evening. Oooh!

I JUST DELETED IT (14.11.2019)
Jane Birkin with the sizzling and obviously heart-throbbing melody 'Je T'Aime'
This version is an instrumental one, a beautiful melody indeed. Thanks to Red Sunset for the video.

C'est Magnifique
Deja Vu
Voulez Vous

Je T'Aime
Les Champs Elysees
La Boheme

Chanson D'amour
April in Paris
Ton Meilleur Ami

Can you name some more songs in French/English you are familiar with?
Frank Sinatra sings C'est Manifique from Can Can. Ring-a-ding-ding.

Images and Videos from Google and YouTube.


facebook chats said...

A whole list of songs with French influence, including JE'TAIME. Was it nearly banned?

Richard Paul M
Thank you for sharing.
This is the first time I heard the original version.
I am only familiar with the versions by Sound Nice, Anthony Venture & our very own The Quests.
Reggie Vereghese played the organ in the SG version.
All 3 versions were titled as "Love At First Sight".

Koh Daisy
Very romantic indeed. Years ago I had a beautiful french song as my ring tone... very sexy ... ends with “ahhh...” came with the phone must have heard it...can you help ?

Andy Young
Thanks Richard and Daisy for opening your hearts.
Yes, it is actually a beautiful song, depending how the listener interprets.
Quite a piece of information Richard.
Appreciate you shared your knowledge of its local history.
And Daisy I shall try but it's not going to be easy.
Stephen, Rose and Andrew.
Thanks for the early bird LIKE, Cheers.

anon said...

Oh I see.
It's interesting and I want to know why it's banned.
I will listen later.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...


Anonymous said...

Dont know any french oldies but I think this singer remix some or all. My first liking to French songs was from Lisa Ono's song album "Dans Mon Ile"

These lovely n calming track Listings
C'est Si Bon
Les Feuilles Mortes
Les Parapluies De Cherbourg
J'ai Vu
Salade De Fruits
Watch What Happens
Elle, Lui, Nous
Dans Mon Ile
Pour Toi
La Vie En Rose
Derniere Valse

Btw she is coming Singapore to hold her concert soon. :)


Francoise Hardy sang in English “All Over The Word” but her recording of “If We Only Friends” took Singapore by storm and could be heard on the airwaves day after day. Her French accent and the simple melody and words made this song a favourite on mine till now.

The Sandpipers version of “Bob Sior Dame" is also fine. I had the pleasure of watching Eartha Kitt when she performed in the 60's at the former National Theatre.

I can still remember her with her sexy interpretation of “Under The Bridges Of Paris” Lastly I adore the lovely duet by Tony Bennett and K D Lang on “La Vie En Rose”.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you all the early birds for your enlightening and enriching comments.
I have learnt much from them.
I made a call, was informed the song is still banned in Singapore.
So it's out of the post.
I'll try and look for an instrumental version as suggested by another reader.

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for the concert date suggestion.
Will try.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Wow Stephen.
Thanks so much for such an extensive piece of info. Always appreciate your response. And Ann Rowena. Thanks for early bird LIKE. All comments have been transferred to the blog post.


Hi Andy,
"If we are only friends" is a beautifully sung song that tugs on the heart string of most teenagers of the era including myself, wishing the relationship could be more than just friends. Cheerio

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Michael,
very true. Young once. I like the song's and your subtlety. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Since I read you guys talking about French Pops and I found myself not knowing so much about those songs, I listened the songs. My first impression, sorry, this is not logical thought but just my feeling, " If we only friends" is More for Singaporeans than "Je t'aime". SG people are more fond of the kind of music we listen to on the Sunday morning rather than late at night.-this is my feeling. But strangely enough "If We Only Friends" reminded me of "A Bit Of Soap" as soon as I listened.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Hiroshi.
Surprising comparisons you made with 'Friends' and 'A Bit of Soap'. But it's fair. Timing seems similar but then the lyrics offer different topics.


The instrumental Je'taime really jolt my memory, we did play that too, very nice indeed with the other songs featured in the post.


The duet version by Jane Birkin and a French male singer was quiet sexy with Jane’moaning,that’s why the song was banned in Europe and France.I have a recording by the same male singer with famous sex siren, Briget Bardot,Only this time it Briget doing the moaning part.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Stephen. Thanks again for your information about a Bridget Bardot version. It's truly, like Fred said, nostalgia.

FRED CHING said...

This is nostalgia Brother Andy. I recall this number and I also recall Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg & Sounds Nice. Oh wow! Going through my collectables, another name comes to mind when I hear Reggie Verghese -The Quests. Cheers!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Fred, you've got quite a collection there. Keep them for the younger ones in your family. I don't think many people know about these nuggets of gold since they are no more in production. Cheers.


Stephen Han,
Thanks so much for the info, really got no idea, 😊

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Quite a lot of conversation here everyone.
I guess when it comes to matters regarding love, the debate becomes a little hot.

Comparatively, songs those years (like Je'Taime) are not as wild as they are today, where the music and lyrics can go very extreme.

Again many thanks for the comments. I think it's one of the most popular postings that's given a big handshake by all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Rita Chao did a beautiful version of Only Friends, but not in French



facebook chats said...

There’re many versions of ”A Little Bit Of Soap” but I like the recording of the Fabulous Echoes.

Hiroshi Deguchi
Hi, Stephen, me, too, I like him saying "Vash away" with his German ? accent.
Sri Lankan English is like that?
His Las Vegas accident was awful.

Stephen Han
This group consist of Filipinos

Hiroshi Deguchi
You are right, Stephen, I mean the lead singer of the band was Cliff Foenander comes from Sri Lanka I believe.

Stephen Han
Hiroshi Deguchi -I thought the lead singer was a Filipino.
This group appeared in the Ed Sullivan Show and had a Warner Bros LP.

Hiroshi Deguchi
Hi, Stephen,
I actually obtained information about the group from Youtube, "The Fabulous Echoes.
Early History, Pt 1,2 3, provided by SINGAPORE 60's POP MUSIC. The former members talk about from how the band was made to the Ed Sullivan Show and etc.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

FABULOUS ECHOES has Cliff Foenander as lead.
He is Sri Lankan.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you all for the the chats. I think chats are useful to clarify information, though they may not be substantiated, unless proper authority is around. Like Elvis sang, "Doing the best, the best I can..." :-) CHEERS GUYS. FUN & GAMES.


Hi Andy,
what Elvis sang is correct - no one can do better than that and if I can add - live the best we can while we can.

facebook chats said...

Freda Hanum
Stephen Han
Fred Ching
Hiroshi Deguchi
Rose Khoo
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Ann Rowena Lim
Koh Sui Pang
Kali Dass S
Koh Daisy
Tan Ser Kiong
Tan Andrew

Thanks to the above readers who LIKE this post


I like the Sandpipers as well as Eartha Kitts whose sexy rendition of “Cest Si Bon “is a delight to listen.
Another sexy number is by Jane Birkin called Je Taime
Brigette Bardot also sings it with the same male singer.

The best remembered French songstress is Francoise Hardy who has “All Over The World” and the most like song in Singapore “Only Friends”Off course Edith Piaf was the darling of French songs.