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Jose Mari Chan's Big Hit: "Beautiful Girl": A Christmas Presence With Julie Anne San Jose

Beautiful Girl: Jose Marie Chan.
YouTube Video from: Aldrin Diana



I only heard Jose Mari Chan with Beautiful Girl in the early 90s. This carrier single from his album Constant Change sold very well and became a regional hit especially in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

250,000 Copies:

But not many people know it's written by a Filipino. It exceeded 10 times 'Platinum' status, more than 250,000 copies, so the Philippines music industry had to come up with the 'Diamond' Record Award for JMC. By now, and so many years later, it has probably exceeded the number of copies mentioned.

Lea Salonga:

Beautiful Girl was even covered by Asian stars like Aaron Kwok, Paula Tsui, Sally Yee, Sandy Lam, Kamahl, Tomomi Akimoto and Yasuo T while other JMC romantic favorites by countrymate diva, Lea Salonga (Miss Saigon.)

Christmas In Our Hearts:
Jose sings with: JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE

Again and again, his songs have rebounded as hits for other artistes. So when I asked some Filipino musicians working in Singapore about Jose Mari Chan, they exclaimed, "Christmas In Our Hearts!" because it is the industry's biggest selling Christmas album in history. 

He even sang it with Asia's Limitless Star, Julie Ann San Jose [images], the beauteous Filipino actress, singer and entrepreneur. Blessed with a great voice, good looks, a talented mind and rapturous fans, it looks as if JMC has got them all. 

(A recent email from MusicMeister Larry Lai about JMC woke me up as I realized that he is one Filipino pop singer that I had to include in my list of musical influences.

Beautiful Girl by Jose Mari Chan

Beautiful girl, wherever you are/I knew when I saw you, you had opened the door/I knew that I'd love again after a long, long while/I'd love again.

You said "hello" and I turned to go/But something in your eyes left my heart beating so/I just knew that I'd love again after a long, long while/I'd love again.

Chorus: It was destiny's game/For when love finally came on/I rushed in line only to find/That you were gone.

Wherever you are, I fear that I might/Have lost you forever like a song in the night/Now that I've loved again after a long, long while/I've loved again.

Beautiful girl, I'll search on for you/'Til all of your loveliness in my arms come true/You've made me love again after a long, long while/In love again/And I'm glad that it's you/Hmm, beautiful girl.


Information: Wikipedia, other Websites.

Original article: Andy Lim.
Jose Marie Chan

Christmas In Our Hearts. It's around the corner!


Christmas In Our Hearts:
YouTube Video from: MYX Global
 (MYX Live! Performance)

Beautiful Girl is dedicated to good friend, John Lim, 
the handsome young man on the flying trapeze.


Anonymous said...

Andy,it's a beautiful song. Didnt know it was composed by an Asian. KM

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I agree KM; it's truly old school, romantic and lovely. It beats many love songs from the West.

The 89/90s song is on this blog because it was written by a 60s singer-songwriter.

Thank you for visiting.

Lam Chun See said...

I like this song very much. A few years ago, I conducted some productivity training for a group of consultants from the Asean region and three of them were from Philippines. I mentioned this fact, and one year later, one of them happened to be in Spore again for another seminar and he brought along a copy of Jose Mari Chan's cd for me - "A Golden Collection". How thoughtful and generous indeed. But sadly, I found that I didn't appreciate most of his other songs. Maybe I should listen to them again a few more times. You know how sometimes, songs have a way of growing on you after a few listens.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Chun See. In case you don't need the CD just pass it to me. There may be songs in that album I may not have. Kidding.

You should listen to them again. He's got nice vocals. More for the ladies perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I played the clip to my key staff this afternoon and introduced them to your blog.

They all loved the song, young and old.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you KM. It is an acknowledgement that you must sing 'Beautiful Girl' during the farewell dinner they will be giving you.

But do they love the blog?

Anonymous said...

Will ask them next week. I know some of them read your blog. KM

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

It doesn't really matter. Just kidding. Hope you sing the song you love...

Anonymous said...

The two pinoy singers, Jose Mari and Freddie Aguilar, they make Filipinos proud.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Yes they do. But Aguilar is the more popular?

Anonymous said...

Is this girl a Sim or just pure Photochop?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Do you mean "simulated"? That means a computer-generated image.

Sure it's been "photo-shopped". There is an almost surreal look to the picture.

Why do we care? The song is beautiful right?

Anonymous said...

Did really enjoyed tat *BEAUTIFUL GIRL* many Years back. Didn't realised, until *ANDY's 60's Blog*
Not much Songs back then, written by ASIAN & SUNG by ASIA. Its a Well known Fact.. *in Singapore, We do acknowledge that the *PHILIPPINOES ARE VERY TALENTED MUSICALLY* And so are the *INDONESIAN, TOO*

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

This posting is an updated one from October 2010.


Thanks for sharing.
Love this song.
Wonderful song.

Did you ever write about Freddie Aguilar?
Is it 'Anak' he wrote?

FOO C. J. said...

Thanks Andy! A good one!


But these are memorable touching songs, as well known as WITHIN YOU'LL REMAIN.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Yes, they are, but not as popular as WITHIN YOU'LL REMAIN.
ANAK is probably on the same level.

Thanks Alfred and Foo JC for early comments.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

John Lim's been helping me with lots of IT knowledge, a dedicated young man who documents what he experiences and learns on video. Thanks John.

You've made me more organised now with your thoughts and ideas and of course your minimalistic ways.



I like it.


Beautiful girl, JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE.
She will be bigger than Lea Salonga.
“Maligayang bati!”

John Lim said...

So motivating to hear your kind words, Andy. This is wonderful. Glad I got to know you and your blogspot through your good friend Jimmy Yap. It brings back many fond memories from my younger days. Will treasure our friendship and continue to enjoy your amazing blogspot.


Wow Andy!

I am going to pass this article to various Filipino musicians to some in Show Business whom I met in Manila last 2 weeks. It was thru Ghib Ojisan the 32 year (old Japanese YouTuber living in Singapore almost 4 yrs now) that I got to know the young handsome, talented and very helpful JOHN LIM that u featured here. He was the one who creatively stitched some videos of my May trip to Barcelona n Madrid. More to come on Snorkelling in Cebu!


I like Jose Mari Chan’s version of “Beautiful Girl”


mga ganitong dilag mula sa pilipinas

Ghib said...

Nice article! Forwarded by Jimmy Yap🙂

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Beautiful Girl and a Christmas Presence. Watch the video of BEAUTIFUL GIRL, a superbly beautiful song. You know It?? Tell us... JOSE MARIE CHAN is an excellent Filipino singer from the mid-60's


Ohh yes..I remembered this song during my working years with Sembawang Music Centre. This song occasionally included in compilations then.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hey thanks. I am still trying to remember the guy who owns Sembawang MC. I think I know him. Yes, it's a favourite among many.


John Cher
Stephen Han
James Kwok
Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Chow Wen Hing
Ann Rowena Lim
Ben van der Laan-Hatikustia
Patrick Teng
Roop Singh
Colin Kee
Peter Cheong


John Lim said...

It’s a coincidence that I met Jimmy. He is a very unassuming gentleman, an avid singer at heart, always cheerful and forever thankful. So blessed to have met you both.

JOHN LIM said...

Yes, hearing it now at 2.10 am on my new earbuds... Heard this song many years ago, never new it was an Asian... thought it was an Ang Moh fella.

[ang moh = caucasian]

JOHN LIM said...

JOSE MARIE CHAN'S voice sounds very familiar... similar to some Brit singer... just can't recall... maybe Justin Hayward of the MOODY BLUES... still thinking who.

Actually Filipino descendants are from the Malay/Indonesian but largely influenced by the Spanish colonization... caucasian influence? but still Asian... hahaha... when I was there in Manila many years ago I felt strangely familiar like a place in the West but still in Asia.

JMC, Due to his popular song entitled CHRISTMAS IN OUR HEARTS, he earnedd the title FATHER OF PHILIPPINE CHRISTMAS MUSIC... I googled it...

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

With your wide experience circling round the globe, your vast and knowledgeable interaction with music you've helped to widen the perspective of this blog.

Thanks very much.
And welcome to the Club.