Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Andy Singapore 60's Music and Influence: Blogger Profile

For 2 years (1964 - 1966), I fronted Singapore guitar groups, recording artistes: The Velvetones, Swallows and Silver Strings. Enjoyed fun and excitement those years. 

Since I took an academic path afterward this blog serves as a coffee-stop and written to:

(a) relive my missing music years, 
(b) keep seniors posted about our local music, 
(c) encourage music stories from readers, 
(d) keep our younger generation, especially my 3J's, aware of our heritage and 
(e) help students with term papers or information regarding popular culture and local music history in the 60's. 

Although I have lived the age and participated in the music I am neither a music guru nor historian. No showing off past glories. Completed a Diploma in TESL (Victoria U., New Zealand); Cert. Eng Lit (U. of Aberdeen, Scotland); BA English Language/Literature (U. of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) and MA Applied Linguistics (Macquarie, Sydney, Australia). 

I welcome mail from readers with similar interest. This blog is neither sponsored nor advertorial and not done for financial gains. Most articles, images are acknowledged. Any infringement, please inform for immediate deletion. 


Andy Young


Pontiacman said...

Andy Greetings.
I ran the Changi Youth Club 1963-66.
I have placed a video of my photos of that time on Youtube ( Amongst the photos is a Christmas Card from Roland Chiam and the Les Jets Combo all signed by the Band.
On the camp we had local groups JB & The Talisman and The Kodas Five.
We all caused a stir when the Rolling Stones performed in Singapore resulting in bad press as a result of hysteria by the young ladies in the audience. Same happened with The Kinks and Manfred Mann
I am now 76 yrs old but I am regularly out performing all those songs from that era.
I hope to make contact with friends from my time in Singapore but seem to have little success. Perhaps you could help.
Many Thanks
Dave Roberts

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Dave,
Not a problem.
Write me again.
Just leave your email address
(I won't publish it).
We can chat and I'll try to get your connections.
Where do you live?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Dave
Just viewed your YouTube presentation.
You have just posted it.
It's very good and absorbing.

Pontiacman said...

Thank You so much
I am in UK but love to hear from anyone.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Leave me your email address please.