Monday, September 02, 2019

Andy Singapore 60's Christian Songs

The Tidbits I Believe - YouTube
I was just thinking how many songs from the 1960's, that has a Christian theme and recorded by our local Asian bands and singers were recorded because they are inspirational or pressed for release because they were popular then.  I can remember a few but some of them have been taken from albums and most have been reviewed on this blog.  Some of the songs are spirituals while others may have religious connotations:

1.    I Believe by The Tidbits
2.    Just a Closer Walk With Thee by The Crescendos
3.    I Shall Be Released* by The Blackjacks
4.    The Lord's Prayer by Esther Chan (HK)
5.    Away In A Manger by Anneke Gronloh

6.    Mary had a Baby by Anneke Gronloh (Indo/Dutch)
7.    Mary's Boy Child by The Blue Diamonds (   "    )
8.    Let There Be Peace* by Frankie Cheah
9.    I Shall Be Released* by Paul Cheong
10.  Dem Bones by The Saidaislers

11.  On a Day by The Saidaislers
12.  Go Tell It On The Mountains by The Saidaislers
13.  My Song to You (Jesus) by Mervyn Nonis
14.  He's The One: Derrick/Richard Danker, Mervyn/Dudley Nonis, Tony Fonseka
15.  I'll Never Find Another You by Wendy, Grace, Linda, Judith, Sharon
16.  Grace and Glory Psalm 84 by Frances Yip (HK).
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Singapore 60's singer Poon Sow Keng made this point about singing Christian songs, "Yes, I am still very healthy but I spend most of my time doing my work in churches. I've told God I am prepared to leave this world at any time. That's why I am so happy..."

This list can go on so I hope some readers can contribute songs they remember recorded by our Singapore and S.E.Asian singers and bands.

A Blessed And Happy 2014 Easter To All!

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