Friday, August 30, 2019

Andy's 60s Music Posters: Tim Sum Style

Roll down to the end. Some surprises along the way.

This posting is for blog viewers who don't like to read. Except for two or three posters, you can glance at the rest. 

But don't dismiss them please.

In a fast changing world, today's pop music groups have different faces everytime they perform on stage, so the line-up depends on who's available. The Queensmen perform at OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE CHURCH @ 4 Sandy Lane, Singapore: 437321. 

(8th September 2019 Sunday: Food and Fun Fair.)

'I Believe' by The Tidbits: They are probably grandmothers by now but when they were in their youth, they performed so well the record company gave them a contract. These are Singapore 60s vocal group stars.

Read them:

Logo from Richard Paul M's Facebook; he wrote:
"Thank you Andy for the encouragement to write for your blog. 
Thank you for creating a platform for us to share wonderful memories thru the years. CHEERS."

My wife and I saw this poster in a mall in Australia. 
She left me there. I was thrilled; free coffee and
everything else while she went shopping. Fantasty ah!!!

Images are copy and paste from here and there. Cheers.



Andy Young
Cut, Create and Paste but they trouble the eyes during creation. Nowadays nobody reads, so these are fun messages for you. With a new band in between. Have you heard of the QUEENSMEN? Check them out.

Stephen Han
Nice for the reminder of the Tidbits.

Michael Lee
Hi Andy - I like this one - Achievers never expose themselves but their achievements expose them. In a similar vein - The really talented don't show off but their talents do while the non talented try to to show off but their talents don't. Cheerio

Andy Young
Mike your twists and turns make the statement all the more exciting.
Thank you.

And Stephen 'Tidbits' have never been replaced by any vocal group and 'Teepees' too.
Even today. Nothing so far to match these very talented lady singers and musicians from the 60s and 70s.


Hi Andy,
the truly talented seldom have duplicates.
The likes of Elvis, Michael Jackson, Doris Day etc. an endless list.

Andy Young
Yes Mike, again agree. Bu they have been copied.

Michael Lee
Yes, copied ever so often but not one even equalled.

Andy Young
Thank you all. Freda, Stephen, Irene, Ser Kiong and Michael.

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Alphonso Soosay
Roop Singh
Jennie Law
Joey Koh
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Michael Lee
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Sammin Ang
thanks to the above people for support

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It's good to acknowledge others as friends who want to join the fun but one needs to be wary of hackers. That should be our concern. Not easy to know who's who. Thank you.
Yip Dick
Betul lah.🤟

Gilbert Tang
Great. Sixties music are still good

Michael Lee
Hi Andy, may I add to the quote.
When music deteriorates the world ends up in a sickly spin. Haha