Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Airport Song: from 'Magna Carta' Refers To Singapore Flight [by Allan Thompson RAF 1964]

'Airport Song' by Magna Carta from You Tube: Producciones Cinico. 
The song refers to a flight to Singapore.

I had to give this posting its own space because of Allan's nostalgic note below and the song he introduced. As I mentioned on the comment page, it's a new song for me. Thanks Allan.

Dear Andy,

I suppose you know this lovely song which refers to Singapore. It reminds me of a day in late October, 1964 (almost 50 years ago now) when my flight from London to *Changi was delayed overnight due to thick fog. (I had been in the UK for an aircrew selection board at Biggin Hill and was returning to Singapore to resume my tour of duty there).
Changi Air Base 1966. With thanks to singas.co.uk

Later on in years whenever I hear the song, I am reminded of that day, and of the following day when the aircraft finally landed and I was enveloped by the heat, the smells and the sounds of the island I had grown to love during the previous 15 months. Happy days indeed. 

*Possibly Changi Airbase.

Allan Thompson RAF.
Magna Carta is a Progressive rock group
originally formed in London in April 1969.
With Chris Simpson (guitar, vocals),
Lyell Tranter (guitar, vocals), and Glen Stuart (vocals).

'Airport Song' by Magna Carta

Sitting in the airport lounge
I'm waiting for a plane
Everything is grounded
For the fog is down again
I should be leaving in the morning
On a flight for Singapore
With a guitar and a suitcase and a face
In a photograph

Dozing with a coffee and a drooping cigarette
And the dog eats Sunday supplement
And still I can't forget
I should be leaving in the morning
On a plane bound for the sun
With a guitar and a suitcase and a face
In a photograph

The hands on the clock
Turn around and around
Dragging past the hours
'till the dawning of the day
And the girl in information
With her eyes on confirmation
She's turning with a smile to break the news

I cannot quite believe it, but I thought I heard her say,
'The customs all have woken up, the fog is on it's way'
So I'll be leaving in the morning...

Images: from Google.
Changi airbase image from: http://www.singas.co.uk/HTML/changi.html

Singapore Airport voted the best airport 
in the world for 3 consecutive years.



I first heard this about thirty years ago and got tears in my eyes. I still get. One of the most beautiful songs ever written


A classic from a wonderful Band seen them live many times and loved every Minute thanks for posting

imbma6 said...

Thanks so much for this beautiful song, ooooh those 60s days...

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I must confess I am not familiar with this song. I don't know about readers from Singapore and our local band boys. But it is a beautiful song, truly. Thank you Allan for your lovely letter.

Above 3 comments about the AIRPORT SONG are from You Tube, two years ago.