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Get Acquainted With Singapore: Learn Singlish La!

Bengyap's video of Siva Choy and The Crossroads original rap: Why You So Like Dat?

With the Kopi Kat Klan, Siva Choy (one half of 60's pop music duo The Cyclones ) wrote, directed and performed Why U So Like Dat? a popular comedy album comprising Singlish songs and kopi tiam skits. 

It was Singapore's first English-language comedy album and was so popular that it had sold more than 50,000 copies to date. The October Cherries' percussionist Richard Khan was playing the drums and one of the musicians helping out with the recording.

*Why You So Like Dat?  

By Siva Choy
Written by: Farid Long

Oui, why u so like dat ah?
Hey why u so like dat?
Why u so like dat ah?
Hey why u so like dat?

1) I let you kopi all my sum,

Because you always blur,
But when I try to kopi back,
You always call the Sir!

2) I always give you  chocolate,

I give you my Tic Tac,
But now you got a Kit Kat,
You never gimme back!

3) You tell me dat you don't like girl,

I also donno why,
But when you see a pretty girl,
Your voice go up damn high!

(4th verse very cheem; better listen carefully).

*Singlish Lesson for off-shore Ang-Mohs (Caucasians):

Why you so like that = Why're you behaving in this way?
kopi = copy (coffee in Malay)
sum = as in Mathematics.
blur = unaware of what's going on around you.
I also donno why = I don't understand.
cheem = too difficult to understand.

It's all tongue in cheek dear. Don't take it too seriously.

You Tube video: by bengyap.
Image: From Siva Choy Facebook.



For overseas readers:

Well, just in case you come down to festival city Singapore learn a little Singlish.

The above connection may help. But don't take it all too seriously. We do speak Standard English and some of us Queen's English but then who bothers. Even the British hardly do.


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