Saturday, March 16, 2019


Thanks to the many, many old friends and blog readers who LIKE my Facebook postings these past years. You know who you are. KAMSIAH.

I would also want to thank the following new list of readers below who LIKE my world-wide postings on the blog, FB, Twitter, and email. I appreciate the support from all, especially those who have never read my blog and are now checking in. So a personal thank you to:

Pc Kee
Lylia Jong
Alvin Choy
Vincent Ng
Yit Yuen Leong

Lim Swee Tin
Rubendra Raj
Azizah Mohd
Wong Woon Hock
Kannan Thirugnanam

Hoong Thomas
Elaine Soon
Edwin Yeo Soon Leong
Muzaffar Abdul Rahman
Jackson Tan Seow Poh

Brett Han
Yui Lok Cheung
Philip Wong
Amanda Maloney
Ho Victor

KS Neo
Sheila Wright
Sarah Buchanan
Sylvia Marr
Simon Gibson
Terry Yeo
Derek Hendricks
Rajasegaran S.
Tinnakorn Attapaiboon
Razali Hussein

Gary Steen
Let-Let Garay
Peggy Green
Bill Hamilton
Tom Teh

Peter Loh
Pokiah Tukang Gambar
Sheila Gan
Lilian Lim
Reuben Eusebio
Yui Lok Cheung
William Miller
Bret Hann
Amanda Maloney
Denzil Temmers

Lorna Wong
Rendy Low
Alvin Pek
Mohd. Ezeidy Abdullah
Ruth Hammon

Razally Hussein
Mong Wai Kheong
Seenivasen Joseph
Leong Kam Seng
Renea Solsbury Bissell

Vicky Stern
Linda White
Vicky Sarabia
Judy Jenkins
Linda Lancaster

Samdam Dvnjidmaa
Gurubalan Balan
Ng Chai Ming
Ayan Leo
Kt Teo

Yeo Sik Chu 
Julian Vim Selvanayagam 
Eliza Tajuddin
Chenan Wahab
Mohd. Salleh

Rajendram Ponnudurai
Simon Yeong
Mei Ling Tan 
Lim Guat Hoon 
Nicholas Yvonne Wong

Badrulshah Ismail 
Kevin Gregory Rajan
Linda Hagar
Annette Kokan
Tim McDonald

Sandy Lee
Larry McCarthy
Dan Boice
Dan Lisiecki
Diane Rost

Lori Bradley
Harry Wagner

If I have missed you, please excuse me. This list will add on...
Images: Google and A personal collection. The young once, still looking good.


Stephen Han:
The young one still looking good.

Andy Young 
Thanks, guys for the thumbs up.
And Stephen too.

Zainal Abidin:
The best stress reliever is music.

Andy Young
Hey brother, thanks for the poster. yes, another way to avoid stress is making posters. Cheers.

Winston Koh 
Looking great Andy!

Andy Young 

That's a 5-year-old photo brother. :-) Thank you.

Winston Koh 

Andy, You still looks good now!

Andy Young 
KAMSIAH. Winston, we must go for the BAK CHOR MEE @ The Capitol again. Haha.

Winston Koh
Andy Young just let me know when! Oh, you on school holidays now so timing no issues right?

Jimmy Appudurai-chua 
Best music blogger in Asia

Andy Young 
Oh, Jimmy thanks for the accolade. That's an extremely difficult title to uphold. You're giving me more confidence now.

Koh Sui Pang 
Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ good looking.

Andy Young 
Hi Sui Pang. Thanks. That's a lot of stars. Wait kepala pusing. 😉
Robert Suriya 
You the man Andy.

Andy Young 
Hello Robert. Been a long time now; 7 years since we met? Gosh!

Alphonso Soosay 
Andy, 60's Music means so much more now as we reflect back. Thanks for keeping it alive.

Andy Young:
Thanks Alphonso. You'll live in SG music history with Naomi and The Boys.

Hiroshi Deguchi 
Come to think of it, we haven't met in person.

Andy Young 
No, we haven't. Should be interesting.

Robert Suriya 
We will catch up soon Andy -Will have some teh tarek together--Or maybe play some music together

Andy Young 
Should be fun. "Mighty undertaking here... Play the game keep the flame..."

Jimmy Appudurai-chua 
Andy, I can actually visualize Robert's smooth guitar playing and your beautiful voice, doing some selected ballads... With, a lift drummer, with brushes and double bass... Hmmmm

Jimmy, It's great to describe Robert's smooth guitar playing and I can agree with that; but the beautiful voice part, hmm, that needs some miracle from up there to create... But your visualization sounds soft and palatable. Thank you for the pleasant thought.

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