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Andy 60's Music Friends From Around

It's like an Andy Young Facebook posting. 👍
These are snapshots that I cannot put anywhere else on this blog.
Not showing off, please. Just connections...

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Snapshots of music friends and people I meet and who are kind to me, a non-musician, searching for information about the real Singapore scene.

Selfie with Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong 

With Dawn Tan Channel New Asia at Star Vista

TV Host Anita Kapoor at the launch of CNA Treasure Hunt with Josh

With pop singer Savanna onboard Cruise ship

With Radio TV Singapore guitarist Horace Wee and John Cher drummer Silver Strings.

A  music-friends meet organised by The Dukes boss and bassist Zainal Abidin at Bedok Corner for a meal on 24 January 2018 resulted with (from left): Zainal Abidin, Paul Shankar (Dukes), Winston Walters (Dukes), Andy Young, Vernon Cornelius (Quests), John Cher (Silver Strings) and Jerry Fernandez (Neu Faces).

Fun chats as the group increased later when a few other music makers came around.

With big chief Louis plus Horace, Mr n Mrs Leo Fernandez at a curry fish head meet near the end of Changi Road in January 2018. Friendly neighbours.

Another neighbour from Planet Earth, eh, Perth. This Caucasian guy's interested in Singapore 60's music and cornered me at Cottesloe. December 2017. "I'm on your blog but remain anonymous. Ha, ha."

With music professional Michael Bangar in January 2018. Visiting friends performing. It was a cold night @ 22.6*C. Michael has written much on this blog. I must thank another friend who gave us this treat.

First time meeting up with Winston Walters, the singer from The Dukes, introduced by Zainal Abidin, band leader and bass guitarist. January 2018.

Winter and cold, these youthful buskers were with their guitars singing, Hotel California at the Fremantle Market in Perth, Australia. They could fit into the best hotel lounges here in Singapore. Fantastic guitar play and vocals.

With the Wisma Geylang Serai Project chat group at Malay Heritage Centre at the invitation of the project coordinator through an email to this blog. Entertainment was a big discussion, especially pop yeh yeh and Malay folk music. January 2018.

The best professional blue whale watchers on the planet, Jamie (pilot), Kyle (curly locks) and Billie (waving arms), from Australia. I told them about Frankie Laine's Moby Dick song and they were thrilled.

The boy is so cute and friendly. He clung to me as we wound our way to Parliament House during the late PM Lee Kuan Yew's wake in 2015. Halfway through the queue, I sang My Mother's Eyes to him very quietly. If mummy reads this or if anyone else knows this family, please write to me. Wonderful people that we meet in our lives.  

With Shun Ng one of the best finger-style guitarists, flamboyant but true to his calling. Born in Chicago, Illinois but with Singapore parentage, he's one of the best that I've met and heard.

With Larry Lai and young MediaCorps producer, HH Tang while discussing a television project we were supposed to participate in.

With Larry Lai and Malcolm Hyder (last of the Bambinos) at
a private club in 2015. 

With four Chinese divas and the MC for the evening, after the show at the Cathay building front lawn in May 2015 where I sang with The Esquires.

Singing on the same stage with the four divas (top left n right) Skye Sirena, Irene Suan Man, (bottom left and right) Tandy Lim and Judy Theng at the Cathay Cinema external lawn in 2015.

The pictures below are additions to the original posting.

At Tan Sook Khoon's palatial grounds during CNY dinner 2018 with Larry Lai, John Cher and Eddie. Missus of 3 friends too.

With Jack Neo, actor, producer, director of many successful Singapore movies. During a 2015 TV Channel 5 studio shoot at  Caldecott Hill, Media Corp. Singapore.


With international hairstylist Anthony Tan (AhKim) 
and Laurence Lim

Silver Strings performance at National Library Auditorium 2016 
with John Cher

Silver Strings but Michael Bangar is missing

Documentary Treasure Hunt on Channel News Asia, Singapore
with the archaeologist, Lim Chen Sean and TV hostess Anita Kapoor.

Grandson Joshua Lim after a documentary shoot. 
Relaxing at a food court.

Silver Strings with Rose, a fan. 
And our Filipino singer at Kallang Mall gig 2017.

With Tan Kheng Hua, Singapore actress, during a scene where we were hunting for hair grease, Brylcreem, at Desker Road. Not too many mama (Indian) wayside shops around anymore since the '60s.

With Rick Astley backstage, performing on the stage of ROLLING GOOD TIMES, a Media Corp presentation on Channel 5. It was a hit TV programme with our local audiences.

With Dick Lee, singer, composer and musical director, at the same show on ROLLING GOOD TIMES, where the SILVER STRINGS were interviewed 'live' for our long stay musically in Singapore, nearly 60 years.

Meeting top local movie and TV stars Jack Neo and Aileen Tan with Audie Ng and John Cher (Silver Strings).

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