Friday, May 01, 2020

I Can Breathe During Corona Covid-19 Lockdown

It's obvious during this Covid-19 Pandemic that the most common remark from most people would be, "It's so boring!" And this New Normal will carry on for a long while.

Being locked down or short-circuited from the usual electrical connections of family, friends, food-courts and fast walks is a frustrating reality. So here's what I did during the lockdown of about two months. 

Using the keyboard connection and searching for images, I used a simple app. to create posters. The activity kept me going because with my simple brain I couldn't do anything else. Most of these posters are meaningful (hopefully), while some may need some thinking before you understand them.

The remark below each poster may help.
She may just go on being closed. She's pretty unwell, bullied by those who live off her. Now she's fighting back to gain sanity and until she improves, it's an ill sneeze or cough that blows nobody any good.

Better self check before you go out. I keep forgetting my mask so the tiny water pellets from others may just kill you off.  Keep your distance too.

Hey, this poster shows the content of this blog: fun stories, images and lots of songs and videos.
From a neighbour who replied when I sent him the poster. True, keep in touch but don't touch.

Jimmy Yap, Singapore's singing ambassador, remarked that these Edelweiss flowers reminded him of his days in Vienna? And the word means white in German. 

I keep getting lots of free advice on my WhatsApp. We all do. So I planted the above on my profile photo corner. No advice please. Keep it to yourself.

Three posters showing the factors to bear in mind whenever we think the virus has disappeared. It hasn't and the suffering we went through to keep it at bay. So be careful. It's still lurking around, waiting to jump deep into your lungs.

Yes, it's what this blog is all about. Vinyl records from my small collection of SG 60s Music. Two of the most popular bands, The Silver Strings and The Boys, with 3 of the sweetest lady singers from that era: Rita Chao, Anita Sarawak and Naomi Suriya. Don't forget duo Mike and Herb.

I love this one. You have a choice when you leave your home: protect your face and live longer or listen to music and tempt Mr Covid number nineteen.

This poster is one of my favourites. It's what my grandson calls, 'the invisible enemy'. You can't find Miss Corona and even the lady detective is stumped. So stay covered. The little boy knows.

This is my virgin vinyl record, the first ever vinyl I bought in my life. And I was already completing my teens.

She was single, a small 45 rpm dressed in black. She came from India but lived in a London Gramophone shop to be sold to anyone who could pay her price. When she was shipped to Singapore, I bought her for $1.80 Singapore. And she sang to me every day and night, "To Know Him Is To Love Him." With her other friends. This was in 1959.

The picture above is the original record and I'm still keeping it intact, hardly any scratches. From Kwang Sia Record shop at North Bridge Road. The bus stops right in front of the shop and the Odeon Cinema is across, a stone's thrpw away. Where were you in 1959? Not born yet, I'm sure?

Images: Original compositions from selected parts on Google.


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In the 50s and 60s there were little places of interest so the best thing to do was listening to the Rediffusion box and the Radio for pop songs.