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October Cherries Vinyl Chat Drummer Richard Khan


A smartphone SMS communication dialogue becomes a publication piece. I must thank Richard Khan of the October Cherries for this short article about the above vinyl.

This recording was done during the early years of the October Cherries. As it stands this particular vinyl sold reasonably well but the songwriting and recording, according to percussionist Richard Khan, got better with *Dreamseller (image below right).

Please Love Me and I'll Wait was produced in 1969 after the group came back from their first stint in Bangkok. They left EMI changed their names from The Surfers to October Cherries and manager Bal hired a studio and each one took charge of recording. 

Richard remembered coming up with the drumbeat for Please Love Me while he was walking with Jay Shotam, vocalist and bassist, singing the first verse on the way. This incident happened near the Orchard area, very close to the Istana around Penang Road.  They also made new suits with high collars for the occasion which they donned for the sleeve cover (image).
October Cherries I'll Wait 
YouTube video: MrRainbow64

*Dreamseller Album

Beside Jay Shotam on bass guitar, Benny Siow and Peter Diaz with their respective lead and rhythm, Richard on drums, other musical objects were used as they were quite experimental during the recording sessions. I'll Wait turned out to be a hit, especially in Malaysia.

NB: I paid $50 for this vinyl. Believe me!

Images: A Personal Collection.
Article: Richard Khan Copyrights Reserved.



Andy Young
Richard Khan tells about his October Cherries vinyl records. Vinyls are hot as they're back on the market now...

Andy Young
Thanks Colin for that support and the kwik swig on the smartphone button. You lead the pack... Cheers.

Peter Peters
Glad I've some of the local vinyl collections. 50 years on and it's all in the garage

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Thanks to Wenhing for taking me to the YouTube video. I'm hoping it won't be deleted by the owners. It's been acknowledged.