Friday, May 13, 2022

The Late Sunny Low: His Life, His Family, His Dance, His Acceptance.


Sunny Low Video On His Life, Family and Dance

The late and well-known dance teacher and celebrity had a video completed when he was 79 years old. Listen to his ideals about life and what he had finally accepted after he was asked by the interviewer at the end of the chat.

Watch it. Worthwhile indeed.

A short film about his youth, his family, 
his dance and his acceptance of the Lord.

The Late Mr. Sunny Low
YouTube Video from The Straits Times:

This video was provided by Mr. Lim Say Ban 
and circulated to Mr. Stephen Han on WhatsApp
from Facebook.

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Cedric Collars said...

The rhythm of life that Sunny possessed brought him to the stairways leading to Heaven. Let your dance now please your God as you dance with the angels and saints.