Monday, April 01, 2019

Silver Strings Singapore On Cruise Ship Aegean Paradise

Photographs are still streaming in as they arrive on my iPhone.

There was a storm on board a ship when the 
Silver Strings performed Saturday night, 30th March 2019. 
Every member of the audience in the concert theatre was soaked
with 60s music melodies.

Pictures below are a mixed bag. Not in any order:

The ticket for the show 

The Ferry Terminal @ Tanah Merah Singapore, for boarding.

Silver Strings members checking in with Andy, Rickie, Nick, and John.

The Aegean Paradise Cruise Ship

What awaited us on board
The Jubilee Lounge
With Silver Strings

The audience was a full house during the Silver Strings Concert
@ Jubilee Lounge

Percy D'Silva (above), our singer with the dynamic voice 
performing Johnny B. Goode (below)

Andy Young realizing there's a  lady called Diana in the audience.
Or did he?
Check out the jackpot machines in the background.

The huge audience that attended the show

Jubilee Lounge full view

Singapore's Millie Small Veronica Young (vocals) 
with leader and bassist
Audie Ng, drummer John Cher

Screenshots: Silver Strings performing  Nick's, The Young Ones
from left: John, Percy, Audie, Nick and Rickie.

During sound check: from left Nick, Percy, Rickie and John

Instruments and sound system of quality were provided.

Rickie Chng the serious lead guitarist who makes
sure the singers get their keys in tune.

Soundcheck or rehearsal with Audie (bandleader, bassist) John, 
(drummer, behind the glass shield), Rickie, (lead guitarist) and Nick, (keyboardist). On screen Laurence Lim (video montage).

Nick Strevens making sure he gets his keyboard sound on cue.

The Silver Strings

Edward Tan 
(lead guitarist, one of Singapore's top 60s band, THE JETS)
with Andy and Audie. Edward's a fan too.

No kidding with John Cher. He goes with any beat. 
You go off rhythm, he corrects you.

Seats with an audience (below) and without an audience (above).
 The show in between as members of the audience had temporary relief. 
Many seniors, don't forget.

Millie Small of Singapore, Veronica Young with
a bouquet and a $50 sash after her performance

Versatility: The Groovematics from left: Colette and Ging
Guest band for the evening.

Michael came to the show too, from NeverNever Land. 
He shone so brightly. Lucky Andy and Rickie.
An Aegean Paradise Lobby presence.

The Aegean Paradise Jubilee Lounge Home Stars in action.
Five beautiful girls and a handsome gentleman.

Blogger Andy in a screenshot

Huge posters of our show everywhere on the ship.
Andy Young, the crew boy, hangs up one of them.

Drummer John Cher and Wife Betsy. 
They both ate so much, they had to pay for their meals.

The drum set used by John.
Fans came later to kidnap him.
That's why he's not in the picture.

The amplifiers provided are fabulous with
great sound production and stability.

I sing with the Silver Strings for fun and I am not a gambling person. Thank you.

A Personal Collection from friends. Some are from the Aegean Paradise Websites.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

It all looks great, but maybe for those of us who weren't there you can give a bit of background. What was the cruise all about, who was there, where did it go and so on.



ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Steve,

It's best if you wish to know more about the Ship to go to its beautiful website by keying in
Aegean Paradise Cruise, Singapore.

Thank you.