Monday, April 24, 2017

Andy 60s Music Gets Accolade From Dr Joe Peters

"You are writing a great blog and I do read that. Keep doing it and try and tell the musical story of Singapore when we were younger!" - DR JOE PETERS: Musicologist, Journalist.

Yes, it has been a long time. But I hear about you from various people as I meet them. Essentially, I commute with the region because I assist in various music programmes. From August this year, I will be based in NE Thailand so I can spend some time with the graduate music students there, and round off some of the academic stuff that has all strung up like an overloaded clothesline in the rain! 
Your blog is something that could become a reference point. So all I can do is to strongly encourage you to collate the necessary information and present it from your own point of view. Too many talent and too much hard work in music has gone unnoticed and undocumented in Singapore. 
People seem to think that the government should do that. No! It is these stories that come from people lie you and so many others. The difficulty is to write, and that requires some composure and time management. I know it is finally happening. I am following your blog for sure! 
(I do not know Dr. Joe personally and this piece was taken off the blog's Comment Page).

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