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Australian Pop 60's Influence: New World, Col Joye Part 5

The New World

I remember hearing the song ‘Try To Remember’ by this vocal trio on the radio, and it was quite a hit in Australia in 1969 (or at least Sydney, where I lived back then). Apart from that, I know virtually nothing about the group.

From what I have read they formed in Brisbane in 1967 and moved to the UK after ‘Try To Remember’ was a hit in Australia. They released several records there with some early success, especially ‘Tom Tom Turnaround’, but after 1974 they seem to have just disappeared.

That wasn’t true, of course, and you can find plenty of videos on YouTube of the group still performing up to fairly recent times. At The Wheeltappers, Sister Jane, Living Next Door To Alice, Cowboy Convention and The Honey Wind Blows are some of the songs they have performed on stage.

The New World Trio

🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷 🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷

Col Joye and the Joy Boys

Col Joye was one of the early rock ’n’ rollers of Australia, along with legendary artists like Johnny O’Keefe. The song ‘(Rockin’ Rollin’) Clementine’ dates from 1959 and is a variation of the old California gold rush song, updated to make Clementine a-rockin' rollin’ chick (as it says in the lyrics).

Col Joye and the Joy Boys continued to have pop-hits into the early 1960s. Although he continued to perform on TV and on the road, the hits dried up for Col and his band, although he had a comeback in 1973 with the country-style song ‘Heaven Is My Woman’s Love’.

Youngsters of my generation would sing along to that song with the altered lyrics ‘Devon Is My Woman’s Lunch’. Well, Devon was a pretty common sandwich filling in those days.
Col’s brother Kevin had started the original band and they later formed a successful entertainment management, publishing and recording company that continued into the 2000s, but the brothers then had a falling out over money. Very sad. Col was still performing until a few years ago, but I can’t find any notice of what he has been up to in the last few years.

There are many websites that can give you more information about 1960s Australian singers and bands. One good one is Milesago http://www.milesago.com/

Another one I like is Pop Archives. Sources of Australian Pop Records from the 50s, 60s and 70s http://www.poparchives.com.au/home.php

Also, you can find songs by all of the artists featured here on youtube.
Col Joye and The Joye Boys
Article by: Dr Steven Farram (image right).
Images: Google.

This article is the last in the series. We hope these write-ups have provided some interest to Singaporeans and other readers about Australian pop music.

Although the two countries are so close, many of us are unaware of the musical talents of Australians, except of course knowing a folk song like Waltzing Matilda.

In fact, many top international pop singers come from Australia. Do you know who they are? (Andy Young).

The 60's music get-together with (below clockwise): Little Ong, Zainal Abidin, Michael Bangar, Pete Hakonen (Helsinki), Jerry Fernandez, Steven Farram (Darwin, Aus.) John Cher, Horace Wee, Andy Young.

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