Friday, January 02, 2009

Record Players And Vinyl: Yesterday And Today

Written in 2009:

"Find a wheel as it goes round, round, round, As it skims along with a happy sound..." sings Perry Como. I know. I am at it again. 

No news about local bands today but harping about 60's paraphernalia. But don't forget, without these gadgets we won't be able to play those black vinyl records like the singles, EP's and 10 and 12 inch LP's.

I remember having one (picture) while my very rich friends have radiograms with built in stereo speakers and record cabinet.

It was a joy to place a record lovingly through the spindle and watch it fall gently on the turntable. Then the playing arm automatically falls on the spinning record and the song begins... scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch. Now with technology everything's too perfect, too clinical.

Written in 2017:

Today after so many, many years, from the 1960's for the modern record player and late 1800's for the gramophone, this machine still exists but it's a digitalised version. You can now insert a thumb-drive (image: left of machine) to record whatever vinyl you put on the turntable. And you're looking at recording hundreds or thousands of songs, depending on the size of your thumb-drive.

But it's not an automatic player. Records have to be placed individually, which is the proper method. And it's inexpensive, having bought one a few years ago. 

But I hardly record any song, preferring instead to just listen to a few melodies with its stereophonic sound from a richer and more natural tone from the simple loudspeakers and amplifier I own. But the scratch, scratch sound is still there. It's a choice, I guess.

                    The Teddy Bears: To Know Him Is To Love Him.

From Honey by Bobby Goldsboro to Mr Twister by Singapore group The Crescendos, it's actually the process, most times, of taking the vinyl out of the sleeve cover and placing it on the turntable, then reading the literature provided, than listening to the song itself. Quite an operation for our younger generation. But for us Seniors, the routine is in our blood stream.

So dear readers, with the information explosion and millions of songs on You Tube and elsewhere, do you need a player. Think again before purchasing one. It may be more of an ordeal than a blessing.

Yes, and don't forget, you still need to clean the records, store them for easy search. Not like mine. Quite messy in the cupboards that I shelved them in. Took time looking for my first single record that I bought, To Know Him Is To Love Him by The Teddy Bears. 

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Anonymous said...

The records needed more maintenance as well, remember? I liked the colorful and beautiful record sleeves which could be displayed in your living room. (

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir. Records yes, that's the next topic I'd like to discuss. You clean them with a special static cloth and soft brush. Sleeves are the greatest especially the LPs, large, colourful with all the details of the artiste(s) and production. Real gems.

nomore said...

Once I'd got this one...sweet memories from it
nice a blog...oldis

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you 'nomore'. It's great to have so much support from you.


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Janice Swiatek
Good ole Phil Spector

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Prasong Chiarakul
One hit wonder

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Christopher Neal Wigley
This was a song that Phil Spector wrote. Probably a preclude to The Ronette’s.

Susan Brazier
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The girl looks a lot like Patrick Cline

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That's Patsy!!!!

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Beautiful voice, you could hear every syllable.

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One of my all time favorites.

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Great song!!

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I remember that song. Great

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Love it,I play it often.