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鄧麗君 - Teresa Teng - 楓葉飄飄 - Maple Leaf Fluttering - Video Henry Chen( 夢追い酒)Joey Koh Reminisces

鄧麗君 - Teresa Teng - 楓葉飄飄 - Maple Leaf Fluttering
Video - Henry Chen( 夢追い酒)


Letter below is written by Joey Koh

SHALOM Brother Andy, 

Many thanks for sharing this wonderful song "Maple Leaf Fluttering" sung by one of my favourite singers.

As A Young Boy

In fact, Theresa Teng (Lijun) was the first singer whom I knew when I was still in Tampines Primary School. I remember vividly my anxiety and challenge in trying to land the needle on Theresa Teng's solo album, an antique black round record, while the turntable was spinning. Lots of cold sweat and panic moments whenever the needle fell off the edge of the spinning circular record. 

I was always overwhelmed by the loud rattling sound with fear and worry! :(.  It really took a lot of practices with my fine motor skills and through many failures, of course.
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As A Teenager

Well, Autumn is always my favourite season. It was also the best time I cherished the most before the super cold winter arrived. The thought of the frost bite, static, wind chill and walking back from the library or cateferia to our apartment at the wee hours, still haunts me as I feel the cold right down to my spine; it's like lightning. The temperature was always below 20 degrees ❄️🥶.

Despite these experiences, I always love the Fall season and its colours, like many of our friends do. The falling of the snow and maple leaves in the park or along the footpaths are the precious moments I cherish the most.

Thank you for being part of my beautiful memories when I was growing up as a teenager in Canada, especially during my 4 years in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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As A Soldier Boy

I fact, September 1982 was the most critical point and most memorable time of my life.

At 16.5 years young, it was a choice of either returning home to serve my 2.5 yrs of National Service or staying on to pursue and complete my undergraduate education before my compulsory military training in Singapore.

Thank you Lord for all the tertiary admission letters arriving earlier before September 1982...  And, with an exceptional and personalised letter from the Registrar of UW then, Mr Bellhouse, I was permitted to start as a freshman at the University of Winnipeg in Canada. Thanks for the official deferment and blessing from MINDEF, which was subjected to the approval of my exit permit extension every year.

Gratefully and Sincerely,

PS- Stay vigilant, stay home and take care always... 🙏🤗.
Joey Koh, soldier boy.

This post is also dedicated to Jane and Adriano and those who are in Winnipeg/CAN and remember the Singapore delegation.

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Yen said...

Hello Andy, surprised that you shared 60s chinese song. My first time hearing this song, a pity SG doesnt have autumn to experience the feel of the song. However this song sounds familiar to my dad who commented Teresa's voice was beautiful and unique; music and lyrics produced in the past were smoothing and meaningful to the ears; younger nowadays probably find it hard to appreciate these songs.

RichardRajoo said...

It's always nice, to hear such soothing voice of TERESA,and the Autumn leaves of Red&Gold🍁.... Very nice indeed, God's lovely creations, both TERESA & the Seasons.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks to both Yen and Richard for the comments.

True about what you mentioned Yen, we don't have the four seasons.
But you have travelled elsewhere; I think Autumn is a great time.

And Richard yes, TERESA has a beautiful voice, truly. God's seasons sung by another of His creations.

A. GOH said...

It's Alvin from Brandon, CAN.
How are you coping.
I know you are pretty engaged in the music scene.
Hope to emulate you one day.
Wishing you good health always.


Good song and right singer.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Joey Koh's comment, a heart-warming and sincere piece has been published as an independent posting on this blog.

Thanks Joey for the mention of your vinyl record playing technique [ha, ha], your Autumn experience in Winnipeg and the National Service that you had to undergo as a soldier boy. It's a true narrative of a young man going through his difficult years and yet seeing them through successfully with guts and determination.

I hope you are still playing that stereo set.

FL said...

Andy, Teresa Teng's songs are usually appreciated most by the older generations, myself included. It is a pity that she died young. Other than Maple Leaf, Teresa has so many great songs. She was a versatile singer. Besides Mandarin songs, she also sang in Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese, English, etc. She also acted in movies, and I remember watching Teresa the first time in a Mandarin movie at the former Hollywood Cinema in 1971 or 1972. Time flies, indeed !

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks for the response on this very versatile and pretty singer.
I am familiar with HOLLYWOOD Cinema and in the 70s it was always crowded with moviegoers watching Chinese shows there.

Yes, Time seems to be speeding faster than ever.

Appreciate you visit this blog for so many years.