Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chotto Matte Kudasai, Excuse Me While I Cry...


An English song, written and composed by Loyal E Garner with Jeanne Nakashima and sung by The Sandpipers (1971) but with a Japanese title is Chotto Matte Kudasai. In Japanese (ちょっと待ってください) it means, 'please wait for a second' or 'please wait a moment.' although 'Shosho omachi kudasai' is more polite.

The simplicity and sentiment of the lyrics, possibly conjuring an image of a beautiful girl or young man (depending on the singer), make it so popular that it has been recorded in other languages. Singapore, Malaya, other Asian music artistes like Frankie Cheah and Frances Yip have recorded it.

Frances Yip: Chotto Matte Kudasai (Never Say Goodbye) Video: Patrick O.

Martin Denny has quite a sugary version vocalised by an Asian lady. In the new century, a Filipino group called Joey de Leon and The Sex Bombs has another. It is a lounge favourite with both pianists and nightclubbers, a karaoke 'must sing' and can be heard in any building that plays elevator music.

It is also on the list of many electronic organ song sheets as school children learn this melody for a Grade 3 or 4 keyboard practice. Very popular in music schools and music teachers.

Chotto Matte is a hit with elementary keyboard enthusiasts and the music notes are commonly found with Que Sera Sera and Annie Laurie; the melody is loved by many young 'uns. Tree cheers for evergreens.

Then in 2012, this title surfaced again, sung by a group who call themselves Anger Me, former S/Mileage, a Japanese idol girl group. But it's not the same song; only the title is.
Chott Matte Kudasai by The Sandpipers. Video by Braz DSZ. Thank you.

Lyrics to the original song:

Chotto matte kudasai
Please excuse me while I cry
Seems sayonara means goodbye
But no one ever told me why

Sakura was in the spring

When our hearts found songs to sing
But Sakura has gone away
And so has our love, so they say

Chotto matte kudasai

Please excuse me while I cry
Without your love, I would die
Please don’t leave me kudasai...

YouTube Videos from Patrick O and Braz DSZ. Thank you.



Hi Andy as far as the Japanese language is concerned I am wakaranai. This is a very nice song, especially with a good bass. Here is another version which I think has a better bass. Cheerio

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Yes, Michael you really know your music as this is the version that's as popular. Thank you.