Friday, April 29, 2022

Quotes From 1960s U.S., Elvis, Dino and 2020s Korean Pop Music Stars Black Pink

Singapore music blog expresses today's Blackpink and yesterday's Elvis Presley, Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe on posters.

Famous from 2016

Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, Rose.
Today, this sensational Korean Pop group, 
catching billions, not millions of fans...

2 Articles on Blackpink. Click below:

Famous from 1950's

Dean Martin, an entertaining, humorous crooner,
jokes about Pat Boone, known for wholesome 
pop songs and evangelical shows.

Known for her sensuality, this lady 
hits the headlines with her cute quips.

The King, died at 44, so famous, today's 
grandchildren are familiar with his songs?

Watch the quality of both these video clips. 
Eye catchers! They beat all the odds. The Blackpink clip was done less than 5 years ago; the Monroe movie more than 50 years ago. 
But both musicals remain just as entertaining and catchy.
youtube video from 'blackpink'

Marilyn Monroe: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
YouTube Video from Till Rye.
Thank You, Till Rye.
A very attractive and stylish video, indeed.

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