Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Andy 60s Music Poster Designs

Here are a few posters I designed for fun and for my WhatsApp profile.   So if you have my smartphone number, you would have seen some of them. 

Above each poster, I explain why I created it. 

Again, no showing off here but just some stuff from my right brain craziness.

What I send to my iPhone friends when they greet me
with a good morning poster.

This poster speaks for itself. Narcissism will have its rewards?

This group gave Jimmy Appudurai a big
send-off @ MBS on 9 March 2019
Very true, no message can ever be clear, especially today. 
Yes? How many songs communicate this theme?

In this new world of the internet, our ego boosts to such a size,
we don't realize how arrogant we can be. You're So Vain is one
song we can relate too.

                             Yes, the internet has quietly stopped people from talking; 
better start the practice again. 
Like the song, Happy Talk and You Talk Too Much

For my grandchildren, especially my elder grandson, who's on gaming for hours each day. Computer Games a late 70s song by Mi-Sex

A vinyl record that I hope to cut one day, with the children.

The words come from Dean Martin's hit, Change of Heart: 
"If the sky can change from cloudy to butterfly weather,
Have a change of heart and swear that you'll be mine..."

I had a Malay neighbor once who had a cat like this one; it's always relaxing and eternally at ease and in peace. Man!!! Cats have their persistent pride, well 
described in a popular Malay song called, Aksi Kucing.

The rest of the posters below have appeared on this blog.

A poster made for fun 
showcasing the group

This one fronted the Song From Movies Quiz

This poster appeared on a Chinese New Year story.

Teresa Teng and Her Moon Songs
This poster could have attracted DPM Tharman 
to write to me and tell that he finds this blog interesting

An unassuming singer who could do Cliff Richard better
than anyone else in Singapore

She's as famous as this lovely little island
because she sings HOME, an SG national melody.
We use friends to climb up but crush them afterward and
 leave them just to gain false fame without fortune.

Images are mostly original.

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Alfredo Wongo said...

Very Creative and meaningful all your posters each and everyone of them !! Praiseworthy indeed !!!