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Happy World Stadium - Music, Wrestling, Boxing, Globetrotters, Skating by Stephen Han


Happy World, New World and Great World Amusement Parks were the venues where the working folks visited to unwind from the stress at work. The defunct Happy World was once the biggest arena in South East Asia. In the 50s and 60s it hosted a variety of entertainment for Singaporeans.

Where music was concerned, it was the venue where the original Platters sang. Johnnie Ray also sang here with Lola Dee as his opening act. I was fortunate to see a very young Cliff Richard performing with the Shadows minus Tony Meehan who was replaced by Brian Bennett.
The original Platters at Happy World in the 1950's

A good friend related how he watched Abbe Lane, sultry singer from South America and her husband Xavier Cugat performed with their orchestra in full splendour in the huge stadium. Mr. Cugat carried a chihuahua [dog] as he lead the band. It was so small he could carry it in his coat pocket. The audience were thrilled. with the orchestra's big sound. At that time the big bands with saxophone, trombones, trumpets and a double-bass was common. No keyboards but a grand piano, so grand that it stood majestically in black fronting the stage.
My father took me to watch the “Holiday On Ice”, beautiful skaters gliding on ice in supreme command of the jeweled floor. I was very young still and was embraced by the calm and cool of an entertaining team of wondrous snow-folks.

Then the thrilling and hilarious Harlem Globetrotters, tall African Americans dwarfing their 'rivals' on the basketball court. Most were seven-footers and for drama, one tall player even carried his five feet rival and nearly threw him into the net. It was a hilarious show mixed with thrills and spills by these superb sportsmen from the USA. They were led by their white manager, Abe Saperstein.
From IPOH ECHO 1st Nov 2019

Boxing And wrestling matches were regularly held in the Happy World Stadium. Remember Wong Buck Lee, Leow Kwang Seng, Bosca Boa and the notorious King Kong, whose main rivals were Dara Singh and Lee Leong Fu [image above]. I used to watch boxing too and noted the great rivalry between Lim Kee Chan and Sonny Chia. There were international boxers like Boy Brooks and the three Sand Brothers from Australia.

The martial art schools like Karate and Tai Kwan Do held their tests and gradings there too. Happy World which was later named Gay World had served its purpose as more venues around Singapore were built to host sporting and entertainment events. Sadly the stadium and its surrounding buildings were demolished. A field stands today, our reminder of an important venue that once stood tall in entertainment.
An original article by Stephen Han [w. Mrs Han]
Thanks so much Stephen.

A poster of the HOLIDAY ON ICE SHOW 
at the Happy World Stadium 

Ticket for an evening with the original Globetrotters.

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Reflections On Easter - 2021 - Phil Chan

Choir of King's College, Cambridge 

Dear Andrew,

Below is what I wrote for my church fellowship group. Have a great Easter Resurrection Celebration.

Best Regards,


On the recent Palm Sunday, Andrew sent me an old King’s College Cambridge Easter Choir video. Memories flooded my mind when I recalled many years ago that I used to attend weekly King’s College chapel service… always seated facing the beautiful coloured stained glasses depicting the 12 disciples of Jesus.


This recall led me to a conversation I had with a godly friend (who has leukemia of the blood … we often prayed together) sharing with me the Hebrew take on the story of The Good Samaritan featuring the Priest, Levite and the Samaritan. Being an evangelical Christian, I have no trouble identifying myself with the good Samaritan and being a sheep. To my surprise, my learned friend said that this story is also about the donkey as much as the Samaritan. He went on to share that Jesus chose a donkey to carry him into Jerusalem through the Golden gate (currently the sealed Eastern gate as prophesied in the Old Testament …  many Christians who have visited Jerusalem would have noticed this gate). Sheep are not strong enough, hence not suitable to carry the Messiah.


The ox and the donkey are given Sabbath rest in the Old Testament but not the sheep … sheep do not work. In Hebrew thought, a good Jew would make sure that his donkey would not get too heavily loaded. Donkeys faithfully carry the Master’s load quietly, almost unnoticed and without fanfare.  Westerners (or Greeks) consider sheep as silly and donkeys, stupid and stubborn. But in actuality, donkeys are dependable, peaceful and doing important work for the Messiah and His kingdom.


I think many of us have seen donkeys… interestingly one could see literally “a cross” on the backs and shoulders of most donkeys.


The carol writer of the beautiful ''O’ little Town of Bethlehem'', Phillips Brooks, once said Christians could pray for a stronger back, not a lighter load. We could have suspected the important role of the donkey but are not sure why. We may find this verse puzzling i.e. Ecclesiastes 1: 9, commonly recited by Rabbis: What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again. Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon used donkeys on important occasions … not surprisingly, Jesus used a donkey too.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Passover and Easter celebration recognising Jesus’ conquest of sin and death ! Shalom !



P.S. may be of interest to note that Samaritan in Hebrew-Aramaic “Samerim” means “to guard” i.e. the Samaritans are the guardians of the Scriptures (Torah).

A Happy Easter to all.


Written by A/Prof. 
Dr. Phil Chan [NUS]. 
Thanks Phil.

King's College Cambridge 2013 Easter 
#4 All Glory, Laud and Honour [Eastertide]
Video by spiritdel.

Images - Google, NUS.
YouTube Video - spiritdel.

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Reflections For Good Friday - 2021 - Ms Elaine Sung

Reflections for Good Friday 2021

Another year has zipped by and here I am, rambling again! Current situation  contrasts with the environment when ‘Reflection 2020’ was written.  Then, due to many cancelled events, I could send my write-up ahead of schedule. 1 year on, it’s a different scene! 4 days to Good Friday and I am at Draft #1!  Though we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, most activities have resumed in some form or other. Lessons learnt at the onset of the pandemic seems long forgotten… until Andy comes a-calling! 😊 

Going to church was a Sunday routine…who would have imagined church doors to be closed due to the pandemic!!  Seriously, God! At a time when people need You, need to hear Your Word, need to experience You – there is no access!! What’s the big idea? But, wait a minute…isn’t God omnipresent?  He is everywhere, He is not confined to a building, His presence is not restricted to the walls of worship halls, He certainly can teach (and in my case, rebuke) anytime, anywhere!

Articles have been written about how God is using the online church services to reach homes, much like how the early church gathered. Some have also said this pandemic is God’s way of shaking us out of apathy and complacency. Regardless of one’s view, we can agree that all have been impacted by the pandemic. So, what has God taught me in the past year?  I shall highlight 2 key lessons.

Well, for a start, I have learnt not to take going to church for granted!!  Church has always been a place of solace for me. Schooled in a mission school, the chapel was my go-to place to muster courage before heading home with a colourful report book. Since coming to faith, weekly service is a time to pause and be quiet before Him and be refreshed by worship and God’s Word.  How thankful and grateful I was when church doors could re-open albeit with restricted numbers and movement. 

Secondly, ask not what the church can do for me but rather, what I can do for the church. Expectations are high with regards to how church should respond to the increasing pastoral and financial needs of the congregation. We grumble and fret at the slow response to improve the weekly online service, we want a slick production, we want live worship, we want text, we want graphics, many “we wants”. But, hey! We are in this together!  Pastors and church staff are grabbling with new ways of doing things. All had to respond immediately to the changes despite reservations. I remember at the start of circuit breaker, Pastors had to preach from their homes! Some were clearly out of their comfort zone in front of the camera! But, they were willing, their heart was to reach the sheep God has entrusted them with. As a long-time church member, I should be asking how I can help in such a time as this. There are so many ways to step forward if only I would think less of my own comfort & convenience. 

Is Easter different in a pandemic? No, because His message of the Cross is still the same, but the pandemic has increased the urgency to share God’s love to those who are hurting and in desperate need of the Good News. I as a child of God rise up to the occasion. Romans 15:13, Blessed Easter everyone! 

Written by Ms. Elaine Sung.
Many thanks Elaine.

O Mighty Cross - YouTube Video by Analyn Solano. Thank You.

O Mighty Cross 

O mighty cross,

Love lifted high
The Lord of life
Raised there to die

His sacrifice on Calvary
Has made the mighty cross
A tree of life to me

O mighty cross,
What throne of grace
He knew no sin,
Yet took my place
His sacrifice on Calvary
Has made the mighty cross
A tree of life to me

O mighty cross,
O Christ so pure
Love held Him there,
Such shame endured
His sacrifice on Calvary
Has made the mighty cross
A tree of life to me

O mighty cross,
My soul's release,
The stripes He bore,
Have brought me peace
His sacrifice on Calvary
Has made the mighty cross
A tree of life to me


Songwriters: David Baroni / John Chisum

O Mighty Cross lyrics © Integrity's Praise Music, Integrity's Hosanna! Music.

Images - A Personal Collection, Google.

Video - YouTube - Analyn Solano.

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Hendri Rotinsulu & ThomShell Light Orchestra Djakarta Indonesia Play Cliff & Shadows Hits

Two hours of solid performance by this formidable group from Indonesia.
Part Two is below.

Surely one of the best pop orchestras in South East Asia. Since these musicians with their enigmatic singer have delighted and entertained me much I thought it a great idea to share this video with my readers and fans of this blog. I hope the people in charge of Ballroom at Djakarta Theater do not mind...

Most impressed with the lead vocalist Hendri Rotinsulu [below] who interprets Cliff Richard's songs with a superbly arranged accompaniment by the extremely accomplished and brilliant orchestra. 

Move It, A Voice In The WildernessLucky Lips, Constantly, When The Girl and I Could Easily are recognisable with Visions to follow. Versatile indeed, Mr Rotinsulu  carries Cliff's song with heart. He gets better with each one; many more to follow... using Cliff's milestones to pave his way that evening.

Hendri Rotinsulu - Vocals

The backing group on stage too, like the Shadows, are as adroit and have definitely mastered their guitars well. Atlantis and Deer Hunter are played with much dexterity and artistry with that special Shadows sound. Echank Caesar is the man behind that Hank Marvin licks and riffs. He's just as adaptable with other Shadows hits on stage. And using a red Fender too. I thought he stole the show.

Listen to the back-up singers. They deserve a special encore. 

Echank Caesar - Lead

This gentleman surrounded by his percussion instruments beats his drums so well I thought he could have done a solo performance with, I'll See You In My Drums. But he was the ultimate when the cameras shone on him. He's a consummate percussionist. Watch him hit his sticks. Thank you Arie Mardianto.
Arie Mardianto - Drums

If I highlight everyone else, no one would watch the video. So I won't but must definitely credit the musicians, back-up singers comprising 3 sisters, the announcer and the rest of the orchestra members and crew for an impressive evening of good clean sound and solid music. Cliff and his Shadows couldn't have been more proud.

Like what the lady announcer remarked, the concert is, ''luar biasa dan enggah gampang'' [unique and not easy] to perform one so similar in nature. 

Thank you ThomShell Light Orchestra from Djakarta Indonesia and their producers of this YOUTUBE Video for Cliff Richard Night and The Shadows.

Indonesians are great musicians from time immemorial. Cheers.

Come on folks, let's introduce these musicians to your friends...

ThomShell Light Orchestra.
Ballroom at Djakarta Theater, Indonesia.

Images, Video - Google and YouTube.

Thanking Tan Tee Peng [hobby guitarist] for this video introduction.

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Singapore 60's Music Quiz - Connect Songs To Bands























Sugiman Jahuri sings in English:  
'It's Not For Me To Say' and 'Look At You'.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Wayne Chow: Singapore Singer n Composer On YouTube.

WEN HING is also known as WAYNE CHOW

Hi Andy

Thank you for agreeing to share my songs on your blog! I am most honored, and hope my work is worthy of being part of your legacy. The following is a brief write up on how the song "I Don't Want To" came about, and what I hope it would meant to listeners. I hope your readers would be able to relate to it, and I would love to hear from like minded individuals who are keen to share this journey.

Thanks again Andy!
Wen Hing
I Don't Want To - by Music Man - WAYNE CHOW. 
On YouTube Video.

This song was written both as a anthem for all parents, and a personal lament and perhaps regret of my own shortcomings as a father. I feel I had been too overbearing on my own children, and this is a way to seek reconciliation and acceptance.

But as any parent will tell you - we cannot help it! It is in every fibre of our being to want to intervene, get involved, ask questions, worry and fret. It is our instinct as parents, and a cross we have to bear to ensure the safety and well being of our children.

So to say that “I don’t want to” is perhaps the hardest thing and also the biggest lie. I am sure all listeners will see through the deceit, but I don’t want to impose or speculate!

Wen Hing.

He's on stage with gentleman Jim - famed SG pianist Jimmy Chan.

I met Wayne Chow (image above) backstage, when we had to practise for a gig in 2019 at the RELC International Hotel @ Orchard Road Singapore. He was a quiet gentleman and as we went through our songs, our little chats became an interesting conversation when he told me he composes too. More so he has recorded a few of them on YouTube. 

Wayne sang in Chinese that evening and was accompanied by Jimmy Chan our Singapore piano maestro from the 60's who played with The Trailers, another Singapore guitar group from the same generation. 

He sang well, has the personality and a voice that had the audience cheering. A good looker too, Wayne is set to venture forth into our local music environment. It's singers like him who should be given a chance to sing at the Esplanade, the Victoria Theatre and the Stadium. 

Below is a promising piece that he recorded. I hope you hit the high notes soon, Wayne.


'Cats Like Us': Wayne Chow. YouTube Video by Music Man. Thank You.

"It is probably not cool to speak of ourselves as "cats", but it was a term used to describe people who are "cool" and "detached". Musicians (and musician wannabes) often think of themselves as cool and detached; without a care in the world except their music. This song talks about that dream and how, if we are truly in for the music; that we should never give up. Live the dream, live the music!" - Wayne Chow.

Juice - [Whatever It Takes] - Wayne Chow - YouTube.

This is a song for all workplace warriors out there - especially in these uncertain and worrying times. We have to do whatever it takes to keep ourselves and the people around alive and well! - Wayne Chow.
During our practice before the RELC Concert 2019 - Andy Young, Jimmy Chan, Sandie Loo, Eliza, Jimmy Yap, Audie Ng and Wayne Chow.

Images/Videos - Google/YouTube - Wayne Chow - Music Man.

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March On With JOURNEY Of Andy's Music Posters


Journey - With Steve Perry
Thanks to Michael Bangar for the memory.

Don't Stop Believin'

Workin' hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Paying anything to roll the dice
Just one more time
Some will win
Some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh the movie never ends
It goes on and on, and on, and on...

[Composers - Cain Jonathan, Friga John L.]

March is fraud prevention month.
Be wary.

These posters are messages received from friends or 
were sent to them daily on What'sApp.
So cute words came out, like - Good Moo-ning,
Happy Niu Year and many more. Please contribute. 

We lost some trees in Singapore.

It doesn't mean that after your vaccination you're safe.
The new-norm habits still apply.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' 
[Escape Tour 1981. Live in Houston, Texas, US]

A good friend threw his away absent-mindedly.
I ran round the mall looking for a spare.
A kindly shop assistant gave us one.

Vinyl records are again being sold today;
and goldie oldies are coming back.

Many around - on the internet, on the streets,
in the office, around your neighborhood
Even on What'sApp.

Now isn't this true.

This valued practice is going to the dogs.
And we're still in the cow year.

A much March reminder.
LKY said to plant trees, not to chop them down.

Yes, don't talk,
just send your SMS's.

Mug shot of a lunar cow, 
our symbolic Chinese Zodiac sign,
poster boy for this year.

Yes, this date was the 4th of March, 2021.

Like it or not, the robots are here to stay. 
We are cyborgs aren't we; holding a machine everywhere we go, 
which is now part of us - the smart phone.
Journey - Open Arms - Live
YouTube video - from Journey

Images - composites of illustrations from Google,
while some are originals.

Gabriella Quevedo - 60s Plus Music Revivalist On Guitar

Pop songs from the past will never go sour. Like the new vinyl record impressions today, being reproduced and sold again in the music market place; past pops too are being played for different reasons. 

Here's one fine young lady who's been reviving senior pop music like vinyl records. She's Swedish, sweet and at 24 has 1.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel - Gabriella9797 - with over 210 million views. 

Below are three YouTube video examples. Gabriella Quevedo is making a name for herself with recordings where she plays 60s/70s music with her simple acoustic guitar. But the song interpretation... Wow. Check her out.

(The Beatles) 'Here Comes The Sun' - Gabriella Quevedo
YouTube Video - Gabriella9797 [12 million plus views].

George Harrison went to Eric Clapton's garden, fed up 
with signing forms, borrowed his guitar and wrote this 
song, out of 'plein air'... ['Abbey Road' album - 1969]

(Eric Clapton) 'Tears In Heaven' - Gabriella Quevedo
[3.4 million plus views]

Written in 1991 after his 4 year old son's tragic accident, Clapton
composed this piece with Will Jennings ['Titanic' song, etc]. 
Who would have thought this is a 90's composition. 

(Led Zeppelin) 'Stairway To Heaven' - Gabriella Quevedo
[9.1 million plus views] 

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant composed it and this song
became the most popular rock song of all time. Recorded
in 1970/71 it is 8 plus minutes long.

Videos - YouTube recordings.
Thank you Gabriella.

Check her out