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Singapore: Carols And Christmas Trees: A Reason For This Season: [Boney M]: By CY Lin.

Boney M. Feliz Navidad: 
YouTube Official Video by Boney M.

Oh Christmas Tree - Boney M. 
YouTube Official Video


A Special Christmas Posting
From The Late CYLin
Ms. CYLin had always written a Christmas message specially for this blog. In honour of Ms. Lin, here's one written by her nearly 10 years ago.

When Carols Became A Beacon

Hey Andy, 

Your posting on 'trees' comes timely to help me keep my word to think about a Christmas write. I think of: 

               Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, 
               Of all the trees so lovely (2x)
               Each year you bring to  me delight
               Meaning in the Christmas night
               Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, 

               Of all the trees so lovely.

              Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, 

              With faithful leaves  unchanging (2x)
              Your boughs are green in summer's glow
              And do not fade in winter's snow
              Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree
              With faithful leaves unchanging.

O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) is a German Christmas song. Based on a traditional folk song, it became associated with the Christmas tree by the early 20th century and sung as a Christmas carol.

Boney M's version sets the mood for the season.  This group sings my favourite carols: Joy TThe World; The First Noel; The Little Drummer Boy, with such soul that they truly lift up one's spirit.

Reason For This Season
For a believer, the reason for this season is the Lord Jesus Christ. As a child in a mission school, I learnt to sing, Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so; What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear....  The lyrics didn't leave much impression on me then... just enjoyed the tuneful melody.

It is only these last 27 years that I look back and realise it is truly an Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a child like me...And to think that this was written by an ex-slave trader.

Well, Andy, Christmas is round the corner,  Feliz Navidad (Boney M)
Here's to a blessed 2015 to you and your family.  Keep the blog going.

Thanks to Jimmy Chng.

Mary's Boy Child: Boney M.
YouTube Video from: Boney M. [Official]

A Tree Shirt from J2

Images: Google
Videos: YouTube Officially from Boney M.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Japan Singapore Collaboration: Makoto Kubota Multi-Talented: Dick Lee's 'Asia Major' Tour: Written By Hiroshi Deguchi

Hiroshi Deguchi [from Japan/Spain], is an old FB friend who wrote about his own 60s music experience in Singapore and at the places he studied and visited. 

Now read another one of his letters about his Tokyo University music club personality, Makoto Kuboto who produced, in collaboration, two of Dick Lee's well-known musicals.

Hiroshi, Arigatou gozaimasu – ありがとう ございます
Makoto Kubota
Producer, Engineer, Musician, Writer.

Hiroshi Deguchi mentioned:

"I fondly remember a long time ago my wife and I went up to Fukuoka from Kumamoto where we lived those days, to see Dick Lee's Asia Major tour. It was almost full house although I didn't think he was so well known in Fukuoka. It was in 1991, a few months before our first daughter was born. 

Dick Lee: Asia Major 
Two of the productions, with Makoto Kubota, by 
Singapore's Dick Lee in the early 90's.

I have many things to remember about his show. One of the things I found was his album, Asia Major was produced by the guy who was in the same music club at the same university in Kyoto as myself. His name is Kubota Makoto, one year senior to me and  the most musical. I remember!

He could play any instrument; he was often asked to help other groups. He specialized in Bossa Nova, at the time playing flute but also a wood-bass player for a Peter, Paul and Mary type band. Sometimes he's a keyboardist for a jazz group. I hadn't seen or heard about him since graduation. But his name came back to me suddenly when I went to see the concert. By the way I belonged to the group which specialized in playing Shadows numbers at the time..."

Nojiri Lake @ Nagano Prefecture [1968]

[I found this picture taken at the club camp in the summer of 1968 at Nojiri Lake in Nagano prefecture. I am just behind Kubota [yellow], standing slightly shorter. 

I called some people who had belonged to the club named "Lilac Rainbows" intending to get more information about Kubota but so far no success. I can see faces who had played Bossa Nova with him and who played the bass.  I did some of the Shadows and Ventures numbers.]

This piece was written by 
Hiroshi Deguchi in 2022.
With his wife & pet dog.

Andy's Japan trip from Tokyo < South-Eastwards to 
< Osaka < Hiroshima <Fukuoka in 2007.

Andy replied:

"Gee. thanks Hiroshi for the story. it's a very interesting tale indeed. My wife and I were in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka [image] in 2007 and enjoyed our stay in these cities. 
The trains we travelled in were fabulous. 

You have revived an interest in me regarding Kubota Makoto, who also produced Dick Lee's other musical, Orientalism. Hiroshi has other articles written on this blog. Check his name under Labels below."

Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang – Dixie Fever (1977)
You Tube Video from: Terminal Passage.

Dick Lee: Asia Major [1990]
YouTube Video By: Famous or Forgotten Music

Read about Makoto Kubota:

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Andy Singapore 60's Music Blog Sweet 16th Anniversary: 21 Nov 2023

The blog is going into its 16th year... 
That's how it has been counted always.
I must thank Audie Ng for calculating the years.
He's really good with figures.

[21 November, 2023]


Many thanks for the support all these years from readers in Singapore and internationally. Also the contributing writers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, England, the US, Canada and Australia.

The daily average views are reducing but there are still regular folks out there who check this blog constantly.

I guess it is now a 60's music history blog... and hopefully youthful new readers who are looking for some information and images from that era will visit this place more often.

Sweet Sixteen Songs:

"Tra la la la la la la la, Happy birthday sweet sixteen, Tra la la la la la la la, Happy birthday sweet sixteen, Tonight's the night I've waited for, Because you're not a baby anymore, You've turned into the prettiest girl I've ever seen, Happy birthday sweet sixteen..." Neil Sedaka, Howard Greenfield [1961]

"Sweet Little Sixteen, She's just got to have, About half a million, Framed autographs, Her wallet's filled with pictures, She gets 'em one by one, Become so excited, Watch her look at her run, boy." Chuck Berry [1958]

You're 16, You're Beautiful and You're Mine: 
Johnny Burnette. 
YouTube Video from: the rockabillie.

"Ooh, you come on like a dream, Peaches and cream, Lips like strawberry wine, You're sixteen, You're beautiful and you're mine, You're all ribbons and curls, Oh, what a girl!, Eyes that twinkle and shine..." Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman [1960].

Singapore and Asian Hits:

Wow, Andy! Happy 16th birthday to your blog. You could add some local sixteen-themed songs as well. I know Rocky Teoh also did 'You're Sixteen', and several performers recorded 'Sixteen Candles', including Rita Chao, John Yam and Ruby Wah. All the best. Steve."

[from Dr. Steven Farram: University of Darwin, Australia.]

Thanks to Dr. Steve Farram for his well wishes. After 15 years he's still reading my blog. Yes, being a Singapore blog it must include some of our Asian hits...

Sixteen Candles: Rita Chao
YouTube Video from: Stereocandies.

"Happy birthday, Happy birthday, baby, Oh, I love you so, Sixteen candles, 
Make a lovely light, But not as bright, As your eyes tonight..."
Composers: Margo Sylvia, Gilbert Lopez. [1957]

You're Sixteen You're Beautiful and You're Mine
Rocky Teo. YouTube Video from DrAaronKing.

Google and YouTube.

Thanks Very Much 
For The Congratulatory
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'Diana' with Music Blogger 
Andy & The Silver Strings
Thanks to Fabian Foo and YouTube.

[Substitute video, as comments below are for another
video from Mediacorp with Copyrights challenges.]

Created By Freda Hanum.
Initiated by John Cher.
Thank you both so much.

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Friday, November 10, 2023

Patrick Teng: Singapore 70s - 80s Music: Fresh Blood Plays With 'The Dukes', 'Tokyo Square', 'Klique Unique Band'.

Patrick Teng: 'Born To Be Wild': 
With: Felly, Joel, Julian.
Klique Unique Band [Cover]
YouTube Video by Patrick Teng
From Parablue Studios.

Up To 65O Views, 33 Comments

Serious and with a grim look, Patrick Teng caressed his guitar as I watched him from my seat at the Tanglin Community Club basement room, Singapore. He plucked and strummed and accompanied a singer with, Teddy Bear, an Elvis Presley 50's hit. That was easy for Pat and with the rest of the band, he held one for a pretty sexy rendition of the favourite from Presley's movie, Loving You.

That's how I met Pat but that was weeks ago. It took me more weeks but he only finally relented and wrote this piece below, focussing on one music production he was involved in and playing for a well-known 60s guitar group. 

You should see him play. He shreds the guitar strings to pieces. His focus is absolute. Man!

Thanks so much Pat.

"I am a home-grown Singapore boy who loves music. I grew up listening to various genres of Western music which later inspired me to pick up the guitar.

Nevertheless, I also grow fond of local bands of the 70s and 80s because it was easy to watch them perform live in Singapore back then so long you can afford to buy a drink.   Among them are the Gypsy, Toni Terry Spencer, Tokyo Square, Gingerbread, Speedway, Matthew and the Mandarins, Neu Faces, Flybaits and the Western Union Band to name a few. 

WUB had a guitarist and my first teacher, Danny Lim, who taught me the rudiments of music theory and set the foundation for me to move ahead in music.  I remember telling myself one day perhaps if I am good enough, I could also perform with my own band. 

Many years have elapsed I still do not have a band. Later on, I did some music videos using handphone recordings with some makeshift band and posted it on FB. One of the videos caught Linda Elizabeth's (Tokyo Square) attention; she messaged and invited me to do some music collaboration with her. My significant music journey started from there. 
The Dukes [left to right]: the late Jerry Murad, 
Patrick Teng, Julia Goh, George Chew, Daniel Abidin.

We did a few videos from her Malay albums. Subsequently one of the videos caught the eyes of Max Surin (also Tokyo Square) who invited me to play acoustic guitar for some of his live gigs. After posting my gigs with Max on FB, a friend of mine contacted me asking if I have any interest to play guitar for the 60s group The Dukes. I immediately accepted the challenge. 

I met up with Zainal Abidin, the band leader, and he would detail to me all the expectations I should uphold to make the band proud. I was with them for two years between 2020 to 2021 and remember being the last guitarist of this legendary local band.

My greatest highlight came in Dec 2021 when I was invited to be guitarist for Max Surin and Linda Elizabeth at the live show at the Esplanade. The event drew a full capacity crowd turnout. That was the proudest moment of music milestones.  

Thanks and best regard."

Patrick Teng
Materials Executive.
2nd November, 2023.

Not a man of many words, let's just listen and watch Patrick play. 

Comments are always welcome.

Patrick Teng on guitar [right] with Tokyo Square
@ the Esplanade.

Patrick Teng with 'Tokyo Square' 
Esplanade: December 2021
'Within You Remain'.
YouTube Video by: Patrick Teng

Patrick Teng with Linda Elizabeth 
and Max Surin [below]

Images/Videos: Copyrights Reserved; Patrick Teng Collection.

Sunday, November 05, 2023

Andy 60s Music Blog: New 2023 Comments With 3,333,333 Views!

Thanks to old and new supporters 
as this blog reaches another milestone.
Comments below from:

Alex Tan Sing [MC, Entertainer, 
Singer/Songwriter, NUS Dean's List]:

"That's great to document and support local!!!
Thanks for your kind encouragement, spurs me on!!!"
April: 2023

Mr. Kuo Tung Pang [Republic SG Navy]:

"Dear Mr. Andy, Thanks for sharing 
such lovely enchanted memories."
April: 2023

Manny Said  [Pop Yeah Yeah Band: 'Rhythm Boys']:

"Thank you champ. Brings back good memories.
Thank you Andy. Keep up the great work.
My admiration for you always."
May: 2023

Fabian Foo Jong Fook [Videographer]:

"So nice and humble of you to recognise our local talent.
My great respect for your effort in promoting local music."
October: 2023

[70's Guitarist from Japan]
May: 2023

Richard Khan [Drummer 'October Cherries']:

"Thank you so much and keep on doing what you're doing.
I love it pal."
July: 2023

Larry Lai  [60's Rediffusion DJ]:

Andy, Thanks for keeping the 60's music alive!"
October: 2023

Jimmy Chng [Musician]:

"Yours is about the only blog that I've come across that is neither advertorial nor sponsored. It makes reading the many interesting articles more pleasurable - no irritating adverts bombarding the screen of your mobile/computer/tablet. Kudos to you for keeping it this way."
July: 2023

Wilfred Lim [Architect, Musician]:

"What you are doing for others through your present MUSIC BLOG will be remembered for perpetuity, that is when you are long gone... people outside your own family will remember you as
 the creator of this music blog.  Well done my friend! This blog is your niche. No one can take it away. God Bless you my brother! Am proud of you!"
August: 2023

Cedric Collars [Flight Engineer/Musician/Pianist: Perth Australia] 
with Stephanie Collars:

"I can't say anything that hasn't been said about your blog but can only add that you my friend have started something that has a very high benchmark and support from the musos and those who have dreams of being one. Well done mate 👏"
November: 2023.

Thursday, November 02, 2023

Jerry & The New Faces: 51 Years In Singapore Show Biz!

Jerry Fernandez


Jerry Fernandez and I met and we chatted... I asked, "So it was 51 years ago today? Tell us Jerry."

"SINCE 1972 , it was Rock and Roll all the way. 

The journey was inspiring but with Blood, Sweat and Tears. Can't deny it Andy.

It wasn't a bed of roses. Only through sheer determination and confidence did we manage! That was the essence!  And facing the unscrupulous industry was challenging. 

My heartfelt thanks to my founding members:

Francis Ho (Mr. Genius in Taiwan), Francis Chan, Ricky Gan (Ah Seng), Elmy Tahir (US & Indonesia), Osman Said (the Ultimate One - Australia), Ramon Renee Francis and the late Henry Tham. 

Not forgetting my very first lady vocalist Norma Zainal ( Singapore's Shirley Bassey) and though she was with us for only three years she did the utmost. But she left when the wedding bells beckoned. Thank you Norma.

The current Neu Faces include: Yuni, Amir, Salim and Amri.
Alumni Brother is Mokhtar Hassan (The Rock) the late Joe Haron. 

Thanks to our members and friends for their support and I thank the Lord for blessings because each time I fall, he picks me up.

That's about it Brother Andy."

"Thanks Jerry. Coming from you, that's 51 years in a nutshell. And I love your phrase, unscrupulous industry! " 

We sipped our coffee amidst Jerry's green green grass of home, at Pek Kio... That's Jerry about showbiz and how he managed the arduous but  exciting journey.

Jerry Fernandez with blogger Andy

YouTube Videos by Fabian Foo Jong Fook. 
Thanks Fabian.

'Rock Around The Clock'

At the Esplanade Singapore [2021]

Further reading on Jerry Fernandez, link below or check Labels: