Thursday, July 12, 2018

FIFA WORLD CUP 2018: Gotta Go Home: Boney-M

So the 2018 World Cup's finally ending and the closing ceremony big parade will be performed soon after the Finals between France and Croatia.

There was an earlier article on soccer chants which was mostly about the English teams. Many had high hopes for England but despite the raves and the cheers, England lost to Croatia. 😕

It wasn't a disappointment for me really because I am neither a soccer fan nor a gambler on football stakes. But I received the same videos from some dedicated English fans via WhatsApp. For the whole day, these two videos were coming in...
Boney M - Gotta Go Home (Long Version: 1979) Video from FFFclub. Thank you.

I'd like to share them with all my readers. 

Boney M has returned especially to celebrate England's team. Without further ado, my dear readers, enjoy the lovely song. 

And don't forget to watch the 2nd video below. The emphasis here is again on Coming Home. It 
shows an Irishman's praying hard to stop the World Cup fro... Hee, hee.😊

14 July 2018:
And the prayers have come true. England is not even in 3rd placing, losing to Belgium 2 - 0 @ St Petersburg Stadium. Apparently, according to manager Gareth Southgate, Belgium's too strong for England.
This Video was taken from Irish Central and YouTube by Rory's Stories. Thank you. Your prayer has come true.

A Double A-Side single from Oceans of Fantasy by Boney-M, a German pop group famed in the 70's. It featured Gotta Go Home. This particular vinyl was released in 1979 by Hansa Records.
Images: Google.
Video: YouTube; Irish Central.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Tab Hunter 'Young Love' Gone @ 86 (1931 - 2018)

Tab Hunter has passed on at age 86. I didn't know he acted in so many films, 40 of them, remembering him only as the singer for Young Love, a big hit when I was still in my teens in 1957. It came tops in the Billboard Charts.

I never liked Sonny James' version, which came earlier, preferring Hunter's deep, smooth and soothing voice. Hunter died three days short of his 87th birthday, on 8 July 2018.
Tab Hunter with Young Love: YouTube Video by Michael McKenna. Thank You.

Together with Bobby Darin (Mack The Knife); Frankie Avalon (Why?); Sal Mineo (Start Movin') and Pat Boone (Why Baby Why?) the 1950's ended with a big, loud bang. Pop music was different then.  It had style, class and cool cats on the microphone.  Like the macho guys then, Hunter was one of them.

In an autobiography, Tab Hunter, Confidential, The Making of a Movie Star (2005), he revealed that he was gay and had a relationship with actor Anthony Perkins (Psycho) and others. In 2015, the book was later made into a successful documentary.

Young days, young love. RIP Mr Tab Hunter. 

Larry Lai's Comment:
"Tab Hunter's version, along with Sonny James', was the most requested. Which was your favourite? That's hard to say. Tab had star power over Sonny."

Image: A Private Collection; Google.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Old Friends Are Best, Trudi Lalor: From Larry Lai

Here's a song sent by a good, old friend* so I'd like to share it with all my thoughtful and kindly friends. And you are one...

It's been revived by Trudi Lalor, a talented lady from Ireland, UK. Inspired by Louise Morrissey, Ms Lalor is one of the top young country singers in the UK and Irish music scene today. Garth Brooks was very much impressed by her performance when he visited Ireland.
'Old Friends Are Best': Trudi Lalor. YouTube Video from Trudy Lalor.

She's really good, a vibrant voice with clarity and charm, singing the folksy quick waltz with an Irish lilt. Hooray.

I have left out printing the lyrics. Hopefully, you will listen to it and send it out.

Thank you.
*Good old friend, Larry Lai, well-known DJ from Rediffusion days, who's enjoying his retirement years. Thanks for the song buddy.

Check this one too:
Friends? Yea! Exceptional perhaps? Wow! I'd take it. Poor girl!

Image: Google
Video: YouTube/Trudi Lalor.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

We Are Singapore: National Day 2018 Theme Song

This post is dedicated to my lovely granddaughter Jan, 
who is cheerful, bright and helpful.
Here it is guys, half a million viewers already and NDP is still a month away. That's how pop an old Singapore national song is. So for those who are familiar,  it's an old song for new, and according to my granddaughter Jan, you gotta know every word... because her teacher says so.😊 Naw... because she loves her country.

We Are Singapore - NDP 2018 Theme Song [Official Music Video]

For all Singapore songs:

Credits for 2018 song:
Creative direction by Boo Junfeng.
Original music and lyrics by Hugh Harrison Music and lyrics for preface composed by Charlie Lim Performed by Charlie Lim, Vanessa Fernandez, Aisyah Aziz, Shak'thiya Subramaniamm, THELIONCITYBOY, Joanna Dong, and ITE Show Choir Arranged and produced by Sydney Tan, Charlie Lim and Evan Low Official Music Video & Principal Partner: StarHub Special Thanks: Temasek Music Video Director: Wee Li Lin.

For full acknowledgement connect below:

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Sexy Underwear And Things: By Allan Thompson (RAF)

This product used to be very popular for many years since the 1960's.

It's been a while since Allan Thompson, (60's RAF Changi) wrote to me and contributed an article for the blog. A few stories are coming up soon. Here's a cute one when he and a friend discussed the above product.

Dear Andy, 

Many thanks for your reply and I will try to summon up the energy to rewrite and expand my barber shop story.  Actually, I can add a little (rude) anecdote right now:

One of my room-mates in Block 116 at RAF Changi was a slightly plump young man called Joe Hutchinson who came from Belfast in Northern Ireland.  

One day, when he was preparing to go out, he realised that his underwear had not come back from the laundry, so he went downstairs to the barber's shop outside the Airmen's Mess to buy a packet of Hings underpants.  
Things Ain't What They Used To Be: Ella Fitzgerald. Video by: Vws Vas.

When he returned, he ripped open the packet, removed one pair of pants, and went for a shower.  A little while later, he returned wearing his new underpants which were so tight, there were natural protrusions from either side.  As I chuckled at this ridiculous sight, Joe, with a perfectly straight face, said:

"Hings ain't what they used to be!"  

Best wishes,

Images: Google.
Video: YouTube from Vws Vas.
Article: Copyrighted by Allan Thompson.

Inspirationally, with the story, two songs came to mind, 'Things Ain't What They Used To Be' and 'Things.'
Allan Thompson laughing away at his friend's remark. Or is it?

Allan has written nearly 3 dozen stories on this blog. Humorous too. Here are some connections:
'Things' by Bobby Darin (1962). Video from: Carl's Old Record Club.

 Uncanny, Allan does look like Mr Putin. But who's the more handsome?

Saturday, June 30, 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018: Soccer Chants: The Truth

 Isn't it true that soccer fans are the most musical of all sports lovers?

The heat is on now as FIFA World Cup 2018 nears its end in mid-July. Rowdier spectators at the Russian stadiums with a usually 45 to 70 thousand strong fans watching, singing and screaming in unison to belt out their latest war chants, or more appropriately, soccer chants.

Soccer chants have existed since football began in the clubs in England? That was in the mid-1800's? And internationally, there are thousands today.  I've always been fascinated by soccer chants although I'm not much into the game myself. It's worse today because I refuse to pay the ridiculous amount charged to watch the games on TV. 
                                           LIONEL MESSI                 NEYMAR                 CHRISTIANO RONALDO                                   
A soccer chant usually follows the tune of a pop or folk song but the lyrics could be original or changed accordingly. The tailored lyrics, in any language, are mostly funny or encouraging and sometimes downright aggressive, insulting and bawdy but done in the name of sportsmanship. And they are targeted towards one player or the team on the field since chants are performed by the spectators.

So it depends on the spectator group that's singing it and the attitude and mood they are in at the time of singing. Common sense tells that they are sung to arouse the players on the field or to instigate them into 'battle' because there has been no goal scored so far during the match and fans are getting bored.
Wembley Final: *'Delilah' Stoke City vs Manchester City. Video: Redstokie828.

Soccer clubs or FC's (Football Clubs) all over the world use chants.  Sometimes a tune is so popular, it doesn't 'belong' to anyone. Can't Help Falling In Love is an example of a tune used as a soccer chant by many FC's. 

Below is a short list of chants that are familiar pop tunes. The list shows the English team/club each chant is associated with: 

Delilah* - Stoke City
Sloop John B - Leicester, Arsenal
I'm  Forever Blowing Bubbles - West Ham

You'll Never Walk Alone - Liverpool/Celtic
Achy Breaky Heart - Manchester United
Beautiful Sunday - Dundee United
Top 10 English Football Chants: From FC90 Fan Culture 90 Thank you.

Go West - Arsenal
Can't Smile Without You - Tottenham Hotspur
Glad All Over - Crystal Palace

Blue Moon - Manchester City
Take Me Home Country Road - United
Mull Of Kintyre - Nottingham Forest

Sailing - Chesterfield, Millwall
Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Fulham
Lola - Newcastle

Volare -Leicester
Can't Help Falling In Love - Swansea, Etc.
I Will Survive - France 
Soccer Chants Quiz:

Do you know which Clubs the chants below are associated with?

Mrs Robinson
Is This The Way To Amarillo 
Hey Jude

Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Goodnight Irene

Annie's Song
Hey Jude
That's Amore
On Top Of Old Smokey

Do write your answers on the Comment Page by clicking on the word.

Images, Gifs and Videos: Google and YouTube 
Information: Many Football Club websites.
The article is an original piece.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mr Najib Razak Sings Pop 60's Music

Songs I Love

It's been circulating on WhatsApp:

When Mr Najib Razak was still around as Prime Minister he loved to sing pop music from the 1960's. One of his favourite songs is The Young Ones, the famous hit by Cliff Richard and a test item for all would-be Singapore Cliff Richard contestants. Like the Shadows instrumental Apache, this Cliff favourite has been performed a million times by many 60's music fans. 

So here's the former Malaysian PM rockin' n rollin' in top form. He's really got the beat. With him being so famous, he could easily make it as a pop singer.  

The full keyboard backup with percussion is fantastic and Mr Najib's diction and timing are perfect. Man, he's really good. I'm sure The Silver Strings would take him on. Audie Ng, here's a good catch. 

There is no intention to discredit anyone here. The video has been taken from the site below. As such, posting will be deleted if there are anomalies.
Mr Najib Razak singing, 'The Young Ones' at a gathering. Video by Lee KoHoong. from:  Thank you.

No need to practise. I think it should be on C. 

Enjoy the music and Mr Najib while you can. 

Check out other politicians who love pop 60's music. Click LABELS below.

Image and Video: YouTube.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Japanese Experiences Singapore 60's Pop

Below is a letter from Mr Hiroshi Deguchi whom I met on Facebook. He is a friendly gentleman and willing to share his pop music experience when he was in Singapore.

He also explained how a particular Japan pop chart radio-broadcast was not influenced by any recording company. Interesting indeed.

He looks like Jackie Chan don't you think?

Thanks so much, Hiroshi.

Hi Andy,

It's so nice to hear from you. I have never lived in Singapore but I'm very interested in Singaporean pop music history.

I live in Japan, in Shimonoseki City, that is the southwestern end of Honshu. The nearer big town is Fukuoka. It was in 1991 when we went to Fukuoka to see the Dick Lee concert.

During my early years, I stayed in *Granada for a few months when I was 22 years old. I am much older now. I have a lot of happy memories of my younger days there and I am still trying to look for the people I made friends with.

*This is the poster I had put up on the walls in Granada, Spain. So far no success.

Translation: "I'm a Japanese man looking for my elderly friends. You know someone?"

I visited Singapore last summer for the first time in 15 years. I was away from the city so long but I didn't feel out of place because I stayed abreast of what is going on in the country; thanks to the internet.

I first went to Singapore back in 1981 as a tourist and became interested in the island. The more I learned about it the more I got caught up with its pop music culture.

The picture above was some 30 years ago. I was half compelled to go up on the stage and play "Rock 'n' Roll Music". It was at Europa. I pretended to play the keyboard. It was one of my happy memories on the southern island.

I like the group very much. It seemed just like yesterday. We enjoyed the sing-along with Rod Stewart's "I Don't Wanna Talk About It". We sang with the band at the top of our voices. That was at Europa at Changi East Coast, the most exciting 'live' hours at that time.

Now a little about our western pop scene in Japan. In February of '65, I was busy preparing for the entrance exam to junior high school. I haven't started playing the guitar which my mother bought me at a pawnshop. I still have this Yamaha-made instrument.

Around the time when many young Singaporeans were interested in what was happening during the Rolling Stones Concert at SBH on Guillemard Road, simultaneously, in another part of Asia, "I Feel Fine" was at the top of the pops.

We had a hit parade radio program called, "Popular Requests by 95 Million People". It was most popular and not influenced by any record company. The population of Japan was 95 million at that time. I remember waiting anxiously for the evening when the program was broadcast.

It is not on the air anymore. But I am sure a great number of people my age have a lot of happy, impressive memories of the program.

The Pop Request by 95 Million People List:

1. I Feel Fine, the Beatles

2. Constantly, Cliff Richard
3. La Plus Belle Aller Danser, Sylvie Vartan
4. Long Tall Sally, the Beatles
5. 500 Miles, Peter, Paul and Mary
6. Un Buco Nella Sabbia, Mina
7. Angelita, Los Marcellos

'Diamond Head' by the Ventures. YouTube Video by Robert Varga. This guitar group was one of the most popular in 60's Japan.

8. Diamond Head, the Ventures
9. Keep Searching, Del Shanon
10. Rock 'n' Roll Music, the Beatles
11. Slow Down, the Beatles
12. Whisper Whisper? Reny Ray?
13. The House Of The Rising Sun, the Animals
14. Have I the Right, Honeycomb
15. Love Potion No 9, the Searchers
I also found a few pictures in my photo album. Let me send it in case you might be interested.

At Europa in Marine Parade (image above), me and my wife half compelled to stand up on the stage. I sang "Japanese Girl" by Sam Hui. Is he Moses?

The Thunderbirds at Carriage Bar, York Hotel, Orchard Road, Singapore. With Derrick Fitzgerald on lead, this group played for nearly 20 years there.

Images and story are copyrighted and belong to Mr Hiroshi Deguchi.
YouTube Videos from Robert Varga and minipanda9.

'My Lonely Heart' by The Thunderbirds. Video by: minipanda9. Thank you.