Thursday, January 21, 2021

Weather Forecast Singapore - It's Raining Songs - 1930's to 1980's Matthew/Mandarins - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

The rain this first few days of January 2021 has become the hottest topic for discussion. Yes, and the temperature has fallen to 22C, one of the coolest months since 1934 when it went down to 19.4C, on January 31st. And the January rain in Singapore was torrential, creating road surfaces to break forming potholes.

So it's appropriate to check out the rain songs through the decades. And there are plenty.  So as the rain pelts outside, do check the list below and see how many songs, with the word 'rain' that you are familiar with. It's a short list from 6 decades because there are many such songs. I guess my familiarity with some of the songs have placed them on this list. Whatever, check the lyrics too.


Stormy Weather - Etta Jones - 1933 [Ha, ha]


come rain or come shine - ray charles - 1946

'The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain', says Julie Andrews. YouTube video by Jean Belmondo. Thank you.


singing in the rain - gene kelly - 1952

just walking in the rain - johnny ray - 1952

the rain in spain - julie andrews - 1957

raining in my heart - buddy holly - 1959

come rain or shine - rain or shine - 1959

let it rain - johnny mathis - 1959


raindrops - dee clark - 1961

crying in the rain - everly brothers - 1962

rhythm of the rain - cascades - 1962

rain rain go away - bobby vinton -1962

a hard rain's a gonna fall - bob dylan -1963

walking in the rain - ronettes - 1964

what have they done to the rain - searchers - 1964

rain on the roof - lovin' spoonful - 1965

baby the rain must fall -  glen yarbrough -1965

tell it to the rain - the four seasons -1966

rhapsody in the rain - lou christie - 1966

rain - the beatles - 1966

early morning rain - gordon lightfoot - 1966

summer rain - johnny rivers - 1967

i wish it would rain - the temptations 1967

don't rain on my parade - barbra  striesand - 1968

rain - jose feliciano - 1968

raindrops keep falling on my head - b.j. thomas - 1969

Walking in the Rain - Ronettes. YouTube video from The Ronettes. Thank you.
Please check out their subscriber's connection by clicking on the word YouTube above.


kentucky rain - elvis presley - 1970

fire and rain - james taylor - 1970

who'll stop the rain - ccr -1970

let it rain - eric clapton -1970

rainy night in georgia - brook benton - 1970

rainy days and mondays - carpenters - 1971

here comes that rainy day feeling again - fortune - 1971

it never rains in southern california - albert hammond 1972

rain - uriah heep - 1972

walking in the rain with the one i love - love unlimited - 1972

the rain song - led zeppelin -1973

alabama rain - jim croce -1973

laughter in the rain - neil sedaka- 1974

i can't stand the rain - tina turner - 1974

rainy day woman - waylon jennings - 1974

buckets of rain - bob dylan - 1974

Matthew and the Mandarins - Jealous Heart, Send Me The Pillow, BLUE EYES CRYING IN THE RAIN - 


lizzie and the rainman - tanya tucker - 1975

fool in the rain - led zepplin - 1979

kiss me in the rain - barbra striesand - 1979


smokey mountain rain - ronnie milsap - 1980

i love a rainy night - eddie rabbitt - 1980

southern rain - mell tilis -1980

i made it through the rain - barry mannilow - 1980

crying in the rain - whitesnake - 1982

purple rain- prince - 1984

here comes the rain again - eurhythmics - 1984

rain on the scarescrow - john mellencamp -1985

summer rain - belinda carlise - 1989.

I Love a Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbit - Thanks to  msknowitall8 from YouTube.

Comment guys... What's your favourite rain song.

Images - Google.

Songs Contributed by Readers and Friends -

yesterday i heard the rain - tony bennett - 1968. [from cedric collars, perth, aus.]

don't let the rain come down - serendipity singers - 1960. [from FL, penang, mal.]

who'll stop the rain - CCR - 1970. [from michael lee - sydney, australia]

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Story of Rock n Roll - Consultant Paul Du Noyer. My Bookshelf Recommends...

Here's my suggestion for this rainy month's read, a 1995 big book published in Australia.

It's a totally absorbing read because the colourful layout is simply inviting and the stories and articles are written by pop music journalists for the different decades - from the 50's to the 90's, i.e. Bill Haley to The Beatles, from Bruce Springsteen to Beastie Boys right up to Billy Ray Cyrus. And scattered in between, all the gossips, personal details and music ideals about the hundreds of pop singers and musicians during those 50 years or so. About 400 photographs to browse and key biographies to absorb.

A great book for students keen on pop music culture and for seniors wanting to go into nostalgia mode [but definitely with more details than what they thought they already knew].

On page 12 of the book [image - book cover] 
the chapter reads, ELVIS BEGINS. But did it really start with Elvis. You got to read the 11 pages before to find out.

The book ends with U2, R.E.M. and Nirvana with a great Artistes Index beyond these chapters. There is also a top 10 hit list for all the 50 years. Name the musicians and singers and they are in the book.

It's been on my shelf for 3 years now. Should've recommended it earlier.


Only one of hundreds of stories to read from the book...

The Paul Anka picture is for illustration only and does not appear in the book but there are others.

Did you know that Paul Anka's composition DIANA had been recorded in 320 versions, totalling more than 10 million sales. He was still a minor then. He could only take his vast wealth when he turned 21 in July 1962 - page 55/column 3.

[This post is not an advertisement. I read the book and find it useful for any introductory course to rock n roll or pop music.]

Library Ref -

The Story of Rock n Roll - the year-by-year illustrated chronicle - Consultant Editor - Paul Du Noyer. [1995 - Carlton Books Ltd - UK/Australia.]

ISBN 1 86309 099 1 

Images - google.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Shangri-La Island Ballroom Singapore - The Sandpipers Live 1973 - Fred Ching Remembers

It was 47 years ago, 24 Dec 1973, that The Sandpipers, an American folk group, performed in Singapore Shangri-La Island Ballroom for a Gala Dinner cum Christmas Special Show. Time flies and this post is just a short comment on the concert. Just something for me to remember this event.

I attended this first concert with my neighbour, Richard, and we’re just months away from being drafted into the army. We both arrived on time and were blown away by the Christmas decorations at the ballroom. Being a VIP ticket holder gave us the opportunity to scout out the place. I was happy to discover that we were a mere 10m from the stage.

The show began not long after and looking around, I noticed that most attendees were either my age group or older and indeed it was an honor to be present at this show with several VIPs. The Sandpipers were fabulous. They have such great harmony and every songs Jim Brady, Mike Piano and Richard Shoff sang, brings back fond memories of my growing up years.
The Sandpipers - 'Come Saturday Morning' - Video from YouTube by ultra taro. Thank you.

Absolutely loved this show and these guys sang flawlessly in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Tagalog. Those who didn’t attend, sure missed out. All we can say is GREAT GREAT GREAT!!
Two years ago, I shared this little post on my favourite trio, who made an indelible mark on the music industry that even rock & roll combined with time cannot erase. A good friend then commented that after the concert ended, the Sandpipers proceeded to a midnight mass @The Novena Church, Thomson Road, and sang part of the Mass Order in Latin and the event was unannounced. It was a surprise wonderful Christmas present for the attendees. Till today, the Sandpipers performance still hold a special place in my heart.

I was lucky enough to be in the front row of the rear orchestra section and the trio walked by me, about one foot away, and went down the center aisle to the stage. Gosh, how I was blown away... ❤ ❤ ❤

The Sandpipers with 'Today' - YouTube Video by 65Seasons. Thank You.

By Fred Ching.
Thank you Fred so much for allowing your article to be posted on this blog. You can read another article about the Celine Dion concert Fred attended by clicking the connection below.

Original members The Sandpipers.
Michael Piano died on December 29, 2014 in Kauai, Hawaii.
Jim Brady died on May 5, 2019 in Durango, Colorado.
Fire destroyed Sandpipers music materials at Universal Studios in 2008.

Images from Fred Ching - copyrights reserved.
Fred Ching has written many articles about his attendance of pop concerts in Singapore and in other countries. You can find him on Facebook. Just click his name...

Thanks so much Fred for being so obliging and sharing your concert stories on this blog.

Sunday, January 03, 2021

Joss Stone - The Best Blues Lady Since Aretha - Andy 60s Music

Having been attracted to the latest trend of music up to the 80's, there is much to be said about the 'new' genres of music [if there are any].

So I won't argue on this point. Looking at reliable statistics, 'rock' and 'pop' are still at the top of the international hit parade but at merely 20 percent of the ideal, 'blues' seems to be near the bottom of the rung. Or 'soul'...

I have been listening and watching this lovely lady on media for some time now and think she is one of the best outcome in the international pop music scene. And she doesn't only sing the blues or merely dish covers of 60s songs as others would. 

Joss Stone is the ultimate when she revives pop oldies and would be a gauge for youth to appreciate what great singing is all about. She has many original albums - comfortable ones for me -  comes from Beatles and Rolling Stones country and has the most soulful voice since Franklin. She comes on stage bare-footed but with class, ties her trademark piece of linen on the microphone stand and hums her song. The crowd screams, her sultry voice attracts. To me, she's different, definitely not commercial. No gimmicky costumes, no fancy wigs, just her soul exposed.

Do listen to Joss Stone and you come back to reality, with real music, real lyrics and real expressions from within. Now you know why I have temporarily left my 'time warp', as Michael Bangar describes it, to enjoy the very enchanting Joss, both voice and person. You don't need to appreciate the blues to appreciate this young lady's songs.

Thank you Joss.

Comments always welcome.

Joss Stone - Son Of A Preacher Man [Music Hall Of Fame 2006] YouTube Video.
By Francis. 25 Million views. Now that's sumthin'.

The above pictures are my own screen shots from YouTube videos of Ms Stone's concerts and interviews these last few years. They are a joy to view and I hope,
just like her video, will not be deleted off this post. Let me know and I shall delete them gracefully if there are objections.

Jeff Beck & Joss Stone - I Put a Spell On You Live (HD) YouTube Video by STEPHANOS ALEXIOU. Thank you.

Just click her name on Google and you've got dozens of her videos to watch.

Friday, January 01, 2021

Andy 60s Music - A Happy New Year 2021 To All. 'Years May Come' Herman's Hermits

Years May Come, Years May Go - Herman's Hermits.  YouTube sunryse111. Thank you. A better one than 2020, hopefully. 

This video was sent by a good friend from up north.

Like Freda, from the state capital, long time friend Hock comes from Malaysia too, further north in Taiping. 

Contributed by Ooi Chong Hock.
Thanks Hock. 
Cheers to Taiping/Malaysia.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Andy's 60s Music Wishes All Readers and Friends A Safe n Pleasant 2021


Freda was the pianist, keyboardist and singer with the recording artistes called The Teepees from Singapore and Malaysia. Thanks so much Freda. A Happy New 2021 to you and family too. Keep safe and strong this new year. She writes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she lives.

Images - from Freda Hanum.

Auld Lang Syne - The Choral Scholars of University College Dublin. Thank you.

Their brand new holiday album - ‘Be All Merry’ is available from -

For Auld Lang Syne postings please copy and paste connection below -

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Andy 60s Music Blog - 2.4 Million Views - Dec 2020

This blog has 2.4 million views to date.
Many thanks to all readers, friends 
and contributing writers.

Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves. YouTube Video by jurgieleniu. Thank You.

Images and Video from Google and YouTube.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

A Merry Christmas n Happy New 2021 To All Readers

Please excuse the repeated name on these posters; 
they have been sent out to friends 
through the months on WhatsApp. 

We all know the song, STUPID CUPID.
Hopefully, we'll be rid soon of STUPID COVID.

Rod Stewart - Christmas Live at Stirling Castle 21 - Nov 2012 full broadcast.
With Kylie Minogue, Michael Buble, Nicola Benedetti, David Foster.

Stupid Covid you're a real mean guy,
I'd like to clip your wings so you can't fly.

Images - Backgrounds are taken from here and there but words are mostly original. Thanks Google.

A few days before Christmas

方逸華 Jingle Bell - MONA FONG - MERRY CHRISTMAS. YouTube from ROC.

Monday, December 21, 2020

A Christmas 2020 Message - 'Two' In Cantonese Sounds Like 'Easy'. Was It? Asks CY Lin.

Thanking CY Lin for this article.

(20)20 - a new decade. Year of the Rat - the leader of the pack in the Chinese zodiac calendar.  It symbolises wealth and a new day. The number '2' in Cantonese sounds like 'easy'.  2020 - a year to look forward to with great expectations of ease, comfort and prosperity. It was reported that the number of marriages registered for 2020 to be the highest since past years. This would make for the year a bumper crop of babies. 

Then real life turned into reel life.  The Covid19  pandemic became a science fiction movie that held the audience in its grip of fear and terror.  It released all manner of  human behaviour - from the good to the very ugly. The maker of the movie can give it an ending that the audience leaves the theatre with a sigh of relief.

What about real life?  What does the present situation promise? With Christmas in sight and acknowledging its significance, we can cling to our faith and pray for a better tomorrow.  We stay hopeful.

A blessed Christmas and a happier 2021 to all readers, friends and contributing writers.

By CY Lin.
'Whispering Hope'  by Jim Reeves. YouTube Video by felixbautista.

Images - Google.

We're Not Going Anywhere This Christmas - Alvin Oon. Thanks to Alvin and You Tube.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A Christmas Letter From Jane, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 2020 - Andy60sMusic


The city of Winnipeg is actually a Christmas card in itself. Snap a scene anywhere during Winter and you have an instant picture to paste onto the greeting you wish to send. Here's a note from dear friend Jane who writes about the beautiful city as it is today. Thank you so much Jane for taking time to write during these challenging times. I haven't met Jane since, these 35 years...

Hello Andy,

As promised, a bit of a Winnipeg update for you to use however you see fit in your blog. Again, sorry, am unable to supply photos, but have added a few links that hopefully you can use to help illustrate things.

Warmest and fondest, 
Michael Buble - It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas - YouTube Video. From the Canadian guy himself. Thanks Michael.

Warmest and cheeriest holiday greetings to you and your family and sincere best wishes to all of you for a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy 2021, rich with many blessings.

I am writing to you on our first real snowy day this year here in Winnipeg - a.k.a. "Winterpeg". We have had on and off light snows since early October, but never more than a light dusting, but overnight last night we had a light snowfall that has blanketed the city in a beautiful white, and it is still snowing and blowing a bit, below the sun in a pale blue sky ... a lovely winter day. It is not yet very cold - hovering between zero and minus 5 Celcius, but come January we are expecting more typical temperatures that will take us to minus 20 or colder for a few weeks at least.

I was talking with a friend the other day, who came to Winnipeg from South America. I said the weather here lately is crazy and unpredictable. He replied that the weather lately is completely standard for Winnipeg -- crazy and unpredictable is normal here. We know the winter will be cold in winter and hot in summer, but beyond that... every day anything can happen.

I am not sure of what years exactly you lived here - time is a blur for me - but I think  you would find the city changed significantly since your time here.

First of all at the University of Winnipeg... [above] the campus has expanded significantly. Spence Street (along the west side of the main property) is now pedestrian-only, with some of the houses turned into student residences or offices and classrooms for specialty programs, and the rest gone and replaced by a massive fitness complex, available for use by students, faculty, alumni, and eighbourhood residents. Among other things, UofW has built a large modern science complex on Portage Avenue, a large residence nearby which can accommodate families, and  has taken over a number of nearby buildings covering several blocks for offices & classrooms.

The downtown Bay store [below] permanently closed its doors earlier this month, and the magnificent building now stands empty. It has an historic designation, so must remain, but what will become of the inside, no one yet knows.
How much activity was there at The Forks when you were here? The large area downtown where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers join. It has been a meeting place for aboriginal peoples for thousands of years, and is now a fabulous place for both locals and tourists -- with museums, restaurants, a permanent farmers' market, specialty stores and other types of shops.
There is an outdoor area for dancing in the summer, skating in the winter; an
aboriginal-specific gathering place; a permanent outdoor stage; and a beautiful walkway along the river with historical interpretations posted to describe the great floods that have happened here in the past 150 years or so; plus many other attractions.

At The Forks we also now have the Human Rights Museum, the first national museum built outside Ottawa. It is an impressive structure, and the interior is absolutely stunning, with alabaster walkways, spaces for contemplation, and always interesting exhibits, both permanent and changing.
The Provencher bridge from downtown to St. Boniface (our French quarter) 
has been rebuilt and is very beautiful. It has both a vehicle and a pedestrian bridge, and has a restaurant in the middle (sadly, currently unoccupied).

While we don't know how many of them will survive once the pandemic is over -- indeed, some have already shut down their businesses permanently - Winnipeg has many more restaurants now than before (mostly from varied cultures), many more specialty bakeries too -- one of which only bakes with heritage grains; and several new stores that feature locally-produced foodstuffs.

At Assiniboine Park (our largest) there is now a permanent art gallery of exceptional quality. The Zoo has expanded its offerings to focus on conservation, animal rescue, and education. It now has an outstanding and very large polar bear exhibit (called Journey to Churchill; among other things, one can now watch the bears swimming: their pool is built over and around a glass viewing tunnel... beautiful and fascinating. We watch them, and they watch us. The bears there are now exclusively rescues, bears that for one reason or another have become unable to survive in the wild.
Because of the pandemic, the City has created many more outdoor skating areas throughout the city, especially on the many small man-made lakes created in newer neighbourhoods. We are all encouraged to get outside as much as we are able this winter.

I hope this gives you a small glimpse of some of the changes in Winnipeg since you were here. The city has also grown a great deal, with many new neighbourhoods having been built in all corners of the city, most of them completely unfamiliar to me.

Do take care and stay safe. Wishing you and your family the very best of the Christmas season and every blessing in 2021. 

Written by Jane from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
The bears are rescue bears and will not survive in the wild, for one reason or other.


Write in when you can under COMMENT page below. CLICK IT.

Images from Google.
A home in Winnipeg, sometimes small, sometimes huge but mostly cool in Winter.

Downtown Winnipeg with its Christmas decorations and lights galore and snow, snow, snow.

Dewy December on the Equator, usually sizzling, 
but this year so, so. More rain actually.
In SUNNY Singapore, we're as warm as ever and when the rain comes down and the weather turns cooler at night, we scream when it goes to 22C. Many Singaporeans love to experience the weather in Winnipeg.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Christmas Greeting From An Evergreen Malaysian Friend - suituapui

Years May Come, Years May Go, (Herman's Hermits) 

As Life Goes On (Naomi and the Boys) 

What's Another Year. (Johnny Logan) 

Life Is A Song Worth Singing, (Johnny Mathis)

Sing. (The Carpenters)

Blessed Christmas Greetings

A Happy New Year To You

Andy And All Loved Ones. 


From suituapui 

[blog reader for some years and a friend who comes from Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.]

A great song selection for a timely Christmas message and he knows his pop music well, like he knows his makan makanan [food].

He's been writing time and again, making comments, but recently more often. Thanks suituapui; always appreciate a long term friendship. He loves food and writes a blog. You can check him out. His name spells, 'BEAUTIFUL FAT GUY'.

'Fat', I'm not sure, but 'beautiful' he is indeed.

Thanks, suituapui for the song titles that become so meaningfully 
a yuletide greeting. A personal Merry Christmas to you and Family too.

A Safe and Healthy Christmas to all Readers and Friends on
Blogspot, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, gmail. 

Andy and Contributing Writers.

Images - Google and from A Personal Collection.

Naomi and the Boys with 'Life Goes On' from YouTube.
Composed by Robert Suriya and the Boys.
Thanks to V.R.M. for video.

Connect to our Malaysian friend - please copy and paste to connect -