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Andy Singapore 60s Music Plays WORDLE from New York Times

I am a crazy word guy and would never say no to any puzzle dealing with the English alphabet. By chance the word on 9.10.2022 was HOWDY so I thought I'd start with this very appropriate word. Having played the game for some time, it's interesting to note that I managed to secure and save words that relate to the music world and this music blog.

Every pop music piece needs a THEME, so what else than to start an instrumental or compose a song with a theme. And it happened one morning when it was the Wordle mystery word. 'You are my theme for a dream...' [Cliff Richard].

A song needs rhythm so the word RHYME covers both rhythm [unique beats from a piece of music] and rhyming words at the end of the lyrics. Yes:

Words have to rhyme,
Most of the time...

Music provides POWER for a lot of people, the composers with their  messages, singers with their performances on stage, screen, radio or the Internet and we the listeners, selecting songs to empower our own feel for any theme or topic we'd like to deliver. Or perhaps just enjoying it.

Like the over quoted line from William Congreve's play from 1697, 'Music hath CHARM to sooth a savage breast'; this word is certainly important in any piece of music. And don't misquote, it's breast, not beast

Elvis Presley's, Good Luck Charm should be appropriate.

Nearly every piece of pop music, especially those songs that come from the 60's need a guitar to move and groove the composition.  So the TWANG, not the slang but the sound of the six-stringed Shadows' baby needs to be totally electrified to provide the heat. This word's for you Hank Marvin!

And Duane Eddy too, with, The Twang's The Thang.

This word is needed to create that do-wop atmosphere. And as STOMP comes to mind, we remember those years when the dance floor created music and noise so loud that everyone was screaming with Benny Goodman and, Stomping At The Savoy, with his prancing music at the night clubs and ballrooms.

So my good readers, friends and folks around the globe, ENJOY [10.10.2022 word] your music while you can and read this blog more often. 

Like Doris Day's big hit in the 50's, Enjoy Yourself. It's later than you think.

It's no coincidence for me: Yesterday's word was HOWDY and today's ENJOY. A start and end word for this post when I was in the process of writing. I must thank the Wordle folks at The New York Times.

A few more words too, during my guessing time, that relate to music. There's: BONGO, ALIVE, UNITE, OPERA, RADIO and ADORE. They are all in the puzzles that I managed to solve.

Theme For A Dream: Cliff Richard
YouTube Video by: worship999.

Benny Goodman: Stomping at the Savoy. 
YouTube video from

I must thank NEW YORK TIMES for the WORDLE puzzles I do every morning. So far I had to give in to one word. Can't remember it now. Hope to continue the streak for as long as possible looking for that mystery word.

Check out WORDLE if you haven't. A great word game to play anywhere. You got 24 hours to find the mystery word but with only six [6] guesses.

Comments are welcome.

To learn and play, you need to key in:
"Wordle - The New York Times - Games"

John Denver 'Today'
YouTube Video from:

I've kept this Wordle puzzle last on the list because it was a challenge seeking a word ending with ANDY, my own name, with only two chances left. It was by luck, as many Wordle guesses are, that I chose the D in DANDY.

I'll be a dandy and I'll be a rover,
You know who I am by the songs that I sing...
[John Denver: Today]

Images: Google and NY Times.

There's no intention to promote any puzzle. It's written and done in fun. I just love words, English words.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

2022 Soccer Fever: Fans Change 60s Pop Songs Into Soccer Chants

60s Pop Song Become Soccer Chants:

Hey Jude
Sydney FC fans always sing their version of The Beatles, Hey Jude, adding the word Sydney during the chorus. A-League based side Wellington Phoenix, chant a more relaxed melody of the Johnny Cash hit, Ring Of Fire in reference to Wespac Stadium where they play, and it's nicknamed, The Ring of Fire.

When The Saints
A sing-a-long, When The Saints Go Marching In is another number adapted for stadium chants. Other songs include, Go West by Village People and the spiritual, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands is common with soccer crazies.

Winter Wonderland
To honour specific individuals, the tune to Winter Wonderland was sung by Newcastle United Kevin Keegan and the melody for the Band Aid song Do They Know It's Christmas? is similar to Feed the Scousers chant sung against the supporters of Merseyside clubs of Liverpool F.C. during Christmas.

Simply The Best by Tina Turner
Once upon a time, a soccer chant.
YouTube Video by:
José Francisco Vasques de Souza

Simply The Best
Simply The Best by Tina Turner, was banned from matches involving Rangers F.C. and one, when Bobby Zamora was at Brighton, adapted the song That's Amore by Dean Martin. Then there's Chim Chim Cher-ee for Nwankwo Kanu and All You Need Is Love by The Beatles for Damien Duff.

Can't Take My Eyes
Various chants have been based on Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli. Besides popular songs, Camptown Races is used for, Two World Wars, One World Cup, and Ten Green Bottles became Ten German Bombers. She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain is another. These songs are used by England fans to slight their main rivals, Germany.
My Bonnie
My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean has lyrics that goes: "If I had the wings of an Eagle, if I had the arse of a crow, I'd fly over... and shit on the bastards below...", while some songs are generally reserved for cup matches like the FA Cup, Football League Cup, Football League Trophy, FA Trophy and FA Vase, where the venue of the final is at Wembley Stadium. Examples include an adaption of, "Que Sera, Sera/Whatever Will Be, Will Be/Que Sera, Sera/Whatever Will Be, Will Be/We're going to Wembley..."

You'll Never Walk Alone
The chant, "We are the Champions, Champions of Europe" from Queen, is often sung by fans of Leeds United. Some football teams have traditional club anthems sung by their fans like Liverpool's You'll Never Walk Alone, West Ham United's I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles and New York Red Bulls with, Stand By Me.

Stand By Me
2010 Fifa World Cup should use some of the following songs for soccer chants: Africa Bamba by Santana, Africa by Toto, Africa Unite by Bob Marley and the Wailers, Under African Skies by Paul Simon and Storms In Africa by Enya. I guess the vuvuzelas are more effective?

What songs are they using this time around?

Information (Edited) : Wikipedia.
Images: Thank you Google contributors.

(Updated posting from 2010 )

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You'll Never Walk Alone: Gerry & The Pacemakers
YouTubeVideo from: Gerry & The Pacemakers.
[Official Video]

Monday, November 21, 2022

Andy Singapore 60s Music Into Its 15th Year


Monday, November 14, 2022

Cruisin Crashin Car Crazy Celebrated In Songs (Pt I)

The Beach Boys

Car Crazy:

With the Singapore 2022 Formula 1 Night Race and expensive COEs in the headlines recently, cars were the subject on everyone's lips. Apparently second-hand vehicles were selling better and it didn't stop the richer ones from buying new. 

Although a hot topic in Singapore, cars have never been celebrated in song here as in the US. In fact certain models have been immortalised by American artistes in love with these machines. So how many of the following songs are you familiar with?

Both music and car aficionados are familiar with Mustang Sally as the Mustang has been a symbol of speed among American motorists for many years, helped along by Steve McQueen’s car chase through the streets of San Francisco in a GT 390 Fastback in Bullitt (1968).

In 1966, Wilson Pickett scored a hit with this R&B rocker about a lady who was advised to slow down, because she was moving too fast. Written by Bonny Rice, it has since become known as a Pickett anthem. You’ve been riding all over town, ooh, guess you gotta put your flat feet on the ground. Ride, Sally, ride.
'Mustang Sally' by Wilson Pickett 
YouTube video from: glazer1134

"Mustang Sally" [Mack Rice - 1966]

"Look it here.
I bought you a brand new mustang nineteen sixty five. Huh
Now you come around signifying a woman, you don't wanna let me ride
Mustang Sally, now baby, oh Lord, guess you better slow that mustang down
Huh, oh Lord. Look here
You been running all over the town
Oh! I got to put your flat feet on the ground. Huh, What I said now?"

Little Deuce Coupe:

Drag racing, while illegal, is nonetheless an American tradition. The Beach Boys (image) paid tribute to it in this ode to a ’32 Ford with a big V8. Brian Wilson co-wrote this with a disc jockey named Roger Christian, who was heavily into cars. Also, there’s the suggestion the little deuce coupe can do 140 mph, an exaggeration really. The song reached No. 15 on the U.S. pop charts in 1963.

Hot Rod Lincoln:

Most people know the version by the country and rockabilly band Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, which was released early in 1972 and rose to No. 9 on the pop charts. One of the more famous lines goes like this: My pappy said, ‘Son, you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’, if you don’t stop driving that Hot Rod Lincoln. There was an earlier version, written in 1955.


The Beach Boys recorded 409 (a Chevrolet) in 1962, and more than a dozen other songs about cars. 409 was released as the B-side of Surfin’ Safari. Most of the lyrics are fairly simple and repetitive, such as Giddy up 409 and She’s real fine my 409. The Beach Boys were infatuated with girls, cars and the beach, often in the same song.


Ronny and the Daytonas (image) came out of Nashville with dreams of mimicking the Beach Boys’ sound but had mixed success. G.T.O., penned by John Wilkin, was released shortly after the car itself and reached No. 4 on the charts in 1964.

Although they did not have staying power, they did hammer at the car theme and sold more than a million singles of this song as well as a half-million albums.

Naik Kereta-ku: [Ride In My Car]

Did Singapore 60s music have songs for cars too? Yes, it's a Malay song, called Naik Kereta Ku by the late Rudyn, who happened to be an old friend. His group was known as the Impian Bateks. The song was a hit in Singapore and Malaysia. Now who says we're not interested in cars?

Comments please?

This post has been revitalised from September, 2010.

[Information, by Michael Ventre (19.3.2007), has been edited for brevity. Website is unavailable now.]

Read DRIVE below:


This posting is not advertising cars for sale nor does it encourage speeding on our beautiful roads. 

Thursday, November 03, 2022

Pirated Vinyl Records, Bootleg Or Fakes: On Sale In The 60s

Bootlegs are not legitimate commercial releases and are illegal but some collectors want them. It is true that all illegal items - not just records - are hard to advertise, buy or sell. So most bootlegs have little value.

In the 1960's they were called, pirated records.

They come in several categories though. Some bootleg LPs often feature tracks that have not been commercially released because the recordings are stolen ones. Some are illegal recordings of live concerts.

EPs include re-releases of rare or valuable 45s. Some bootleg 45s are exact copies of rare records with the original label graphics and numbers - these are known in the industry as counterfeits. In Singapore 60s, a record does not need to be rare. As long as it sells well, a bootleg copy is available.

During blogger's search for vinyl, he comes across many bootleg copies. Some of them are so common that they are worthless today, but some of these fakes are being sold in the market for a higher price. At the end of the day it depends on how much a buyer is willing to pay and how badly the seller is willing to part with the bootleg for the amount involved. 
A cheap bootleg vinyl EP from Sungei Road, 
a famous but defunct flea market.

The above vinyl, from a flea market, costs S$2.00 but may cost more today. It has a unique cover with our former Singapore sweetheart Heather's most popular song, Love Is Blue. 

But what makes it special is Cliff Richard's pasted photograph below with the song Congratulations. Together with Green Tambourine, Heather (who was with The Thunderbirds and Diamonds Four), sings Kiss Me Goodbye. And the label is Hi Fi Record without a serial number. They could have been more imaginative.

Comment anyone? 
Is this another counterfeit, this time of the Monkees. 
It has a record trade mark or company, but
no song titles and no photographs, only sketches.

Click link to read:

Click Comments below for more on this topic.

Image/original article: Andy Lim.

This posting was originally dated 30.3.2010.

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Halloween Hantus 2022 From Around The World


Devil in Disguise? Is that Elvis Presley and a pretty Halloween lady with the weird-faced pumpkins? Or his ghost? 

Halloween Singapore 31st October, 2022

Lots of 60s songs that talk of THE BAD MOON RISING with DEVIL WOMAN and her EVIL WAYS making LOVE POTION NUMBER NINE with the WITCH DOCTOR. 

More than two dozen songs. Do you know them. What about the FRIGHTENED CITY controlled by The Shadows?



My own experience in Canada when I was chased by Halloween hunters for sweets and treats.


Our own local Halloween who is around every night in the neighbourhood apartments. She is a lady called Pontianak.


The best story is from this posting where I met a true blue lady who knows about these supernatural beings. Check her out...

Indeed a very mysterious woman. Her revelation of being able to see dead people walking around her and hearing the dead screaming at the crematorium is scary. She could have been asked to leave because of the chills she gave to customers.

It is a good write-up and I think she was telling the truth. Careful of bewitching eyes.  I once told someone off who laughed when I told her what I had told you about my chilling, scary, experiences. She thought I made it up. Unbelievers are those who never had these encounters. 

Good Luck. They may catch you.


Sunday, October 16, 2022

Tourists Ordering Coffee In Singapore: Kopi Oh No!!! 'Java Jive': Ink Spots and Gracias Choir

A Coffee Song: One of the Korean lady singers from 
this fantastic and cute singing group called Gracias Choir. 



The first joke I heard about coffee and tea was during my teens, when a Chinese friend of Hainanese dialect related it.

An English couple who were tourists visited a coffee shop at *Victoria Street in Singapore. They sat and ordered two cups of black coffee when the waiter came to their table.

The waiter shouted, "Kopi Oh, no!"

English man, "Okay, no coffee. Let's order two cups of tea then!"

The waiter shouted again, "Teh Oh, no!"

Englishman tells his wife, "What? No coffee? No tea? And it's supposed to be a coffee shop. Let's get out of here!"

Minutes later two cups of black coffee and two cups of tea were seen on the table. The waiter couldn't find the couple.

In Chinese Hainanese dialect:
1] Kopi Oh - pronounced /ou= Coffee without milk or just black coffee with sugar.

2] No - pronounced /nor/ = Two, as in two cups.

So: Kopi Oh, no = To the British the phrase sounds like: Coffee, oh no! 

The waiter was shouting the couple's orders to his worker in the kitchen.

Actually it's not a joke; it did happen? 😃
Any comment?

*History: Victoria Street was specified because there was a large Hainanese community in that area those years.

Korea's Gracias Choir Girls - The Best 👍

'Java Jive' is a song written by Ben Oakland and Milton Drake in 1940 made famous and recorded by the fabulous The Ink Spots. 

I used to listen to this song in the 1940's when I was still a child. It's been recorded in my mind forever!

Do watch the videos below, the cute version and the original one. Enjoy.

'Java Jive', 
I Love Coffee, I Love Tea. [Gracias Choir]  
The First Prize Winner of 2015 
International Chamber Choir Competition 

The Ink Spots: Java Jive [1940]. YouTube Video: RReady555

Screen Shots of 'Gracias Choir', 'The Ink Spots' are from YouTube Videos.

Coffee Singapore Style.
Tea too Singapore music.

Tea Break - The Quests 
YouTube Video from: Seang Guan Chan.

Thanking FL for the suggestion.
FL is a constant reader of this blog for many years.

Thursday, October 06, 2022

'Summertime' Aria With Its Magical Blues Transformation Becomes Forever: By S.L.

A 'Porgy and Bess' movie poster: Composed in 1934, 'Summertime' was one of George Gershwin's most famous and covered songs from the opera. Blog contributor and lecturer friend S.L. fills her lungs and exhales...

Thanks S.L. for your lovely lovely feel of this opera and blues classic.


I am sure most people who heard "Summertime" for the first time would be captivated by the song. I truly was and it remains an all-time favourite of mine. 

The version I had listened to was likely Ella Fitzgerald's and Louis Armstrong's jazz version. It starts with lush symphonic sounds, then Armstrong interjects with his blaring trumpet solo and finally Ella Fitzgerald enters singing in her rich, silky, clear voice. For a young child, it was "WOW!"

'Porgy and Bess': 'Summertime': Clara [Paula Ingram] 
Sung by Harolyn Blackwell. YouTube Video by amadeusvideolog.

The song started out as the aria for the opening scene of America's iconic opera, "Porgy and Bess". Gershwin based the composition on the African-American spiritual. In the opening scene, Clara sings it as a lullaby to her baby.

The song is a study in contrast and irony. The pace of the music is slow, quiet in one part and soaring in another. It begins evocative of the season but the languid atmosphere hides the harsh reality of Clara and her baby's lives. She tries to escape it for a while by complimenting baby on his good fortune of having fine parents. She ends her lullaby in the soaring notes of her hope for a different and better future and life for him. A mother's inextinguishable love and hope. One hears melancholy, defiance, consolation and desperate hope all in the song.

Summertime - the season - is also my favourite. The days are long and the living is easy. If you own a cabin by a lake and a canoe, cast a line and the fish will be biting. Start a BBQ and conversations with friends. Summertime living, but a millions miles away from Catfish Row.


Louis Armstrong and Aretha Franklin 
with their rendition of 'Summertime'. 
Thanks to YouTube and Оксана Новосад
3.5 million viewers.

Begging your indulgence, Andy.

I just wonder how many people, except for classical and opera aficionados, have heard "Summertime" sung as an aria. 

I certainly listened to Ella Fitzgerald's "Summertime" and definitely know "Porgy and Bess" being an opera. But I didn't know that "Summertime" was the opening song of the opening scene. That is until I did my reading up and discovered how one aria from an opera transformed into the multitudinous covers that exist in all genres of music. 

So thanks to you, Andy, I re-listened to the Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong duet version, as well as her solo performance, Leontyne Price, Renée Fleming, Mahalia Jackson, Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, Billy Stewart, Chaka Khan, Nora Jones, Herbie Mann, Simon Gale, The Zombies, Sublime, even Lana del Ray and finally, the genius composer himself, George Gershwin on piano. 

There is a rendition in every genre of music, in voice and instrumental. And the amusing thing is fans of the genre, or singer or band will stake that their idol's version is the best. ☺️

So I say to you, Andy, sincerely and gratefully, thank you for letting me re-visit "Summertime" and in so doing, led me to sample its delightful variations. 🙏🙂

An original composition by S.L.

Click on 'Comments' below this post to read them.

Mahalia Jackson: Live sings 'Summertime'
YouTube Video from gevinque.

Ricky Nelson performs 'Summertime' 
YouTube video from: jesmelric
Thanks to Prof. Steve Farram for the information.

Image: Google.

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Singapore 60's Music Blog Hits 3 Million Views On 29/9/2022


Many Thanks For The Congratulatory 
Messages From 80+ Kind Folks:

Chow Wen Hing: 
Wow! 👋👋👋

Cedric Collars [Perth/Australia]:
Congratulations on all your effort in maintaining your blog. It is a pleasure in helping you make your dream a success wile helping people with a like mindset give their thoughts and experiences👋👍. A journey begins first with a dream, then with action. Enjoy the moment Andy. 😛

John Lim:
Wow... such a great achievement... this calls for a celebration indeed Andy.

Tan Soo Khoon:
3M views! Congratulations!👍👨🙏

Jimmy Chng:
Hi Andy, heartiest congratulations to you on the readership 
of your blog crossing the 3M mark! Cheers!

Saram Jerry:
This credit belongs entirely to you. You have single handedly nurtured this blog through the years until it is now read by so many people around the world. In your own small way you have created a niche for yourself and Singapore in the world of "Oldie Music" of Singapore and the world. Soon your blog may be read by more than five and a half million people - the present population of Singapore. You are a Singapore institution, man!

Yen Chow:
Congratulations Andy! Excellent achievement!😍 🥰

Lawrence Lim:
Well done. Do people read my comments?

Horace Wee:
Congratulations. That's nice.

Andy, my heartiest CONGRATULATIONS on your new breaking record of 3 million views! Your music blogs have introduced me to many beautiful songs and excellent singers. Inspired by your dedication and passion to share interesting articles and will continue to support your blogs. Keep it going! :)

Jimmy PresLee:
Congratulations, more than 3 million followers on your blog.

Clarence Perera:
Nice to listen to old songs.

Oliver Balasingham:

Audie Ng [Silver Strings/Leader]:
Wow Congratulations I'm so happy for you and also proud that my first SS singer's blog has reached 3M viewers. Tok Kong in Hokkien n Teochew Si Beh Hor, mean FANTASTIC. Cheers my big bro. Carry on your good work, since it's your passion.

Anna Law [Teepees]:

Jimmy Yap:
Congrats ANDY. All Singaporean musicians to viewers around the world should be proud n thankful to you for being the bridge connecting us worldwide.

Happy Tay [Vancouver/BC/Canada]:
I'm happy for you my friend, All your effort and hard work is slowly paying off. You deserve all the accolades and I hope that the Singapore government recognizes it too. God Bless.

Ivor Lesslar:
Good Morning Sir: Congratulations!

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👍 ✌️ 🙏

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Wow!! Congrats!!! What an achievement!

James Kwok:
At first glance I was wondering why Abang Andy sent me a 3M advertisement. Then the real thing surfaces: 3 million views !! CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATION for reaching such a milestone on your journey. 👋👋👋 
We know that the best is yet to be.👌👌.

Phil Chan:

Richard Rajoo:
Way to go bro!

Congrats Andy for 3 million views!

Irene Yap [Recording Artiste]:
Wow! Andy! Thanks to you for bringing back beautiful memories for so many of us! Memories we may have forgotten due to us reaching maturity... Congratulations!

Eddy Eng:
Congratulations, Andy! 3 million is certainly a milestone. Keep it up!

Ronald Ho:
Good afternoon Andy.  Demand is softening and need to tighten controls. 
Congrats on 3M views.

Winston Koh:
Congratulations Andy!
👍👍👋👋 🙏

Perry Koh:
Heartiest congrats. Someone from our Arts Ministry should recognise this and reward you financially at least.

Stephen Francis:
Wow!! Congratulations Andy!! 👏👏

Steve Ho:
Congratulations, Andy. You have achieved yet another milestone.

Sunny Wee:
3M+ views. Outstanding achievement. 

Dr. T.H.Y.

Majorie Chiew [Journalist/Malaysia]:
Congrats on your 3mil views. That's a lot of hard work put in!

Simon Tay:
Congratulations Andy! Well done.

Ronnie See:
All the best Andy! You are the beacon of the Singapore music scene.
Thanks for your great contribution. One of the few and far between! Can put it in songs!

Victor Lam:

Johnny Yeow:
well done Andy. your hard work is paying off. Congrats 👍

Congrats, Andy ! 
You have spent many years in this blog, and it is a job well done. 
We will follow u thru the many years ahead ! God's blessing.

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Dick Yip:

Juliana Lim:
Congrats Andy!

Freda Hanum:
Wow! Congrats to you and the blog.
Nice to see you back Andy.

Lim Kuan Min:
Steady la.

Peter Cheong:
Amazing result Andy! 
I mentioned before the figure will go UP AND ON.

Jimmy Appudurai:
Congratulations to you and your teamxx

Fred Ching:
Dear Brother Andy, thank you for your blog and congratulations for this milestone. Truly a Herculean effort. Please take good care of yourself and your family. All the best, Fred🙏😊

James Kwok
Hi Andy, Thanks for the memories that your blogs brings to my 75-year-old mind 👏👏🙏🙏

Alphonso Soosay
Congratulations Andy Young. Thank You for keeping Singapore’s 60’s Music alive till now.

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Your Blog has finally made it !
3M viewers! Wow! What a fantastic feat !