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Cyril Terrence de Souza RIP - A Horace Wee Tribute - Andy 60s Music

Terrence de Souza


He leaves to dance with the flowers and butterflies. To jam with his pals again in heaven.  

Cyril Terrence de Souza was another unsung hero of the Singapore music industry.

He was a warm, kind and generous person and never had a harsh word and always had a calm pleasant disposition. Known by many in the musical circles, he was never one to push himself to the forefront, preferring to diligently play his designated role as a pianist accompanying many of the industry stalwarts.

Over the many years that I’ve known him, playing together in the radio orchestra or meeting him somewhere when  he was playing a solo piano gig or with a small group, it was always - hi, haven’t seen you for ages, how are you and a grin. A quiet man of few words, I never actually engaged in a long conversation with him. When I tried, he always responded in a sentence, probably followed with an agreeable nod or a yes. Very sparing in his words. He did move about with his residences, and I would often ask where he stayed or generally what he was up to. At one time he was staying across the road from me at a house in Gerald Drive.

He was already a working pianist from the 60s but worked in the library of Radio Singapore for many years. It was like he was a pianist-in-waiting for the radio orchestra. The day finally came when he secured the position of pianist. I guess he was really biding his time and jumped at the opportunity.

I would not categorize him as a jazz pianist though he could play in that vein. He could be described as an all round pianist, that could function in any music environment, group or as a solo lounge pianist. There were times I would get up to jam with him if I happened upon one of his gigs. He’d just ask for the tune I wanted to play, nod his head and proceed to play an introduction.

Besides gigging in his later years, he also gave piano lessons. I had heard he was living in Australia these years, and it was a surprise when I found he had returned to Singapore. That was only a few months ago, when his cousin Boni de Souza mentioned visiting him. From the photos, he had aged appreciably and was wheelchair bound.  One never knows the day when life ends and for Terry it was just a few months later. I’m still happy to have recalled some of the times in this quiet man’s company.

Condolences to the family.

Rest In Peace Cyril Terrence de Souza.

16th September 2021.

Written by Horace Wee [Copyrights Reserved].

Image from Val Ortega.

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Singers Called 'Johnny' - Covid Stay Home Quiz - Andy 60s Music

From - Classic Mood Experience - YouTube 
'JOHNNY B. Goode' by Chuck Berry.

Stay Home. Do A Quiz. [Not Safe Out There].

Singers Named 'Johnny'.

Some time ago, this blog featured pop singers named BOBBY. Today the focus is on famous gentlemen named JOHNNY. But according to a website, there are 206 famous Johnnys around. So many.

In no particular order, here they are folks. Guess who. Only 6 from the lot and 2 are still around...

Clues - song titles include words like - motion, certain, come lately, the line, rain, clearly.

Ha, ha, good luck folks.

From -

Google and captioned from relevant websites to cater to the new copyright laws. Please inform and images will be deleted immediately.

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Pop 60s Bands And Singers Quiz - Who Are They?

Images of 3 pop bands, a singer and 2 vinyl record covers.

What are the names of the 5 groups/bands and the singer.

Which group had their greatest hits on this vinyl record cover.

Who is this singer? Part of the song title is on the image.

This symbol is a give-away. No Clues.

Wow! That's a blimp. And in red too. 

Well, they are royalties but one has gone already.

Too easy and another give-away! Is this an album they recorded?


Images - GOOGLE.

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Singapore Tourist Spots - 'Silver Strings' Pop Concerts [2008 - 2019] Part 1


In the past 12 years or so, from 2008 to 2019, the Silver Strings had performed at tourist spots in Singapore. Below are only some venues, recorded at random.

Media Corp Studios [Channel 5 TV] 

The Esplanade

Kallang Wave [National Stadium]

Kallang Theatre

Conrad International Hotel

RELC International Hotel

Sentosa Beach Resort

Cruise Ship, Aegean Paradise

The Promontory, Marina Bay Sands

National Library, North Bridge Road

Silver Strings Latest Line Up 2019


Silver Strings appeared twice for
 'Rolling Good Times' and 'Not The 5 Show'
on Channel 5 TV, MediaCorp, together with
Rick Astley and Dick Lee.

The Esplanade where Silver Strings performed with
Brian Richmond helming the evening.

The Strings at Kallang Wave, where the sports action is; 
this venue is part of the Kallang Stadium near the East.

Conrad International Hotel in the city, 
a gig near the poolside.
Silver Strings Line Up November 2013 with charity shows
at Boys Town and a Malay old folks home.

Kallang Theatre, one of the oldest venues
in Singapore commanded musicals like
'Phantom of the Opera', 'Les Miserable', etc.

An open space where fans danced to the beat 
of the Strings playing in the Sentosa moonlight.
The National Library, right in the heart of old Singapore; 
a senior spree at the foyer filled up 
the space when the Strings played 60s music.

The Promontory at Marina Bay Sands had MCs
Moe Alkaff and Irene Ang singing in the rain with
 the crowd, to  the beat of the Strings pop songs.

2014 and 2019
Two shows were held at the RELC International Hotel beside 
the Orchard Road tourist belt. Larry Lai and Jerry Fernandez 
commanded the stage.Car parking costs as much as ticket prices.
Silver Strings went on board the Aegean Paradise
to perform to a live audience, Las Vegas style, amidst 
jack-pot machines, casinos and music lovers.
Silver Strings Line Up March 2019

To find out who the SILVER STRINGS band members are, 
the reader needs to browse on the posts within this blog. Cheers.

We shall continue to PART 2 soon.

Images - GOOGLE. 

Disclaimer - This post is a personal one.
No intention for any commercial benefit.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Psycho [1960] - Anthony Perkin's Letter To Stephen Han


Anthony Perkins, young, handsome 
and a big hit with fans all over the world in his 
starring role in the movie PSYCHO [1960].

A personal letter from Stephen Han 

"When I was young, I used to listen to music of all genres, be it pop, country or jazz.  As for movies, I like the action, drama, comedy and musical ones. I was obsessed into writing to my favourite pop or movie stars for their autographed pictures. Not all of them would rely but I did receive from Brenda Lee, Anne Murray, George Straits, Helen Shapiro and a few others.

As for film stars, I had some lovely photos of Sandra Dee, Susan Pleshette, Connie Steven’s and Elizabeth Taylor. However, I was really surprised to receive a quite long letter from Anthony Perkins. Remember him, I guess the Pioneer or Silver generation did for his excellent role in the hit “Psycho”, in which he starred with Janet Leigh. He played his part cleverly and the movie was a box office hit. I hereby leave you with the letter that I had from him."

Thanks Stephen for allowing us to read Mr. Perkins' letter to you. It is certainly very rare that famous movie stars would want to reply personally to their fans. This missive is a treat indeed. Andy.

A personal letter from Anthony Perkins to Stephen Han:

Anthony Perkins, actor, 
director, singer died in 1992.
[Copyrights Reserved]

'Psycho' [1960] Theme song that starred
Anthony Perkins n Janet Leigh
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Echoes of Psycho 
Bernard Hermann
by Singapore Symphony Orchestra
17-18 September 2021.
Victoria Concert Hall
Click below for details

Images from Google
YouTube video from 'Music scenes'

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Charlie Watts - Goodbye Rolling Stones Drummer

2nd June 1941 - 24th August 2021


Charlie Robert Watts, famed 'Rolling Stones' drummer had passed away aged 80. He had been with the group since its inception. According to the media he was a private person and usually very quiet, avoided the limelight before and after performances.

''The classic Stones sound is built primarily on Keith Richard's endless variations of the three chord trick... occasionally shaded by country stylings... from vocalist Mick Jagger's construct functional melodies, to carry lyrics often infused with primitive sexuality, driven on a metronomic dance beat by drummer Charlie Watts. [Paul Du Noyer - The Story of Rock n Roll]''

RIP Charlie. Singapore sends condolences to the family. 

Let the drums roll on, up there with Don Everly who had just left the music world.

The Stones were in Singapore in 1965 playing to a full Badminton Stadium during Chap Go May. Check out the story below.

Images GOOGLE. 

''Metronomic dance beat''
 by Charlie Watts in Green T. 
At Hyde Park with Rolling Stones [2013]
'Honky Tonk Woman'
YouTube video by Vinicius Barbosa.

The significance of Charlie Watts' drumming
in 'Paint It Black' by Rolling Stones, as commented
by blog reader FL. Official Video.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Don Everly Dies - Tribute To Everly Brothers - Henri Gann California US


By now I guess you must have heard the news on the passing of Don Everly. I did not know that Phil Everly had passed away about 7 years ago. 

Henri Gann


From -
My tribute to the Everly Brothers

In late 50s: listening to 'Wake Up Little Susie' and 'Bye, Bye Love' with a windup gramophone player at a beach picnic in Changi. 

In the 60s: hearing stereo music high fidelity for the first time and captivated by the sound separation of the Everly Bros hits of 'Walk Right Back', 'Take a Message to Mary', 'So Sad', 'All I Have To Do is Dream', 'Bird Dog', 'Cathy's Clown', 'Til' I Kissed You', 'Let it Be Me' and 'Devoted to You'. Singapore 60s music fans will remember the Blue Diamonds singing many of the Everly Bros tunes in addition to their own hit 'Ramona'.

By the 80s: While listening to their latest hit of 'Wings of Nightingale' on my McKintosh, I had discovered the full bodied sweet sound of tube amplifiers. For the first time, I felt like I was in a recording studio while listening to my records. 

Also in the 80s, I was fortunate to see the Everly Brothers performed at the Greek Theater and Hollywood Palladium. Seeing how natural they were on stage and hearing them sing in "perfect harmony" still intrigued me to this day. 

Don Everly - RIP

Don Everly died at age 84 in his home in Nashville, Tennessee and Phil Everly passed away in 2014 at age 74 in Los Angeles, California. Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles attributed the Everly Bros to be their major influence in music. Jerry Lee Lewis said it best when he described the Everly Bros music as an "integral fabric of American pop music." 

In 1986, the Everly Brothers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2001, they were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Cathy's Clown YouTube 
video by ko ati. Thank you.

Interesting Comments from Paul McCartney and Paul Simon:

Paul McCartney - “When John and I first started to write songs, I was Phil and he was Don." 

Paul Simon -" I was completely star-struck and extremely impressed by their humility and gentleness of soul" when I finally met the Everly Bros years later. 

(Bob Greene of CNN, Jan 12, 2014)

Now back to my Spotify and listening to the Everly Brothers and their hits of the 60s!

Article by Henri Gann.

Images - GOOGLE.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tan Soo Khoon - Former MP & Speaker of the House, Pop Singer

Tan Soo Khoon has the crowd 
mesmerised when he performs.


Tan Soo Khoon's eyes light up when you talk to him about three subjects, and they all begin with the letter P.  Seriously, he'll chat with you in earnest about Politics. And he's well-versed with the topic. That's the first P.

He is the only person in Singapore who can face the microphone in a large hall and engage himself as a Speaker. With his robe and wig on, he's on higher ground than any Minister. Now that's something because Soo Khoon [SK] used to be an elected  Parliamentarian in Singapore and the Speaker of the House. That's the second P. 

Since this blog is about local music, can you guess his third favourite topic that starts with P ?

Guess it. Because when he appears in front of the microphone this time, he doesn't speak but sing his favourite hits with charm and ease. You've never heard a sexier, ''Uh, huh, huh...'' before. Yes, his body quivers when he sings Elvis and strums his guitar. Presley it is, the third P.

SK is such a busy person so it took me a while to chat with him on WhatsApp getting details about his singing, love for pop music and answering some questions. When he finally relented and had some time to relate his music journey, I thought it most appropriate to post it during National Day - Singaporeans' special day, about a very special person.

And don't skip his story below; he's got two beautiful ladies to accompany him on the keyboard. Find out who they are.

Thanks SK for the first ever love story on this blog about an MP and his music.


Chatting with former Speaker Tan Soo Khoon on his music journey:

"We started playing as a band sometime in the mid 1990’s. I  self-taught myself guitar strumming when I was in school but laid it off while in university and when I started working. In the 1970’s a good friend of mine, Noor Quek (who herself is an accomplished singer and keyboardist) would occasionally get together with me to jam, and then that was it. 

We got together again and started playing as a band sometime in the mid 1990’s. The earliest members were my old ACS Primary One classmates. Eric Tiong (drums), Ronnie Teo (lead guitar), Sim Kheng Chin (Bass) and we called ourselves The Young Once. 

Over the years, the band has evolved with different musicians including Henry Chua, Franklin Wong, Tony Kwek, David Loh ,Ted Ha,  David Chua, Andrea Teo, Benson Goh, Eunice Olsen, Arthur Lim, Arshad Hamid, Archie Ong. These are all good musicians who have helped us tighten our rendition of many songs.


I want to add that we all get together just for the fun of it. Our love of music is the bond that keeps us together and strengthens our friendship over the years.

The first time we played together as a band was at a charity event at the Ritz Carlton some time in 1998. We  play at charity events and some of the venues we have played at include hotels like The Mandarin, Shangrila, Hilton, Marriott, Concord, Orchard, Regent and The Four Seasons as well as the Esplanade Recital Studio.

Beside Elvis, being my favourite singer, I enjoy the music and songs of Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Ricky Nelson, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Trini Lopez, Glen Campbell, Beach Boys, Everly Brothers, The Drifters, The Platters, Tony Orlando & Dawn,  John Fogerty & CCR, The Eagles,  Kenny Rogers, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, Anne Murray.''

When I asked SK if he had attended concerts of international pop stars, he replied that he had seen some of them. With much persuasion he mentioned, Cliff Richard & The Shadows , The Blue Diamonds, Anneke Gronloh, Helen Shapiro, The Drifters, The Platters,  The Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Tony Orlando, Engelbert Humperdinck, Michael Jackson, Skeeter Davis, Pat Boone, Frances Yip, were some of those he had seen perform ‘live’ [some images below].   

''Oh, I left out Paul Anka among the artistes and enjoyed listening to him too. Then there's Tom Jones and the Righteous Brothers. I always wanted to see Elvis perform . I would have loved to go to Hawaii or Las Vegas to see his concerts but in those days,  I didn’t have the money to fly that far!'' 
Live Concerts that Soo Khoon had attended 
Skeeter Davis, Engelbert Humperdinck, 
Anneke Gronloh, Michael Jackson

Soo Khoon has become so well-known among the pop stars mentioned, he has even appeared as a duet with the late Riem De Wolff [images below], younger brother of Rudy, both known as the Blue Diamonds, international stars from Holland/Indonesia.

I mentioned that former DPM Tharman wrote an article about why he likes Shirley Nair’s singing, so I asked his opinion about our Singapore band boys and girls from our Golden Age of music in the 60s.

''We have good local bands and musicians that I enjoy watching over the years, The Quests, Andy and The Silver Strings, Veronica Young, Vernon Cornelius, October Cherries, Zul Sutan & Tania, The Checkmates, The Dukes, The Mysterians, The Thunderbirds, Matthew and The Mandarins, The Tornados, Stephen Francis, Danny Koh, Jeremy Monterio, Tony, Spencer and Terry are some of the great local entertainers I have watched over the years. Many of them are still rocking away!''

And that's true with SK also. He used to, ''shake the House in Parliament'' with his fiery speeches.  Now he shakes, rattles and rolls at the places where he performs and sings Elvis or other pop hits.

There's  much more to learn about Soo Khoon and his music, the guitars he uses, the fully-equipped sound studio at his home and what he does for charities. But that's another tale to tell.

Thanks SK for sharing a part of your life with us.

Read the comments below. Do write in to provide yours too.

A Happy National Day 2021 to everyone. 

[Article and images belong to Tan Soo Khoon; Google.]

Singing as a duet with the late 
Riem de Wolff [Blue Diamonds] 
at local charities and performances.

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Andy 60s Music - Happy National Day 2021 PARADE 21 AUGUST

National Day Celebration
The NDP 2021 Parade and Show is set to start at 6.05 pm this Saturday, 21 August 2021.  Catch it on local free-to-air broadcasters as well as on the NDPeeps YouTube channel and social media platform.

The NDP 2021 Show segment will be hosted by Joakim Gomez, Eswari Gunasagar, Fauzie Laily, and Patricia Mok. It will be held in addition to the Parade and Ceremony segment.

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A Happy National Day From The Blog!
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