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Singapore Rare Vinyl Records Banned - Tight Pants n Hot Pants

[This article has been forwarded from 2018.]

Look around today. Most ladies, young, old, fat, thin, tall or short, pretty or otherwise, of any colour and creed, are wearing tight pants or shorts today, two of the most popular fashion highlights on the streets.

Similarly, in the 60's and 70's, ladies were wearing sexy shorts and tight pants too. Below are two vinyl records to prove. 

Rare Singapore Vinyl Records: True Or False?

Tight Pants:

This record is called Tight Pants, a vinyl produced by Johnson Seah with studio engineer Vincent Lim and arranged by our own Singapore band called, Family Robinson. The label is Libra Records.

Tight Pants was a restricted record by RTS (Radio Television Singapore) in the 1970's, which means it has never been played over the airwaves.

The flip number of this Singles record is Same Old Feeling. It's another 45 RPM and it looks like both songs are Singapore originals. 

Anyone can help me? Just with the band and song information?


One of the most popular pop bands in Singapore 60's and 70's was The X'periment (spelt exactly: without the E, an apostrophe after the X and without the plural S). 

The group recorded an Extended Play with three songs: Time To Get It Together - S. Roberds, Hot Pants and Satisfaction Guaranteed. It's produced by Reggie Verghese and distributed by
EMI Orange label.

I have never seen anything like this vinyl anywhere on the internet, let alone on eBay or Hardware Zone. What made me put this vinyl up is because it costs $90.00 and labelled: Promotional Sample: Not For Sale and being told by the salesperson that it's rare. 

Can anyone verify this vinyl? Thanks. 

Western pop regressive?

Horseshoes: Freakish Fashion Footwear?

Images: Andy Young Collection.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Andy's 60s Music Blog - Now 14 During Covid Quarantine On 21.11.21 Singapore

This Blog Celebrates 
Its 14th Anniversary 
On 21st November, 2021.
21.11.21 😆
This year is a fast moving one.  It seemed like only yesterday I was thanking everyone for the support given. So again dear people, truly appreciate the success of this Singapore music blog because of the solid backbone of viewers, visitors, friends, folks, contributing writers, readers , What's App. phone kakis, not forgetting Facebook, Twitter  and StatsCounter too.

Special thanks to n Google.

It's coming to 3 million views soon.
Thank you.

The list below shows wonderful friends from all over the globe, who helped to guest-write, although quite a number have been doing so many times before.

I guess writing is also a mental remedy to ease the pain of a Covid-19 quarantine that comes around this season. Writing is a balm for the mind, eases the pain somewhat...

Their articles have approximately between 1,000 to 2,500 viewership each and written between December 2020 to November 2021.

Thank you all so much.

Guest Writers

Mrs. Elaine Sung-Tang
Mr. Henry Gan [California]
Ms. CY Lin

Mr. Stephen Han
Mr. Chow Wen Hing
Mr. Horace Wee

Mr. Tan Soo Khoon 
Dr. Phil Chan 
Mr Robert Suriya [Boys/Guam]

Mr. Paul Ibrahm [Tanya]
Mr. Jimmy Chng [Decibels]
Mr. Joey Koh

Mr. Daniel Abidin [Dukes]
Ms. Eunice Chua [SG uni]
Ms. Megan Lye [SG uni] 

Mrs. Judy Chong-Lee
Mr. Martin Ong [Cliff R/Sarawak]
Mr. Fred Ching

Ms. J. Dick [Manitoba]
Mr Cedric Collars [Perth]
Mr Suituapui [Sarawak]
Mr Scott van Dort [Melbourne]

Their articles can be read by writing their names on the SEARCH BOX on the right column of the blog page.  

In My Life - Beatles
YouTube video from The Beatles Stuff.

There are places I'll remember
All my life, some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain.

All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all...

[by John Lennon/Paul McCartney]

     TURNING 14     
   WITH COVID-19  

Andy roams the streets of Brisbane, Australia, 
chatting with youthful buskers who play 60s music. 
Cheers. [June, 2019]

Images - Google.

Friday, November 12, 2021

'Getting Old' - A Poem By Judy Chong-Lee & Songs About Life's Journey

Poet: Mrs. Judy Chong-Lee with husband 
Jimmy PresLee [Elvis Tribute Artiste].


When I suggested that she let me publish her lively verses, Mrs. Chong-Lee responded positively. So to all our young once and young ones, please read the very down to earth but soul-stirring lines...

Thank you Judy.

Sharing with my close ones this poem I penned in May 2020 during the lock down. For the inspiration of fellow seniors 🙂.

Getting Old

Age they say is just a number

But the higher I go I seem dumber.

I've never been as old as I am now

To the march of time I must bow.

Simple chores no longer automatic

Auto-pilot programs gone erratic.

Things often get lost or go missing

Tasks to do need constant reminding.

Add on to these my new miseries

The sad pain of physical disabilities.

From birth to death we face life stages

Same for everyone through the ages.

With all our experience and wisdom

Age constraints restrict our freedom.

Since the past is already long gone

Please don't let it keep us forlorn.

The present is really a great gift

To live with joy as we daily drift.

The future is undecided for all

Just be very careful not to fall.

We're here on a wondrous journey

Aspiring to reach our divine destiny.

If there's still a dream or ambition

Go for it... too old for any inhibition.

For many they say life begins at 40

At 70 we could be young (once) as 30.

So cast away the cares every onus

To live these golden years is a bonus.

I want to live well laugh and love much

So my dear friends please stay in touch.

Composed by: 

Judy Chong - Lee [Mrs. Jimmy PresLee]

May, 2020.

*Click comments below, please, one by Chow Wen Hing especially...

Yours too are welcome.

Jimmy PresLee is Elvis Presley Singapore Tribute Artiste. Click the connection below to read about him. Check out his costumes too:

Here's a short list of songs with similar themes that could interest you:

1   Life - Elvis Presley [Mrs. Judy Chong's choice on YouTube]

2   Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller Band

3   Against the Wind - Bob Seger/Silver Bullet Band

4   Still Crazy After All These Years - Paul Simon

5   Those Were They Days - Mary Hopkin

6   It Was A Very Good Year - Frank Sinatra

7   Yesterday When I Was Young - Roy Clark

8   My Way - Paul Anka

9   Young At Heart - Frank Sinatra

10  Forever Young - Rod Stewart

Elvis Presley's 'Life' as selected by Judy Chong.
YouTube video from 'bigbadandrew'

11  Just Young - Paul Anka

12  The Young Ones - Cliff Richard

13  The Times Of Your Life - Paul Anka

14  Enjoy Yourself - Doris Day

15  In Our Old Age - Kenny Rogers

16  That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine - Gene Autry

17  Silver Threads Among The Gold - Will Oakland

18  We'll Meet Again - Johnny Cash

19  September Song - Willie Nelson

20  Rocking Chair - Hoagy Carmichael

Paul Anka: Just Young. 
YouTube video by: CatsPjamas1.

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Happy Deepavali दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं 2021 With Music To All Hindu Friends


A Happy Deepavali 2021 To 
All Hindu Readers & Friends

'Calcutta' by the Four Preps.
YouTube Video by SVansay.
A German pop song made popular by American band leader Lawrence Welk in 1961, it has been covered by so many artistes because of its cute lyrics and up-beat rhythm. The 4 Preps version on YouTube, with beautiful Indian ladies galore, is winning so many hearts again today. Thanks to S. VANSAY. 

The instrumental versions are by Lawrence Welk, Ventures, Les Baxter and Petula Clark sings it in French. The song charted #1 at the US Pop Hits.

These are songs that came to be before Cliff Richard and the Shadows emerged from Britain, about a time when we, in Singapore, had the Flamingos, the 3 Bambinos and before the Crescendos even cut their first vinyl. 

Cheers to 50's music...

Images: YouTube by S. Vansay.

Monday, November 01, 2021

November Music Posters - Andy 60s Blog Has 2.7 M Views - I'll Remember Today - Rid Covid


Friendship Endurance Love Time
(FELT) posters below.
November Notes
November Never Says No.
This posting is a potpourri of themes to do with the Friendship, Endurance, Love and Time - FELT posters. It's the beginning of the  ending of another year. So with wet November, we're still home bound with the rain and Covid. Hopefully with age we won't get nuttier but to check each other out time and again? 

Singapore 60s music-makers are mostly seniors now and they visit the doctor more often than before. So as friends keep the connection going; there's not much time left for some.

I think this blog has achieved its goal to get like-minded music folks together for a kopi-tiam [coffee-house] chit-chat. It's reached 2.7+ million and hopefully 3M by November 25th or year end. Then we'll be into our 14th year with this blog.

Thanks again.

The YouTube video is below.
I'll Remember Today.

End Of The Year
Wet November's Here.
With Covid Around
We're Still Home Bound...

It's November, My Month...

November Twilight - Julie London [1956]

13 years ago- from left - Audie, Aloy, Jerry, Veron, 
the late Bobo and Mike, Danny-Boy, 
Andy [blogger], Herb, Louis [sitting].
2008 VivoCity Concert - Sentosa Area.

Make It A November
To Remember... 
With Music To Play 
Rid Covid Away.

Images - Random designs taken from the internet and SMS-Greeting icons.

The Silver Strings With Shirley Nair - I'll Remember Today
YouTube Video by Audie Ng [band leader].
A 60s Music Recording from Singapore.
Image - Noma Bar

#Silver Strings Anniversary Month.
Happy Birthday Silver Strings and Michael Bangar.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Singapore's Pop Music History For Tertiary Students - Interest

Hello Mr. Young,

I’m a student at a local university and I’m currently working with a team on a research project about local Singaporean music in the 1960s, specifically focused on the local pop genre. While we were researching, we came across your blog on Singapore music of the 60s, and read that you fronted a couple of bands back then - the Swallows being one of them. 

Would you be open to a short interview with us? 

We understand that we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 climate and we’re open to doing the interview online! In the event that you are open to being interviewed, we would also like to ask for your permission to record it and use it for a class presentation. This is a non-profit project only for educational purposes but the website is likely to be made public. 

We’d love to hear your insights on this topic! Do feel free to let me know if you have any enquiries. Thank you so much for your time, looking forward to your reply😊 

Best wishes,


[This letter has been edited.]

Carlos Santana n John McLaughlin Live - Switzerland 2016 [Full/HD]

Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin 
Live in Switzerland - 2016 YouTube Video by LIVE Music.

Truly one of the best bands in today's rock world. They make lead guitars scream, percussions beat pulsating Latin music and create a different sound somehow. 

47 million albums, 100 million sold with 14 reaching the top 10 in the US; also 6 Grammys and 3 Latin Grammys; a Santana extravaganza.

Know The Difference:

She is 'Santa'.

He is 'Satan'.😝

Coconut Milk is 'Santan'.
[Malay language: spoken in Singapore & Malaysia]

He is 'Santana'.

Images: from Google.
YouTube Video:

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Halloween Chills With A Bewitching Waitress

An illustration of what the waitress looks like, a petite mix of Indonesian and Chinese. She was of course dressed in a more simple outfit.

Article, a re-post from 31.10.2018.

Devil Woman by both Cliff Richard and Johnny Lion are different songs but with the same title. I had featured both songs in a Hungry Ghost Month and a Halloween posting earlier on this blog. 

Since Halloween is around the corner, let me relate this story that discusses a very pretty waitress in an Indonesian restaurant in Singapore. She is beautiful, especially with her bewitching looks.

This particular Indonesian restaurant has dishes that are authentic and an atmosphere that is cordial. The food is similar to what my mother used to cook at home when I was a child, a treat of home food.

Black Magic Woman by Santana. Video by courtesy of Thank you.

I was with my wife and a lady waitress came to serve us. This one was a stunner!  She had porcelain skin and quality features, with remarkably high cheekbones, definitely a photographer's delight.

Surprised by her stunning beauty my wife got into a conversation after complimenting that her face was flawless. She beamed with delight. She also had a petite nose, "Hidung macung..." (sharp nose) when we both described her. Tall and slim she would fit any modelling agency's resume.

But her most unique feature was her eyes. They looked pearly and sea green and seemed to shine under the dim restaurant lights that evening. But there was something different about them.

We placed our orders and in the midst of eating, she came to our table and told us that she was of mixed parentage. I honestly forgot the racial combination, extremely exquisite to remember. Very interesting.

An illustration of a lady in meditation. This waitress vanquishes evil spirits.

She was multi-lingual too and we heard samplings of the languages she could speak; she rattled off in Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese, some dialects, Indonesian and bits and pieces of other languages. My wife and I were both fascinated.

Since the restaurant was not busy that evening, my wife asked how she managed her beautiful self. Her answer. in delightful Indonesian:

"I drink a jug of water every night before bed and I believe the water cleanses the toxins in my body."

But her beauty was not the actual attraction because what she told us surprised us that Halloween season. 

She explained that she practised meditation very seriously; this regime helped her maintain her beauty and physical fitness. She went on to explain that she was able to "distinguish the good and evil spirits that come before me when I meditate. They appear like images out of a book."

She was able to manage these spirits and send the negative ones away. She was also able to see dead people as some of them would walk around her sometimes. Shades of Bruce Willis, black magic and sorcery! She could tell the future, read your palms and quietly whispered in my ears, "Seduce you!"

A clairvoyant! OK! My wife was taken aback by her tale and behaviour and was becoming a little concerned but the waitress carried on to explain her supernatural abilities:

"Dead bodies should not be cremated because they can feel the pain. Burial is best," she concluded. The piece of rendang (Indonesian beef dish) in my mouth seemed to have melted down my throat. I swallowed hard.

"I know!" she looked at us with her darting eyes. "I can hear them scream when I go to the Mandai Crematorium to watch them burn."
Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra. Video provided by from YouTube. Thank you.

Strange that she was standing beside us all the time, while the other waitresses were busy with their chores. My wife and I could feel the chill of the air-conditioning.

"I have an aunt in Bali," she carried on, "and I have helped her get rid of a persistent troublemaker in her large bungalow in the suburbs. It was a JIN (an imp)." Apparently, the JIN came back when she was not around.  People in her kampong (village) laughed at her in disbelief when she told her stories. They said that she was a mental case, that she's GILA (crazy). 

When we left the restaurant we thanked her for her stories and gave her a small tip. She thanked us too with much gratefulness and enthusiasm. As we left everyone looked our way as she had an aura about her. To have left was a relief for us.

The next time we came round again, the head waiter told us she had already left. Why? The boss didn't like that she talked too much. According to a new head-waiter, she had troubled some customers.

I forgot to ask her name. 

Happy Halloween 2021 everyone!👿
Witchy Woman by VictoriaM1 from Deviant Art Website. Thank you for pix.

A short list of songs pertaining to the topic: 

Voodoo Child - Jimmy Hendrix Experience 

That Old Black Magic - Sammy Davis Jr 
Witchcraft - Frank Sinatra 

Magic Carpet Ride  - Steppenwolf 

Ghost Busters - Ray Parker Jr 
Magical Mystery Tour - Beatles 
An Indonesian Balinese Imp (Indo: JIN) that causes mischief and havoc if it is found in any household. It is usually a small creature-like nuisance.

Black Magic Woman - Santana 

You Can Do Magic - America 
Good Luck Charm - Elvis Presley 

Superstition - Stevie Wonder 

Magic - Olivia Newton-John 
With A Little Luck - Paul McCartney and Wings 

Do You Believe In Magic - Lovin Spoonful 

Witchdoctor - David Seville
Witchy Woman - Eagles

Images: Google

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Wonder Woman Is 80 Years Young - Andy's Singapore 60s Music, Comic Book Fans Cheer

Image -

Wonder Woman is 80 years young.
Lynda Carter [1975]
Miss World USA - 1972


I was crazily consuming comic books as a child, reading Batman, Superman, Plastic Man, Captain Marvel  and my favourite lady superhero, Wonder Woman. So engrossed in these colourful, attractive, addictive magazines that I forgot breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. Homework was left aside as a last minute jeopardy time and done in convenience within a few minutes. And my own wonder woman, - wonderful mum - shakes her head in despair.

The addiction went on to living room craze in the 70s and 80s, watching her again, enacted by the beautiful and magnificent Queen Lynda Carter.  These episodes lasted for a while, and then in  2016, Gal Gadot came along to take over the role. She is an enigmatic choice for the part, strong, remarkable and definitely eye-candy for her fans. A wonder lady from Israel. Whew... 

On 21st October, 2021, Wonder Woman celebrates her 80th.
Gal Gadot [2016] 
Miss Israel - 2004

Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Premier Performance
Hans Zimmer/Water Tower Music.
[Gal Gadot is on the left in white.]

Happy Birthday Wonder Woman.

 1970's from the TV series
YouTube video by TheRealWhatTheFudge.

[2] the 2016 theme from the movie
YouTube video by Arjun Pagidipati

Gal Gadot

Used for fun and the love for 
DC Comics 'Wonder Woman'. 
[If illegal, please write in and images 
will be deleted immediately. Thanks.]