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Andy's 60's Music: Readers Comments, Accolades

These blog comments found at the end of postings through the years were picked at random. I must thank all these musicologists, musicians, friends and readers for their support. It's nice to know that there are people who appreciate my blog and write to tell. Andy Young.


(Random Order Below.)
Sunday 4 November 2018 4.47pm: "Dear Andy, Thanks for sharing the blog post with me. Your whole blog is most interesting. It adds to the memories of those of us who grew up with the music of the era. Best wishes, THARMAN SHANMUGARATNAM, Deputy Prime Minister, Singapore."
"His writing is very much similar to his singing - pure, unadulterated and effortless. Even when singing pop songs, he has the discernible air of a scholarly gentleman: EDDIE ENG: Engineer, Retired Businessman and fan of the Silver Strings.
"This is one of the few blogs I read regularly as it is a treasure trove of memories and information on the golden age of local music." - ADRIAN TAN: Singapore Wind Symphony Conductor.
 I grant Andy Lim my permission to post the Amazon Website where my Kindle book 'So you Want To Be In A Rock Band' can be found. Thank you for helping me to publicize my book. PETER DIAZ member of pop international band, THE OCTOBER CHERRIES.

He has probably the most comprehensive music blog in SG! I like his style of writing and commentary including his comments here. That is Andy. 
DICK YIP: Ukelele Player and Coach, Blogger, Educationist.

"You are writing a great blog and I do read that. Keep doing it and try and tell the musical story of Singapore when we were younger!" - DR JOE PETERS: Musicologist, Journalist.

"So true, inspirational and I am touched, but without a writer like you to create a blog about the 50s,6 0s 70s, I don't think the young or even the older generation would have any knowledge about what the yesteryear happenings were. The credit is definitely yours for being such a passionate writer." - MS. FREDA HANUM/WONG from pop 70s girl-group THE TEEPEES.

"I don't know if you see this but, if you do, I wouldn't mind being contacted by you. I'm Charles Lazaroo's grandson and, while I may not know my grandfather enough, I'm hoping to be able to provide whatever assistance I can." -CHARLES LAZAROO.
"Thanks Andy for the work you do to honor others. Love the layout on your blog. Amazing work at your age." - PERRY KOH: Jazz singer, events manager, son of Walter Koh, Singapore's Pat Boone.

"Terima Kasih banyak Andy. Playing the song brought back many fine memories of visits to my father's employees homes, to visiting my Che'gu (teacher) when he still lived in a kampong, and to the festivities in the kampong at the Turf Club. Many of the lyrics came right back to me." - TRACY RICHARD: From the UK who lived in Singapore in the '60s.

"I still keep up with your really good and very popular music blog" - DR LEE YAN SAN (PENANG, MALAYSIA).

"Love your blog. What a lively and attractive scene you had back then and very well detailed by your good self "- July 13, 2011, 11:04 PM. ANONYMOUS.

"Stumbled across your blog while researching about Hawker Trade in Singapore. I am a "modern day hawker" myself and my name is Erich-I operate a German Sausage Stall in Chinatown since 2004. I find your blog entry most educational and a superb glimpse back in time. 

May I ask your permission to link your blog to my FB group - Hawker Trade In Singapore revived. Our fellow members of the group will appreciate your documentation and maybe some are inspired to drive the Hawker Trade forward. For sure you inspired me. 

Tks and all the best, Erich. (I also can be reached on FB under Hawker Trade in Singapore revived-and Friends of Erich's Wuerstelstand and Backstube-Chinatown, Singapore." ERICH WUERSTELSTAND.)

"Andy, congratulations! The articles herein have been - wholesome and delightful." - VICTOR WOO (Top right: LEAD GUITARIST) THE TRAILERS 

"It’s always good to hear from a friend from back home.  Keep up the great work with the enjoyable and informative blog, Andy - it’s priceless!" TLT: LADY CONCERT PIANIST: VANCOUVER, BC, Canada.

"I am also a collector and I buy 1960's records whenever I come across them. Because those records were so popular, I found I had doubles of them in my collection and so I was able to give copies to Andy" - DR STEVEN FARRAM (DARWIN UNIVERSITY, AUSTRALIA).

"OMG. It's nice to see a blog so different and full of nostalgia. Good Job Mr Andy! I was surfing around to find out about the old Rex Theatre and came across your blog.  Do you have any fond memories of it and its vicinity? " WOMAD: One Of Andy's First Blog Readers.

"Hi Andy  I just stumbled onto your blog and I must confess that I am more of a 70s music fan (I am slightly younger than most of you:)) but I am quite familiar with 60s music ... Hollies, Tremeloes, Beatles, Letterman, Lulu, Petula Clark, Glen Campbell, Seekers, Cliff Richard and the Shadows (I also remember the local Tit-Bits Talentime winners, October Cherries, Ahmad Daud, P. Ramlee,) etc. This is great memory lane stuff and a wonderful resource for those seeking to indulge in nostalgia or doing some serious research! (I should know... being a professional historian.) Congratulations!" FRANK-MICHAEL CHIARA.

"Keep up the good work. Your blog is something you don't gain overnight with that many views;  I am sure many other chroniclers of Singapore music want to have a blog like yours. Remember, just because we write does not mean we want every Tom, Dick, and Harry to be our friend. It's best not to spread ourselves too thinly, like those people in one social media, with more friends than they can manage in a lifetime. I don't like social media for this reason. Who can hang out with 3,000 friends?  Ridiculous to me. If I can have just friends as many as my toes I am happy, friends I can trust, and count on, to respect my privacy... like you and Horace Wee, that is enough for me." GUITARIST from FRIED ICE, MATT TAN, CANADA.

"Keep up the interest of your readers. You have gained many friends in the process through your passion for writing.  Now I am convinced that you have to put it together in a book.  Really again :-) " LEAD GUITAR, THE TREKKERS, HENRI GANN.

"Hi, Andy. 
It's true that I copied many popular songs from textbooks with a pen. I started this very young during my early teens, and my own compiled songbooks are still with me till today! Well, too bad, during our years we didn't have a computer like today. Yes, you said it correctly, I'd would cut out pictures of pop stars or groups and post on my own songbooks. The pictures were from the former "Radio Weekly" which was sold for 30 cents a copy in the early sixties. Thanks, Andy for your wonderful postings."  ANONYMOUS called, FL.

"I was lucky enough to get a ticket to watch this film at the Roxy Theatre in the late fifties. The moment Bill Haley appeared and started belting out the song 'Rock around the clock' the whole audience stood up, clapped their hands and gyrated to the music of rock and roll. I enjoyed the show so much that I watched it no fewer than 3 times. Thanks, Andy for the nostalgia."  ANON.

"Good read. I was still a young kid in Tanglin Halt back then and became aware of this as I grew up there. Thanks for sharing this.  I love reading your articles. That's history right there." LESLIE WILSON JOSEPH.

"This open-air theatre belongs to my great grandfather... and I lived on the left side of the picture... as kids, we would stand on the stool - just to take peek at the movies... ha ha ha... life was simpler then." DAVID NEO.

"Thanks a million, Andy's so interesting to discover that Singapore has its own musical talents all along... since the early 1950's ...... anyhow, I learned a lot these days from your blog, Andy... always a delight to read your blogs ..keep up with the great work!" PETER LIM.

"Hi, Andy,
It is an achievement to be able to sustain the interest of even 2000 people a month on a regular basis on any given topic. What you have done could not be the result of a faint heart or a lame endeavour. It takes passion and consistency to incessantly create stories that your international readership can relate to and is stimulating enough to make them keep coming back to your blog for more.
Your enthusiasm for your work makes the difference! Without it, there would be no zest! Like Coke without the bubbles! Flat! On behalf of all your readers, I wish to appeal to you to not even consider stopping your very fine work but to keep up with your enthusiasm for your unique blog.
I am still hopeful that one day soon, the relevant authority in SG would officially recognize your work! It is strange but nonetheless true, no prophet will find acceptance in his own country! A case in point, recently the Australians conferred an award on Matthew Tan for his contributions to Country Music.
I am of the view that it is SG that should have taken the initiative for such an award! Of course not only for Matthew but for other iconic local musicians as well, like Henry Chua and others!
Be that as it may, here's wishing you continued success in all your efforts to preserve our music heritage! God bless!" JOHN CHER of The Silver Strings.

"You did good Andy... preserving the history of local music... and by the way, you are such a nice guy as well. 

Well done, for your passionate and unselfish writings, highlighting the musicians of Singapore in that era, without which, most of us would have been forgotten... JIMMY  APPUDURAI-CHUA of Stray Dogs.

"It’s wonderful to look forward to individuals like you who help keep Singapore 60’s music heritage alive." ALPHONSO SOOSAY of Naomi and The Boys.

And read about these famous stars who connected with this blog when they read the posting about Rex Goh from Air Supply.

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