Monday, March 14, 2022

Greeting Cards: Tim Sum Personal Flavours

In this season of doubts and trials 
and tribulations, it's great advice.

A joke it is but the message is serious.
A reminder on the dash board. 
Do your booster too.

The 2019 line up of the Silver Strings, 
the LAST concert we had BEFORE Covid struck!

just walkin' in the rain: 
johnny ray. youtube video by:
klar name.

Lines from a 50's song by Johnny Ray: 
'Just Walking in the Rain'.
Lines from Boz Scaggs composition: 'We're All Alone'.

Bob Scaggs: We're All Alone
YouTube video by: Bower Wilkins

Without positivity today, we'd be in a hotter pot of soup. 
Have faith!
Patrick Teng [Musician]

'Hi Andy, I salute you for keeping the historic chronology of Singapore music events and activities alive. You have faithfully kept the archive for years, beginning in the 60s when it all began. Your work is very important because it holds the identity of a nation through its music. I wish you long life and continue to do the good work for later generations to appreciate the golden years and heritage of the previous generations.'

A Private Collection, Google and Patrick Teng.

Fabian Foo
Hi Andy, We are fortunate to have you so passionate to keep a blog for the music in our earlier years. Without it nothing is in record and our music heritage will be limited to those in our national archives. A salute to your enthusiasm in keeping us informed on the music scene in those days and to keep in contact with some of the local music makers in those years.

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