Monday, May 27, 2019

Kassim Selamat From The Swallows: Meninggal Dunia: A Tribute

The legendary Pop Yeh Yeh Malay singer Kassim Selamat, who was with a very well-known guitar group called The Swallows, passed away peacefully yesterday on May 26th 2019. He replaced the famous singer Ahmad Daud and Kassim Selamat went on to become a household name with The Swallows.

His real name was Kassim bin Rahmat.  He died peacefully at about 3.30 pm in his home in Yishun. He was 84. The songs he recorded with the group during the 60s were Nga Lompak A Go Go, Angkok Angkok Bilis and the superlative, La O Be. Some of the songs were representative of the Baweanese community and they became top-notchers in the Singapore and Malaysian Hit Parade Charts. 

Unknowingly, the group was called, King Creole, after the Elvis Presley movie, before they changed it. Mr. Kassim received a Bawean Jasawan award for his achievement and tribute to the community.

Friends and fans, far and near, send condolences to his family. 

May his soul Rest In Peace. 

Here are a few links about Inche Kassim Selamat and The Swallows:

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Anonymous said...

That is sad news.

RIP Kassim Slamat



Andy Young
Thanks Jalani.

Andy Young
Thanks Jennie.

Andy Young
Thanks Roop, Rose , Charlie.

Koh Sui Pang
RIP Kassim Selamat 😢😢😢

Freda Hanum
Heard of this very popular Malay group, "The Swallow" of the 60s , sad to know Kassim Selamat had left this world, may his soul rest in peace.

Richard Paul M
Who would have thought that a Malay band from SG could achieve chart success in the West. The Swallows did it with "La O Be" in Germany. A song that is still in the playlist of Malay artists today. You are sure to hear it in Malay wedding, whether live or recorded version. Thank you Pak Kassim for an achievement that we Singaporean can be proud of.

Andy Young
Hi RICHARD, Yes, it's true and the saddest part about the group's success is: not many Singaporeans know about what happened, let alone accept it as an achievement for the country. To me, KASSIM is another unsung hero. And thank you for making your statement so clear.

Andy Young
Thanks again FREDA for your comment. KALI, JENNIE, CHARLIE and JALANI, thanks for supporting this post and the blog.


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T. Ng (Musician) said...

We were from the same area in Sembawang.
Swallows played at the Nelson Bar in Sembawang Road around 1966.
Many bands played at this Sembawang bar.
The boys have day jobs and work in the Naval Base.
I still remember the bassist but have lost touch with the rest.
The lead guitarist excells in playing Shadows music.
He's very good.
Swallows, all rounder, is a very good band and they are humble musicians indeed.
May Kassim rest in peace.

FL said...

Andy, remember I wrote in your blog some years back that my elder bro used to listen to Malay songs in the 60s even though we are Chinese. He would buy records by the Swallows and other Malay /Indonesian singers/bands, including singer Ernie Djohan. I recall that was the Malay pop yeh yeh era. Sad to hear that Mr Kassim Selamat of the famed Swallows has left us. Condolences to his family and loved ones.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanking everyone who wrote on Facebook and this blog to send their condolences to Mr Kassim Selamat.

Also thanking readers like FL, T. NG, DR STEVEN FARRAM and RICHARD PAUL who have either known him personally or listened to his music, for the compliments regarding his songs and recordings with The Swallows.

I am very sure his family will read these messages and realise how wonderful a musician he was.