Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Melayu Pop Yeh Yeh 60an Swallows with Andy


Most Successful Malay Guitar Group:

The SWALLOWS (first line-up, image) with ANDY YOUNG aka Andy Lim (standing, 2nd left) and manager at the Victoria Theatre in 1964. The Swallows is one of the first and most successful Kugiran Melayu Pop Yeh Yeh in the 60s. It was only after the success of this group that other Malay guitar groups followed.

Similar Management:

The particular photograph above shows The Swallows first line-up in one of their very first appearances. It was taken backstage with Andy since he sang with both the group and The Velvetones who were also under similar management.
Respected Gentlemen:

Andy was supposed to have fronted them and had performed once at the Victoria Memorial Hall in Singapore. He enjoyed being with them during the show. Personally, these boys were clean cut, exceptionally well-mannered and respected gentlemen both on and off the stage. Andy remarked that they were unassuming, fantastic guitarists and incomparable! No wonder they remained at the top after all those years.

Songs In English:

They were an exceptional team and received thunderous applause when the group was announced before they performed. Andy shared his magic moment during the occasion he appeared with this group. He sang two songs in English and was pleased with the accompaniment, which according to him, was perfect and gave him much confidence since it was the first time they were together.
Songs In Bawean:

They have cut many records since and were on the scene for many years. Kassim Selamat has one of the most popular Bawean hit ever, "La Aube" (La-O-Be), a classic today. Another hit is "Nga Lompak A-Go-Go". My favourite? "Mak Itti Mai Illa." Some of their records have been found to be on sale in certain parts of Europe.

Getting In Touch:

Andy has been trying to get in touch with some band members of the group and has not been successful. If you happen to be in contact with any one of them, please write in.

(Andy has since contacted 3 members of the Swallows through Erwin Maisch - October 2010.)
Senandong Malam - by The Swallows - one of their instrumental hits. A fantastic group indeed. YouTube video from hassny hussin. Thank you.

Image: Andy Lim Collection (All Rights Reserved).

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Video - hassny hussin.


Anonymous said...

Wah, kumpulan ini hebat lah.Ya lah, anggota The Swallows di mana sekarang? Ramli

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hopefully they will read this blog and return the call for Kugiran Swallows.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi DJ Carlito,
I shall write to you soon. Thank you for visiting. Your blog is fascinating and am learning a lot from it. There used to be movie houses in Singapore called The Garrick and Singapura that screened Hindi movies.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Your postings on Singapore and Malaysia vinyls fill me with joy and exuberance. The Stylers and other groups and singers are well presented.

DJ Carl Hamm said...

Hi Andy, thanks so much for the reply, and thanks for checking out my blog! Ive definitely been listening to Singapore and Malaysian music for quite a while now... If you ever get the chance - please check out the weekly radio show that i do here locally via the podcasts that i post too.... heres a good one featuring some singapore/malay/and indonesian pop-- plus some rock and hindi film music:

i appreciate the helpful link you sent also-- will follow up on that soon and will not share with anyone!
all the best to you,
dj carlito

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I am posting your comment today so surfers will not miss it. I will visit the program. Thanks again.

Nan @ Nan Tsab said...

hi andy,
do you have The Swallows's line up list?
terima kasih..

Isle of Women said...

Hi Andy,
I see that you would like to re-establish connections with the swallows. I am doing an interview with Kassim Selamat and the Swallows tomorrow evening. (Friday May 14 at 8p.m)
I just found your blog and hope to invite you over for the interview.
This may be a last minute thing and I hope you can make it. Feel free to call me on my handphone at 91889065

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Erwin,
Thanks for writing. I have since contacted you and established our plan to be reunited with the Swallows.

I have learnt much from our conversation, especially about the Bawean people and the isle of women. Let's hope our plan to meet works out.

exnavalbase1412 said...

I recalled watching them practice in the good old days in the Naval Base...more specifically at the "medical quarters"!
Like most "established" bands of the day, they were a hit at "Early Bird" shows in cinemas all over the island! Lots of fun times....

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, what's your email address?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Anon,
Thanks so much for writing in. You need to write to me on this page (I will not publish) and leave me your particulars, like who you are, your name and email address.

Hope you understand.