Sunday, May 26, 2019

Singapore 60s Music Friends: A Letter from Allan Thompson

Hi Readers,
If you have this connection please write to the blog or Facebook page because three great friends want to meet again. This particular note below is from Allan Thompson who writes to this blog very often.

Can anyone out there help these music friends?
Dear Andy, 

I have just been browsing through your excellent blog and came across a post which I had obviously missed before.  Sometime after my very first contact with your blog, I asked if anyone knew what had become of Stevie Loraine.  

I have just discovered that one of your contributors, Kim Reay of Penang, wrote in to say she was a good friend of Stevie's (whose real name is Marion) and that Stevie often visits her in Penang.  

This is good news.  

I wonder if Kim knows my old colleague, Maurice Houghton, who is in his mid-70s and also lives in Penang?  Maurice was at Changi in the mid-1960s and is an excellent pianist.  He used to play for his friends in the NAAFI Club at Changi, Singapore and later played in an upmarket hotel in Bath, Somerset, England.  
Stevie Loraine n The Clansmen - If You Always Say Video by boylollipop1

He has lived in Penang for several years, on the north coast, although I do not know his address, and plays the organ at his local church, as well as playing for friends.  It would be nice if Kim and Stevie and Maurice were to meet up one day.  

I am hoping to send you a couple of stories concerning the New Penangway and Hernando's Hideaway soon.

Take care and very good wishes to you and I love reading the blog.

Allan C. Thompson.
May 2019
England, UK.

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