Monday, December 12, 2016

Meeting PM Lee Hsien Loong @ Botanical Gardens (VIP Orchids)

This posting is not about the 38 Oxley Road controversy between PM and his siblings.

When Two Dragons Meet 

It was the usual evening walk with my wife at the Botanical Gardens enjoying the lighted Christmas trees - at this time of year - that lined the paths along the Gardens when we both chanced upon VVIP Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong walking with his wife Ms. Ho Ching and a few bodyguards near the famous gazebo (image).

My wife acknowledged him by calling out his name. He smiled and said hello. I was more engrossed in taking the picture of a tree and fiddling with my iPhone than to notice.
                                         PM Lee on the left.
As the couple walked around the gazebo and came our way again, I asked to take a selfie with him. He obliged. And here is the picture. But PM took the selfie because I always fumble with selfies, preferring instead that a stranger took full body. But with PM obliging so kindly...

Meantime my wife was so lost in taking more pictures of the trees she was unaware of what had happened. It was such a quiet affair.

The informality of the meet struck my mind as we parted. No official function, no speeches, no agenda, no requests, no fuss...  And he was so kind about it, not in a hurry. 

Thank you, PM for giving your time. And a very nice PM he is. Can't remember if it was a moonlit night but it didn't matter. 

A once in a blue moon occurrence actually, and it happened on 12.12.16. at about 9 pm.😊

Latest News:
Is he looking as young as ever after 10 years since 2009 or hasn't he? Check out PM Lee's Facebook page.

Images: A Personal Collection; Google.
Information from the Gardens' Websites.

The Garden Song by John Denver
Video from: liztricia serendipity 2014

VVIP Orchids:

At the National Orchid Gardens @ Botanic Gardens many celebrities have specially bred orchids named after them. This practice started in 1956 and to date, there are about 200 names.  

Offhand, some of the names included: Lee Kuan Yew, Kwa Geok Choo, Lady Anne Black, Indira Gandhi, Emperor Akihito, Queen Elizabeth 2, Princess Diana,  Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Gloria Macapagal-Aroyo, Laura Bush, Annika Sorenstam, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Zhou Xun, Jan Goodall, Bae Yong Jun, Joe and Jill Biden, Paloma Picasso, Shah Rukh Khan, Michael Kors, Ban Ki-Moon, Amitabh Bachchan, Aun San Suu Kyi.

Even our pop stars are honored: Elton John (below), Ricky Martin, Andrea Bocelli, Stefani Sun and Jackie Chan.



He is the lucky guy. He met an agreeable da-ke (you are his elder). He did not meet a disagreeable opposition member of the public. Ha, ha.


I am sure it was a memorable experience. We are lucky to have a good and obliging PM.

SPYeo (a frequent contributor) said...

Wow. Ya lady luck must be smiling at you! A divine pair. Good shot. By iPhone 6+ ?

LIM KUAN MIN said...

Wahhh. You introduced your blog to him?

JOHNNY YEO said...

Thank you for sharing.


What is he doing there? On special round? What a coincidence.


good for you bro A.


Looks like PM and Senior Minister.


Cannot trust. Too many photoshop shots. In 1993 when he was at Hilton Jakarta, I happened to be there. As he came through the door I went forward to shake his hand and said, "Hullo." Quite surprised, the bodyguards didn't block me.

EDWIN GOH said...

I thought it was one of your band boys. Looks so alike.

JOEY KOH said...

Wow you look like brothers.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

These thoughts are beautiful. And thank you all for the generous support. He is very popular, greeted by many as he strolled by the area.


Congratulations for having had the chance to meet PM Lee Hsien Loong.


😊 wow 😊

JOHN CHER said...


Unknown said...


YEN CHOW said...

Hello Andy,

It was such a coincidence that you got to meet him. You are lucky. The two of you look like old kawan. What did you speak to him about?

JAMES SEAH said...

Hi Andy,

How wonderful for you to meet PM Lee Hsien Loong at the Botanical Gardens and to have a memorable photo with him.

Thank you for sharing the photo on your blog.

Warm Regards.


You are a lucky guy. I wish it was me.

henri gann said...

Wow Andy !
Lottery time. Did you ask him if he heard of the Trekkers ? ��

Clareeese said...

Dear Mr Young,
My name is Clarice and I'm a research intern with the National University Baba House. I'm doing some research work to lay the foundations for a prospective public program on Singapore music during the 20th century and came across your blog! It's great, there's so much to read!

I was wondering if I can arrange an interview with you to find out more about you and the local music scene as you know it. If that's alright with you, please let me know when would be a good time! You can reach me at ___ .


Hey Andy,

After reading all the comments in your latest posting about your meet-up with PM Lee, I can't help but with tongue in cheek add my two cents worth.

A prediction for 2017: two dragons ( Loong; Liong) a cycle apart (two senior citizens ) bumped into each other in the garden ( an evergreen heritage site). With so much attention paid to the silver age and the creation of more silver zones in the heartlands and the meeting of a representive of the silver strings, I won't be surprised that in the next national day rally speech, you'll be invited to attend. A photo of you and the band and your blog will be flashed on the stage screen and mention will be made of a very good example of active aging:-D:-D:-D

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

It has been a good posting of the PM. He is very popular with hundreds of readers. Thanks to all of you for comment support.

And to CYLin, that will be the day, to be invited as an honoured guest to the National Day Rally 2017. Your combination of numbers, the Zodiac sign, the precious metal silver and the evergreen heritage site all point to an auspicious event indeed. Ha, ha.

Pity, I didn't tell him about this blog.

henri gann said...

Good Morning Andy !
Believe it or not one of the first thing I do in the morning to relax my day is to check what Andy is up to on his blog. I noticed that you had something interesting written every few days recently. Simply amazing what can happen when one follow his passion.
Happy New Year Andy and "Keep on Trekkin' !"

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Henri for the thumbs up. It is a challenge to keep this blog current and having net users checking it out. 60's music is still alive today but interest wanes since senior singers are leaving earth. Fans are passing away just as quickly.

Singapore 60's music itself has a smaller niche. What I'm trying to do is to expand it so more people will realise its existence. That is the difficult part.

You can help by writing an article if you are familiar with the genre.

henri gann said...

Good Morning Again Andy !
I finally wrote something for your blog on the music scene of LA in the 60s. It is a memoir of my life in LA after I left the Trekkers in Singapore.
These tunes will set your readers in the mood of the LA music of the 60s...

" ...if you are going to San Francisco
be sure to wear some flowers in your hair ...for those who come to San Francisco, Summertime will be a love-in there"
Scott Mackenzie ( 1967 )

"... good morning starshine,
the earth says hello
you twinkle above us
we twinkle below.."
Oliver ( 1967 )

ROSE KHOO said...

Me also Dragon... yet to met PM Lee in person