Monday, December 12, 2016

Star Wars Theme. Carrie Fisher Debbie Reynolds

We all know that no promotion is necessary for Star Wars, especially for Rogue One. This posting is definitely not one of them. Here's a short take about the theme song, so read on:
You Tube Video: Star Wars Theme from Coltsrock56.

The Influence:
The popularity of the Star Wars franchise is phenomenal. Gripping the world since the series appeared, the movies have made more money than many other epic space-theme blockbusters. Similarly in Singapore, that has a zillion film buffs, Star Wars is truly a force that may be with us for many years to come.

For me, I became aware of the movie when I caught the bug, possibly at the Odeon Cinema at North Bridge Road around the late 70's.  The fever caught on as the itch for this space opera with the world spread. 

But strangely, I didn't collect the plastic characters that came along, nor the colorful books that accompanied the movies at the cinema lobbies. The costumes on sale didn't attract me either. I just love the Star Wars theme song and the panorama of its music.

The Theme Music:
In many of the postings on this blog where I try to explain the influence of western music on our own Singapore music, Star Wars Theme has the same magic on its listeners. And like many young people who love music, my own grand children became familiar with John Williams' magnum opus and love it.

And when the SSO, in a 2013 Concert had on its list to feature it, my grandson and I rushed to Woodlands Polytechnic (that's far for us) to catch Jason Lai conducting the piece. 

Whether it's Wagner's operas, modernist orchestral writing or whatchamacallit that had influenced the music, many a child, adult or alien have been mesmerized by its spectacular introductory bars and beautiful scoring. No classical music knowledge needed here because we all know great melodies when we hear one. Telstar (The Ventures), E.T. and Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey 2001 (Presley Theme) are two.

                              The Series:
My two sons saw the whole series, talked about them, bought the collectibles, bought the light sabers and re-told the stories to their kids. Their children, heard the stories, collected the lot again and bought the improved version of the whew, whew. I guess this cycle is on repeat mode everywhere in the world.

Whatever, it's the theme music that will live on in everyone's mind and not the paraphernalia that comes with it. Remember the theme songs for Love Story, the James Bond series, Hawaii Five-0, Mission: Impossible?  Can you really remember the plot of each movie? Or are the tunes clearer in your mind?

What do you say?

A long time ago in a galaxy not too far away, there was a Small Red Dot..."

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You Tube Video: Star Wars Theme from Coltsrock56.
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This posting is a personal recollection and is not promoting the movie or franchise. Any copyrights infringement, please inform and post will be deleted.



Hi Andy,

Yes, the Star Wars music is wonderful, isn't it? Brilliant stuff.
Some people look down on film music as somehow inferior but it's not. (Or certainly doesn't have to be.) In fact, if Mozart, Chopin, Rossini or any other of the classical composers were alive today, they would probably be writing scores for films. They took commissions for other musical projects, so why not?

And while I have your attention ...
Wishing you and your family every happiness at Christmas and throughout the holiday season, and wishing you all peace, good health and many many blessings in the coming New Year.

Best always

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Jane,

A Happy and Healthy Christmas to you and folks too. Thank you very much for the comment on Star Wars and film music. It is possible some people are not exposed to certain genres of music.


Very Sad Indeed ! Another passing Icon.

I remember watching the First Generation Star Wars over and over again in 1977. And I had to pay $800 for a studio bootleg copy of Star Wars to play on my 3/4 inch Sony Video Recorder.

Here's what Ryann Britt from Plume wrote:
"Before there was Star Wars, there wasn’t any Star Wars. Nobody knew how to do a fantasy/science fiction epic on that scale until Lucas did."

Who would believe that the passing of Princess Leia was the "Force of Star Wars" that would affect us all, not Darth Vader, Hans Solo, Luke or its creator George Lucas.


Today a sad loss of two pop culture icon ...
"Carrie Fisher and mom Debbie Reynolds were as close in life as they were in their tragically timed deaths—living side-by-side for more than a decade" Mansion Global 12/29/2016
Carrie Fischer, a spunky princess with doughnut hairdo, how can we forget the many roles she played on the first episode of Star Wars, she was the heartbeat of Star Wars.
Debbie Reynolds, a natural born talent, she was in some of the best classic movies ; Tammy, Singin' In The Rain and The Unsinkable Molly Brown.
Both will be missed tremendously.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Henri for all the support these years. Appreciate you taking time off with your busy schedule in California.