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Blog Reader Says Ling Seow Is Magically Enticing

It's been a while since this blog features local Chinese singers.   Well a pleasant and kindly reader magg  jnne, who lives overseas, wrote:

Ling Seow 凌霄 with The Melodians Chun Te Mong video choonheng57

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dated  27 May  2018  

Hi Andy,

I am wondering if you have any uploads or if you know any links for Ling Seow/Ling Xiao's concert DVDs - his nostalgic 40 years concert 2007 and the one in 2011?  Any idea where to get the DVDs?  I can't find them anywhere in the stores.

I really love his rich and soothing vocals and would love to view his past concerts in recent years. any idea if the singer is ever married... or some profile on him? Please assist. Thanks.

My reply:

a. Thanks for visiting this blog but I am not in contact with DVD shops nor suppliers. I hope readers can help you.

b. Regarding your second query. If you wish to help you can write a profile of him and I can post it on this blog. Readers can expand it somehow with their contribution. Would be a nice idea.
3. Her response  and pretty piece of prose profiling of Ling Xiao:

Thanks, Andy for your quick reply.

Music, besides writing, has always been a therapeutic retreat for me, ever since I was a child.

I grew up with a fusion of English and Mandarin melodies, though I am not that proficient in Mandarin. But music cuts across all languages; it bridges boundaries.

I love listening to some of the soothing oldies. First, it transports my mind back to cherished moments of yesteryears. Second, it reaffirms the timeless beauty of good music and vocals.

Personally, I feel that the veteran singers in the 70s and 80s have richer vocals that even till today, continue to delight our ears. I love listening to songs by Sakura & the lyrics as much as I do over the years, the melodies were enough to soothe and inspire me i.e. Rita, Ling Xiao, Maggie Teng and Yang Xiao Ping. I was just a little kid and thought I couldn't appreciate.
Ling Xiao (凌霄) dazzles audience with timeless vocals

Singapore singer Ling Seow/Xiao (凌霄) is a legendary icon in the music industry. His love ballads remain as soothing and magically enticing, even till today.

I am grateful for the many uploads of his albums on the web, and just listening to his rich, melodious voice is indeed heartwarming. One can truly feel all the emotions in his songs, and the magical part is that his voice is so amazingly smooth, gentle and rich.

Even till today, I believe he continues to dazzle the audience with his timeless vocals and evergreen looks, especially that alluring smile that is so personable and real.

So far, there is no male singer who can match his unique voice that is rather feminine yet masculine in some ways, and perhaps that remains his charm. I believe like the characters in a good play that live on long after the play is done, his songs and voice will leave lasting imprints in our hearts and minds as the years roll by.

There has been nothing said about his personal life, and it will be good if some can shed light on this here. He still has the looks and composure, and in his heydey, he was the delight of women. It will be insightful to know a little about his private life.

I missed his concerts in 2007 and 2011 as I am based overseas now, and I would really be grateful if anyone can offer to upload them or sell me the DVDs.
Yang Xiao Ping
"Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory."

magg jnne

Thank you for your response and beautiful writing. If readers can provide some information about Ling Xiao we will all be grateful.

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Original article by: magg about support for our local artistes.

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Hi Andy,

I have no idea that Ling Seow had a concert in 2008 or 2011, as I had lost contact with most artistes since I left the music
scene in 1995. Therefore I'm unable to provide you with the information.

Maybe you can browse through some of the Chinese record shops in Chinatown.

Randy Lee.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Randy. Will take your advice. This latest posting by our reader could help.

Meanwhile if anyone is familiar as to where the the particular DVDs could be bought please write in.

We must support home grown artistes shouldn't we?

FL said...

Ya, Andy, like u, I'd like to know the Ling Seow's DVD,too ! Perhaps, Ling himself could throw some light about it. Well, in the early 70s (or was it late 60s ?) I used to buy his vinyl records (singles) Mandarin songs with backup group, The Melodians.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you FL for your comment and visit. I have some copies of Ling Seow's EPs too having bought them only these last few years. I have been a fan since. Although I do not speak the language I appreciate his smooth vocals.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I have managed to include a few song titles found on You Tube by 'maidlilei' and translated by LIM KM. I hope it will attract more Chinese readers who may help us with information on Ling Seow.

苦情花 - Blooms of Bitter Love.
水長流 - Flowing Stream of Love.
月兒像檸檬 - The Lemon Moon.
桃李爭春 - Peaches, Plums and Spring.
星夜的離別 - Parting On A Starry Nite.
秋風 - Autumn Breeze.
春之花 - Blooms in Spring.
祝福你一路順風 - Blessings Bon Voyage


Hi Andy,
Ling Xiao is currently an occasional judge in the 'Golden Age Singing Competition' currently on Ch 8 every Friday @ 3.30pm.

Also heard that when he was in the army doing his NS, he had the privilege to keep his hair.

If not mistaken, he was nicknamed "Elvis Presley of the East" because his hairstyle resembled The King's.

Today he also sings in the Chinese Concert. Anyway, please verify it before the print.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks very much to KM Lim and Paul Yeo for the informative emails. They both read and speak the language.

KMLIM said...

A refinement: use "FAREWELL ON A STARRY NIGHT" instead of "PARTING".

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you KMLIM. Translation can be tricky. I appreciate it.

Unknown said...

The dvds can be bought at Biz Trends media store in French Road. But it is difficult to get through the phone line.
Heard from sources that Ling Xiao is still single at this age of 62m though he doesn't look his age at all. Perhaps somebody else could care to update us on his profile. It is quite surprising for someone with good looks and talent to stay unmarried. Might be good to probe into his love life since he has sung so many beautiful love ballads. He also acted in The Quarters and Kampung Ties dramas. Very talented and versatile. Hosted concerts too. Even now, his fans still love and adore him. They even brewed birds nest drink for him before his concerts. Faithful fans for more than a decade. This shows like in the write up that he has magical charm till now.
Beautiful write-up on this blog.
By the way, does anyone have access to the Mediacorp drama Gang Qin88/Facing the Music? Ling Xiao was the actor in it, and heard it was a good drama.

Anonymous said...

I think Ling himself should read this beautiful blog and fill us in on our questions and guesses.
Many of us may not be competent in Mandarin, but just listening to his smooth vocals is enough to soothe our hearts and souls. Mediacorp should appreciate such rare talents instead of promoting some newbies who can only mumble or blast, like what real musicians say.
by Forever fans of Ling Xiao.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

So there you are magg jnne. Biz Trends media store in French Road sells Ling Xiao's DVDs.

Thank you Xavier Shaz for the information about this popular singer and the DVD tip-off. His fan base must still be large even at his age.

And thanks for visiting this blog.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you anonymous and a "forever fan of Ling Xiao" for your visit and comment. I agree with you about newbies who can only "mumble or blast".

If only more people like you speak out supporting 60s and 70s artistes Mediacorp may finally be aware that they need to improve on some of their programmes.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

If you have the Mediacorp drama Gang Qin88/Facing the Music please write in. Xavier Shaz is interested.

Unknown said...

Thanks Andy for the dvd tip-off. I will contact Biz Trends soon.

A friend directed me to a link where Ling Xiao shared his nightclub singing experience in the 80s and 90s. It's in Mandarin but thank God for Google translation, it did provide some insight. Here is the link:

That article was quite an eye-opener. I didn't know that what we usually see and hear of night clubs on screen is the same as in real life. In the article, Ling Xiao mentioned he had to resort to singing in small nightclubs in the 80s, and had to drink along with the customers in order to keep his job. Quite pathetic, indeed.

Mediacorp and the local music industry should appreciate the contributions of the 60s and 70s artistes. After all, these veteran singers have helped to forge the music journey of the country.

Yes, Mediacorp should review some of their programmes and provide more quality and wholesome musical treats for all. These days the variety shows are all managed by mediacorp artistes, some of whom shouldn't be singing at all. How often can we hear good singers with solid vocals belting good melodies?

Good vocals stand the test of time, and the very fact that some of our veteran singers still maintain their musical allure bears testament to this.

magg jnne said...

Thank heaps Andy.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi magg jnne,

Glad you got your connection. I'd probably visit the shop too and check the DVDs out.

Thanks for joining in the fun and supporting our artistes. I might use your last posting soon. It's time MediaCorp listen to their audiences around the region.

Would be great if you leave me your email address for reference only. I won't publish it.

xavier shaz said...

It might be good to get some of the dvds and upload some portions for fans who may be based overseas.

Ling Xiao has a couple of concerts, the most notable ones are the Nostalgic 40 years concert in 2007, and the one on 3 Dec 2011. The Old folks Home sent their old folks to his concert, and they were very much charmed by his nostalgic tunes. He has also hosted Hokkien Hits 2009 and I heard he is a talented host too.

You might be interested in his most recent MTV karaoke album released this July. That has a good mix of old and new songs, and I particularly like the one with the title related to Sakura flowers. He sang with deep emotions for all the songs. I should say he is a highly versatile singer, actor and host.

I agree with Forever Fans that Mediacorp should promote such great talents instead of mediocre contemporaries.

Kudos to you too for providing a platform like this to cherish good singers and good music.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi xavier,

Thanks again for the details in your letter but since I do not promote shops nor products I have edited some parts of your mail.

I try to 'promote' our local talent on the blog but do not have much support from the general public since it is meant more for 60s and 70s music artistes. Whether youths or seniors our artistes will always be 2nd grade maybe even 3rd to Singaporeans. I guess they prefer foreign ones. Why I am not sure.

Evem the pop songs by our local artistes from the 60s/70s have never been orchestrated by SSO or promoted in any way today. I have mentioned songs like SHANTY, MY LONELY HEART, SINGAPORE COWBOY, DO IT RIGHT, etc.

I even have problems trying to make this blog into a book since hardly any publisher, let alone government agencies, want to even consider the proposal.

We will always be supporting foreign bands until our own artistes do well in a foreign country. Then they will sit up and listen.

Meantime just hope for the best.

xavier shaz said...

Ling Xiao has won many awards, and it looks like he is into his singing revival, and we hope he will gain much support, as much as we continue to support him and others.

ron jake said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog and all your write-ups lead me back to beautiful memories in Singapore.I am now based in UK.
It's a shame that our country is not actively promoting our homegrown talents but spending tons to promote foreign talents.
I stumbled upon a recent dvd of Ling Xiao and gosh, he still looks good and sings so well. I think he is easily one of the very few remaining singing talents in our country. I remember the days when his fans, particularly women, adored him so much and till today many of them remain faithful in supporting him. I love his voice and songs, as they are so rich in expression and smooth in vocals. No wonder he is able to sweep these women off their feet with his evergreen looks and voice.
If you could upload his recent performances/songs, that would be a delight for all.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Ron,
Thank you for your comment about Ling Xiao. I realise that he's still very popular now having appeared these few months on a Chinese programme that features 60s music makers.

I am not able to upload his performances because I do not have the originals but have sent your email (without your address) to another fan who may have what you are looking for.

Until the person writes to me thanks again for visiting. I am glad you enjoy the blog. Please write in anytime to relate your past experience on this island.

magg jnne said...

LX is a legend in the music scene. There is something magical in him or rather his voice that has enthralled us all these years. ( wonder which bomoh he patronizes haha) He is probably the singapore Cliff Richard or Barry Manilow. I enjoy Lionel Richie's love ballads too. And John Lennon's "Imagine". Even Boy George's "Chameleon".

CATRIN said...

Andy, I happened to chance across your blog which shares about the past of Singapore. I am currently a researcher for Orche Pictures and we are conducting a research for our show, "There was a Time Season 2" ("Season 1" was broadcasted on Channel 5).

I find some of your post exceptionally interesting . May i Know if you will be able to share more with us on the past of Singapore from the period of 1965-1979 through a short interview session? Some of the topics to ponder are the resettlement issue , campaigns back then and life of Singapore in that period of time? Hope to hear a reply from you soon.


One of the best Chinese singers around. LING SEOW has many fans, even today, after 52 years in showbiz. Unforgettable.

Angela Leow
I had a crush on Ling Seow when I was a young girl. I found him so handsome. Lol!

Stephen Han
If Ling Seow is enticing, how come He is a bachelor?

Michael Lee
Hi Andy, Ling Seow is a talented singer.
He is just like my friend Max who is also a talented singer and entertainer whom many people think of as gay.
Never judge a book by its cover.
Just because someone is handsome or beautiful doesn't mean he or she must get married.
Singlehood is the choice of many. My humble advice is to manage your own life and leave others to manage their own. Cheerio.

Andy Young
Hi guys and Angela, thank you all. What we need on FB is a little bit more conversation... But nothing personal please.