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'Egypt': The RAF Changi Connection Part II

The following article is a result of letters from the UK penned by good friend Allan Thompson. It is not written by Allan but taken from the website below. It shows the progression of Servicemen who had been in Singapore in the 60s and are currently in the British music scene:
"Egypt is a UK blues rock trio formed in 1987 by three former members of legendary progressive blues outfit called The Groundhogs. They are Eric Chipulina on guitar/vocals, Alan Fish on bass/vocals with Peter Correa on drums. They have recorded on several albums and toured throughout UK and Europe over many years. Their Indie record labels include Stable Records, Blues Matters Records and HTD Records.
Alan Fish:
Alan's credentials also include playing with members of Welsh heavy rock pioneers Budgie in the band Tredegar, two albums for ex-Bo Diddley harp player Billy Boy Arnold, and a European tour for Chuck Berry among other things. Alan was also in Singapore in the mid-sixties and played with a group The Desperadoes (check previous posting). Their latest CD is Midnight Sun on Blues Matters Records and will have a new CD due out soon on Stable Records. The boys are currently gigging in the UK and Europe. The average price to watch them perform is about ₤12 (S$24) per head."
Gig Review:
Below are some of the revelant bits from a review of gig at Tubby Blues Club in Cheltenham, taken from their newsletter: 'The Egypt Blues Band showed us why they are one of the top rock/blues bands in Europe. They are packed with experience and Eric Chipulina is not only a master guitarist but a master entertainer too. The way he tweaks, cajoles, wobbles, massages and taps those sounds from his guitar is truely awesome. He has that spontaneous flair that all great musicians have.
Alan's Driving Bass:
Even though these guys have been playing together for...(many)...years, they still never know which way the music is going to take Eric. He has a fabulously rich voice in true *Howling Wolf vein. Pete Correas' instinctive drumming and superbly produced drum rolls underscored by Alan Fish's driving Bass provide the perfect back drop for Eric to wander over his solo with those incredible runs and slides...' Otis Mack.
*Chester Arthur Burnett (June 10, 1910 – January 10, 1976), known as Howlin' Wolf, was an influential American blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player.
Image: Egypt from Google.
Article from: http://www.egypt-blues.co.uk/reviews.html
Review of 'Blues Kerosene' from Blues Matters Magazine
(This posting is not an advertisment to promote the band.)

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