Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Allan Thompson: RAF Changi Connection Part I

Stevie Loraine:
"I remember Stevie Loraine (singing with The Dukes in Singapore yesteryear) when I was at Changi in the mid-1960s and remember her with great affection.
I played bass for one night in 1964 with an RAF band called The Desperadoes at Fairey Point officers' club. They played guitar instrumentals. The gig was for the kids of RAF officers who had come out to Singapore from the UK for the holidays.
The other members of the band were Alan Fish on lead guitar, Colin Fish on rhythm guitar, and Bruce Sorley on drums.
Alan Fish now has his own band called Egypt (image: left) and plays in East Anglia regularly with them. He also played in The Groundhogs some years back. He plays bass rather than lead these days. Best wishes."
Letter has been edited.
Image: Egypt Pop Band. Google.
Original article: Allan Thompson. Copyrights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

About 2 or 3 months ago Keith Locke was interviewed by Brian Richmond on his radio show.

I happened to tune in & was happy to hear his voice. He is healthy & is now in his 70s. Before this, there was no news at all about him. No one knew whether he was still alive or not until that day.

Sadly, after the programme, there were no further news or followup by anyone anywhere.I think Vernon Cornelius had arranged for his visit here. Maybe you can get Brian or Vernon to provide more news about Keith.

There are still many of his fans here who thirst for news about him.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I had wanted to meet him when a couple of friends decided to do so but missed the opportunity.

Perhaps if a reader knows of his whereabouts, he/she could write in to tell us. Meantime, I shall try my best...


Where are you? There are readers in Singapore who would love to meet you after such a long absence.