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Pop Melayu 60an - The Fever Never Dies

Tuesday May 13, 2008. The 60's fever never dies. By: Nik Naizi Husin.

KUANTAN: The Malay songs of the 60s remain fresh despite the onset of the contemporary music scene which is largely monopolised by pop songs...

The Government, in ensuring that classical Malay songs are not forgotten, is now targeting youths. To realise the mission, RTM, through its Klasik FM radio station, has been broadcasting songs from entertainers such as the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee (image), Puan Sri Saloma, Datuk Ahmad Jais, Datuk Sharifah Aini, Salamiah Hassan and Lilis Suryani who contributed in popularising the classic Malay songs.

“Our intention is to promote the interest among youths on Malay oldies, their lyrics and musical instrument used at that time and also the stars who made the songs popular. In the music scene, big names such as P. Ramlee and Saloma cannot be forgotten.

They still have followers and fans and some young singers preferred to sing their songs because of the beautiful composition of the songs,” said a TV Malaysia) Director. He said the mission was also an appreciation to the songwriters, composers, artistes and musicians.

The above article was written to promote a singing competition that created an awareness for 60's Malay music stars.

From: The Star Online, Malaysia.


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Malay Heritage Week is on from May Day at 11am at the Malay Heritage Centre at Kampong Glam.
"Watch the P.Ramlee and Saloma impersonators competition," said Yusnor Ef, one of the judges for the contest, "It's interesting and amusing."
See you there!