Monday, April 27, 2009

UK 60s Music - "The Wedding" - Julie Rogers

You by my side,/That's how I see us,/I close my eyes,/And I can see us... I see the church/I see the steeple,/Your folks and mine..." And another British invasion of Singapore succeeded.
Julie Rogers (born Julie Rolls, 6 April 1943, London) is an English pop singer. She began her career singing with the Teddy Foster Orchestra with whom she toured the UK and US. She signed with Philips Records in 1964, and released her debut single, "It's Magic", soon after.
Her 1965 hit "The Wedding" went to number 3 in the UK Singles Chart, number 1 in Australia, and number 10 in the US and has sold in the region of 15 million copies to date. Apparently it is still selling and this success opened up the world to her and she has been touring ever since.
With the success of her major hit she was in demand to appear on television. She appeared as a guest artiste in every major show, such as 'Sunday Night At The Palladium' in the early days and guested with Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper and many other superstars. Julie has also presented music shows for the BBC and continued to be a regular on the TV screens. She was in Singapore on October 25th, 1967.
Her song is still being sung by many seniors and some juniors in Singapore. It is specially popular at, you guessed it, weddings. Julie Rogers is a one-time-hit singer; or isn't she?
Reference: Wikipedia/Julie Rogers Websites.
Image: Julie Rogers Websites.

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