Tuesday, June 16, 2020

RIP Victor Woo: The Trailers: Tribute From Yeo Toon Joo


A Tribute to Victor Woo, lead guitarist with The Trailers, Singapore pop 60's band who passed away on Sunday 14th June, 2020. Above picture from Jerry Fernandez. Thanks Jerry.

Condolences to his wife and family. May Victor Rest In Peace.

From Peter Yeo Toon Joo former journalist with the Straits Times Press, Singapore, an extract: 

"Sad news: Eric Tan Hong Joo's and my first pop band's gifted leader and lead guitarist of The Trailers, Victor Woo San Chong, has just died. See today's ST's obituary page (below). 

Hong Joo was bass guitarist and I one of two drummers in the early band. 

Victor was a great musician who played by ear. He was probably the first pop guitarist who could play the entire solo portion of Chet Atkins' famous Guitar Boogie - and learning it all by ear. He mastered it by playing and listening to the old 78rpm record over and over again till the record became white as the grooves wore out.

Eric became a full time musician. Victor, a top computer salesman, became the owner of a successful Business Computer, which he started after leaving NEC Computers, or perhaps he had taken over the Japanese Company. But Victor continued t play his lightning guitar in public with different groups until recently.

Singapore has lost a great musician and pioneer of the four piece pop group - 2 guitars and one drummer."

(With permission from Mr Yeo and Mr Larry Lai.)

Victor Woo is standing at extreme right

Possibly Victor's final performance in 2019 at Pasir Ris for a concert, 'Rollin Good Times'. He is on the extreme right. Picture was provided by Winston Koh. Thanks Winston.

Below was an earlier karaoke version with pictures showing Victor Woo in action on stage with Winston Koh singing the evergreen about the young once. Video is from Rocker Lee. Thanks Rocker.

Below is a photograph provided by Vernon Cornelius. Thanks Vern. It shows Henry Chua, Victor Woo and the late Jap Chong and Reggie Verghese.

This tribute is not the final posting. As more condolences pour in, comments might be placed on this page or under the Comment Page. 

Images: Google, The Straits Times and Private Collections.



Condolences to Mary and Family on the demise of dear friend Victor Woo. One of the best 'Shadows Music' Lead Guitarists in Singapore during the 60s.


Yes, I heard.
Sad loss, Victor was a staunch Hank Marvin fan.
Played his tunes not for note.
May he Rest in Peace.

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt condolence to the Woo family for your lost. SG has lost a gifted musician. Thank you for the music. Richard Paul Michael.


Victor Woo. One of the best lead guitarists this side of the Pacific. He learns his song note by note. Accurate, entertaining. Good bye old friend. We'll all miss you.

Stephen Han
He has a good Chinese New Year song which was played often on Brian Richmond vintage showcase

Foo Jong Fook
Stephen Han
Yes we hear it often during CNY
The Phoenix Theme. RIP Victor Woo and condolences to the family.

Yes, It livened our CNY those years, one of many recordings using the Shadows concept. But theirs, with Victor in command, was one of the liveliest. Thanks guys for your invaluable comments.

Peter Cheong
A legend has fallen. RIP Victor.

Yes one of our memorable lead guitarist who will live through the SG heritage...
Freda Hanum
I remembered during my sec school days, I loved so much this song by Trailers "Do It Right" it was a popular hit if I am not mistaken in 1965 Sad to hear of his passing , RIP Victor Woo 🌹🙏

Hi Freda, Yes Benny (singer) was a great friend and so was Victor. I left the scene early and missed them.

Jennie Law
R.I.P Victor Woo

Hi Jenny. Thanks.

Rose Khoo
RIP Victor Woo

Hi Rose. Thanks.

Koh Sui Pang
Yes bye bye just came to know you ...RIP Victor

Listen to his recordings on YouTube Sui Pang. Thanks.

Fred Ching
RIP Victor Woo. Sincere condolences to his loved ones. Still remember the first EP record I ever bought, 1968, where The Tidbits were backed on this recording by The Trailers, seems like another lifetime ago.

Andy Young
Yes, Fred. Victor and Trailers were always the pioneers to many accompanied recordings of our singers. You are a very sensitive music lover. Thanks so much.

Ericbronson Wong
Rest in peace Victor Woo the beloved lead guitarist of The Trailers,, l used to dance to The Trailers music at the Palace Tea dance in Katong on Sundays n Benji Koh sings with d band,.. Before he came to Hong Kong in D mid Seventies he was Benny,, l met him here in HKG when he performed at d Hilton Hotel's nite club,,!!

Andy Young
Thanks Ericbronson. I always love personal stories like yours that make up what our music scene was like years ago. Appreciate your lovely and kind thoughts.

Top Gunter

Hi Top, we've never met but I can feel how you feel. Victor was a great guy, a searching mind always improving himself...

Rocker Lee
RIP Victor Woo

Andy Young
Hi Rocker, thanks for the memo. tab on Victor. He may rouse the heavens soon with his guitar music. Cheers.

Tan Edward
Very sad so sudden you're gone. May god bless you.R.I.P. Good Bye bro...

Andy Young
Hey Edward, thanks for message for Victor. Hope you're keeping well. SMS when free.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I have accumulated the SMS from WhatsApp into one message.
It will be posted soon.


Heartfelt condolence to the Woo family for your lost. Your lost is also SG Music's lost. Victor has kept the 'flag' of The Trailers flying all these years.

Just like the recently departed Derrick Fitzgerald has done for The Thunderbirds until a stroke ended his endeavour. You have told us to do it right and we will by not laughing but cry at this sad moment. Thank you for the music & RIP Victor. 😥




Rest In Eternal Peace. Victor.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I was hardly in the local pop scene in the 60's but have met these rather famous SG guitarists in between shows at the National Theatre, the Capitol Cinema, St. John's HQ at Beach Road or the Celestial Room, etc.

So it became a quick 'hello' and 'all the best for your stage performance tonight'.

But I met them again these last twenty years and we said our hellos once more. By then we are all in our 60's, 70's...

Either on the way, or already reaching, we will all hopefully go up the stairway to heaven.

Unknown said...

Your dedication and love for music had left a lot of impact on many people and you will always be remembered by those contribution you did for all of us ...
Rest In Peace victor Woo.



Ericbronson Wong
Freda Hanum
Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Richard Paul M
Jennie Law
Fred Ching
Ho Victor
Ann Rowena Lim
Roop Singh
Tan Andrew
Winston Koh
Yip Dick
Rocker Lee
Roland Shepherdson
Koh Sui Pang
Top Gunter
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Peter Cheong
Ser Kiong Tan
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Unknown said...

I got to know Victor about 20 years ago and was very impressed by his guitar playing. All the songs by The Shadows and Cliff Richard. I was fortunate to be asked to join his band playing bass or rhythm guitar and I immediately said YES!!

Thank you Victor for the music and most importantly your friendship. I am very very sad to learn of his passing. He was always like a fatherly figure to me.

Rest in peace Victor.

FL said...

It is sad to hear that Victor Woo of the Trailers, one of the most influential bands in the 60s, has passed away recently. I still recall that when their 45 rpm vinyl record, an EP featuring the Phoenix, and another one, a SP record (Do It Right)were released, I rushed to the record stores to purchase them. To the Trailers, thank you entertaining many of us, the older generations. Condolences to Victor's family and loved ones.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you FL and Facebook friends for the tribute made to our late Victor.
His music together with The Trailers will definitely live on in SG 60's music history.
I am glad to have friends and music makers help me cover these artistes' journeys.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I forgot.
To the two UNKNOWNS
Thanks for both tributes.
Rhythm or bassist.
Now who can you be?