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Colour Me 60's: Larry Lai & Swee Leong Beaten By Stephen Han

When I messaged Stephen to ask if I could post his interesting story from Facebook he immediately relented. He's been a regular feature on this blog.
Mr and Mrs Stephen Han.
"Keep posting your blogs cause without them 
it’s a little boring during the lockdown."

Thanks again Stephen for your cute little anecdote which many seniors from the 60's could have experienced i.e., the antics of Tan Swee Leong and Larry Lai when they were forever on stage at the Odeon Cinema in town, giving off their best with their comedic chats and flawless spoken English. 

Forward the clock and read what happened in 2002. 
A different venue though.
Stephen Han on stage carried by Vernon and Jay during the show "Colour Me 60's".

The National Heritage Board organized the “Colour Me 60's Show“ at Raffles City Singapore in 2002. This act featured local singers, Jay Shotam  and Vernon Cornelius, radio and TV personalities, Tan Swee Leong and Larry Lai and one half of the famous Blue Diamonds, Riem de Wolfe. Brian Richmond was there too and while he was interviewing Tan Swee Leong, the subject of the “Yes/No contest was brought up.

Five volunteers were called up on stage to try and beat the master, Swee Leong by refraining in a little game to say, “Yes and No” when he posed some questions. 

I happened to be the last one. The first person was floored when he said, “Yes”to the first question posed. The next three contestants did not fare well too.

When it was my turn , I felt excited and a little nervous. I had to psyche myself not to use the forbidden “Yes/No” answer . I did well by not mentioning the banned words for sometime.

As the game carried on after a long while, I was caught saying, “Yes “when Swee Leong asked whether I like my sons. I thought I had lost, but Larry Lai came up and said I had beaten (exceeded) the five-minute mark. I was elated and happy and was able to defeat the master of this “Yes /No “ game😊.

Article and Images: Stephen Han (Copyrights reserved).

Larry Lai (left) and Tan Swee Leong when they were at Rediffusion Singapore in the 1960's as Disc Jockeys and compering shows all over the island. Swee Leong (right) passed away a few years ago.  He was also a very good pianist and a generous friend. 

You can check them out almost everywhere on this blog. Cheers.
The late Riem de Wolfe, young brother of two, The Blue Diamonds, a singing duo from Indonesia and Holland who captured the hearts of Singaporeans with their singing and harmony. Elder brother, Ruud had also passed away.

Pretty Blue Eyes, one of my favourites and I performed it on stage a few times with Michael Bangar doing 2nd voice. 


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

No peeking here but the full story of what happened to Stephen when he met Larry Lai and Tan Swee Leong.


YES / No ...blink blink win ..cheers Stephen


Keep it going Andy


Hi Andy,

When I was a wee child probably 5 or 6 years old my mother brought me to a live show. The host was Tan Hock Lai,(I hope I got his surname right). It was a Yes/No game. I won! A radio set! I am sure the host looking at a wee child probably did their best to let me win I remember using the,"I think so!" even when asked if I am married!!!!!

Thanks for the memories. I wouldn't have remembered if not for you and Stephen Han's article!!

Thank you!!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

You see Irene.
You have stories to tell and thanks.
Cute one.
Do write some more anytime you please.
For the blog.

Yes thanks to Stephen too.

Thanking others from Facebook for the comments
And to those who love this music story.


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This is really a very nice article from you Andy, so light heartening descriptions on the various interesting posters. I also loved that song "To know him is to love him" thanks for sharing Andy.


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