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Riem de Wolff Blue Diamonds RIP (1943-2017)

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Riem de Wolff has passed away this morning at 9 am, according to an SMS received at 11.45am. Riem was the younger brother of Ruud de Wolff (1941-2000), both known better as the dynamic, guitar singing duet, THE BLUE DIAMONDS.

Singapore fans, friends and my blog readers who are familiar with the Blue Diamonds send condolences to Riem's family.

May you Rest In Peace Riem.

                          Blue Diamonds: Ramona. Video: hanniev12

A Tribute From Michael Bangar:

Hi Andy,
This is my tribute to a great musical talent the late Mr Riem de Wolff, together with his late brother Ruud, who was originally from this part of Asia. They were the 60's duo The Blue Diamonds.

Thank you and your brother for the wonderful music you guys shared with us all those years. Many many hits that included: Little Ship, Oh Carol, Cathy's Clown and the now standard, your version of Ramona which is probably the best.

How you guys turn on your vocal harmonies on us school kids (budding musicians) during the kampong days. Your songs brought the sunshine into our lives. So much fond memories that are still with us today.
                    Blue Diamonds: Potong Padi Video from: coockiestv

As a student, I first saw The Blue Diamonds perform at the Singapore Badminton Hall (if my memory serves me right). Then over the years, on TV every now and then. I also got to watch them when they guested on, Rolling Good Times held at Singapore's Indoor Stadium.

Besides them, the other guests included Johnny Lion and The Jumping Jewels, Anneke Gronloh, The Quests, Sakura Teng and the late Kartina Dahari with many other artistes. It was one of the best local variety shows in a long time.

Not long after Ruud's passing, I got the chance to see Riem perform solo with only his guitar at the now defunct Sparks Night Club/Disco at Ngee Ann City. For a couple of hours, he put on a great show and breezed through a lot of classic standards and oldies, effortlessly.  

What an entertainer, with only a guitar accompanying his great vocals. And when he got into The Blue Diamonds hit list, Vernon sang Ruud's harmony parts. What a memorable evening it was for me and my band partner at that time, the late guitarist Mr Donald Thaver.

Blue Diamonds: Sunny n Guantanamera. Video: Nostalgia Tube

Once again, thank you Ruud and Riem de Wolff - The Blue Diamonds, for all the wonderful music and memories. And wherever you guys are now I hope you continue your tradition of all those great music with those unique harmonies.

Salute, fellas!

Just to add brother Andy: We last met Riem at least about 10 years ago, one night at Adam Road Food Centre. The 4 of us were having supper after a gig. He and a few friends came to check out the Centre's favourite Tulang (Bone Soup). 

He knew Ivor Lesslar (lead guitarist for a number of bands), and came up to say hello and chatted. Ramon Francis, Jeffrey Pinto and I met him for the first time. He was a very warm and friendly person as far as I can recall.

RIP Mr Riem de Wolff.

Condolences below from:

Louis Soliano (Award Winner Percussionist):
Years ago my dad, with Jose Daroya's band played for the Blue Diamonds at the Cathay Restaurant. RIP Riem.

John Cher (Drummer Silver Strings):
Sad news. RIP Riem.

Richard Khan (Drummer October Cherries):
Ramona no more. I knew he was in a critical condition. No way out. 😢

Ronnie See (Burns Leader, Rhythm, Singer):
Sadly losing one of the great musicians. Condolences to his family. 

Horace Wee (Guitarist, Saxophonist):
RIP Riem, the Lord will welcome you.

Michael Bangar (Rhythm Silver Strings):
Oh dear. May the Lord Bless His Soul. RIP Riem.

Victor Lam (Burns Drummer):
RIP Riem: Sad new for us Blue Diamond fans.

Jimmy PresLee (Elvis Tribute Artiste):
Heard from Larry Lai last week... sad.

Irene Yap (Singer Recording Artiste);
So sorry to learn that. Beautiful harmony.
            Blue Diamonds: Save The Last For Me. Video: Christa Kinder

Oliver (Drummer Silver Strings):

Sam (Fan):

Jalani (Pianist):

Jan Cheong (fan):
Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord.

Lim Kuan Min (School principal, blog fan):

Dr A. Khoo (Lecturer, fan);

Tan Soo Khoon:
Sad news. (Check Comment page.)

Charlie Yap (Bass Locomotion):
Yes. He's the last Diamond. Sad... That's life. One by one...😐

Fabian Foo (video cam enthusiast, fan);
Oh dear, another one popular singer has passed on. RIP.

Christopher Toh (Music Journalist TODAY newspaper):
Sad news indeed! Yeah, I think I met him some years ago. Vernon C. introduced me before they went on Brian Richmond's show...

Ioleen Chia (Drummer Tepees):
I didn't know him personally but I was a fan of the Blue Diamonds. RIP.

Rickie Chng (Lead Silver Strings):
May his family members overcome this feeling of sadness.

This list will go on. Do write in...

Many Facebook comments below. Click Comments. 
With blogger Andy Young, the late Riem de Wolff, Larry Lai, the late Jap Chong, Vernon Cornelius. 

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RIP...RIEM. The Blue Diamonds will be remembered forever.


RIP Riem de Wolff

PETER LIM said...

Sad to hear of the passing of the younger Blue Diamonds, Riem, Andy!! The popular song duo sure brings us lots of good songs and wonderful memories of the 60's... R. I.P.!!

BERT FERN said...

RIP and God bless


RIP. Amen

PETER CHEW said...

Sorry to learn the passing of Riem de Wolff. I love the Blue Diamond band.There was a girly bar named after the Blue Diamond at Upper Serangoon Road opposite Alkaff Ave at that time.

BILLY LOH said...

Still, enjoy listening to their songs. RIP.


I remember his Ramona and Cathy's Clown.!
He was in Singapore a few years back singing and helping out in a church fund raising event..and was his usual bubbly self..!..
RIP Riem.!


R.I.P.Riem. was a great fan of the Blue Diamonds in my younger days. Saw them for the first time at badminton hall. Even though they did alot of covers they were very popular in this part of the world that is why they kept coming back.


Rest In Peace, Riem. Thank You for Ramona, Cathy's Clown and all the other Wonderful Songs You gave us.


A very down to earth guy.The Blue Diamonds together with Anneke Gronloh performed here in the early 60's at SB Hall and again in 1994 at the Reunion Concert hosted by Media Corps.When Rudy passed away the 2000,Riem sang with Vernon Cornelius at a concert in Raffles City and again at Ngee Ann at the Back To The 60s show by NHB.His final performance was with Johnny Lion and the Jumping Jewels at Suntec City in 2000 plus.Though he resided in Holland he would come to Singapore often because his wife is a Singaporean.RIP Riem and The Blue Diamonds.


Riem De Wolff with his Rudd and a cousin on guitar performed with Anneke Gronloh at the sod out concert at the Singapore Badminton Hall in the early Sixties.They thrilled the audience with their signature song "Ramona",Little Ship and All Of Me and many others.They appeared again with Anneke in the Reunion Show in 1994.Riem last show was with Johnny Lion and The Jumping Jewels.Vernon Cornelius and Patricia Pestana were also in the line up at Suntec City .They were rival to the Everly Bros and I adore both the duosRIP Riem.

EDDIE NG said...

RIP Riem de Wolff

KOH SUI PANG said...

RIP ...sad .








Sad news. Just received word that Riem de Wolff, the surviving brother of the Blue Diamonds duo passed away this morning in Amsterdam at 9am (SG time). Those of our generation will have fond memories of the Blue Diamonds and their big hits such as Ramona, Little Ship, Oh Carol, Sukiyaki and many more.

In January Riem and some mutual friends had a jam session at my place and we had lots of fun.

Hans said...

All good things come to an end, sadly. Ramona is one of my first musical memories, I first heard it when I was about 5 years old (back in 1978 or so) and immediately loved it.

Gentlemen, thank you very much for your music. We'll miss you, rest in peace.

DAVID LIM said...

Love their music, have their CD and in my Apple Music Playlist!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

The comments and condolences keep pouring in, so if yours is not posted please excuse. I need to thank all fans and friends who have written in.

He was a gentleman. So well brought up, Riem never behaved like a pop star. Always humble, he even placed the chairs back properly under the table after our meal at Toast Box the day I met him. Surprised, I told him, "Only Indonesians do that." He smiled.

I have a CD in my car, given to me by Larry Lai, where two songs are being played on request whenever my grand children are in the vehicle: SUMMER HOLIDAY and BEBEK ANGSA. Over and over again, Josh and Mei would listen to these two favourite songs of theirs. Lately, Josh learnt MR SANDMAN. He just loves the lyrics.

Every pop 60's music enthusiast will remember Riem. And Ruud too.

Goodbye from all of us.

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Proper words fail me to express my sincere gratitude to every person in this blog, who paid his respect to my late brother Riem. The words written by you will be valued by Riem very much and are of very great value to me as well.

The full letter can be read here:

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